Backstreet’s Back, Alright! Uhm, now where was I? Right… first up you can’t be a pop star, but you can be a star that starts with a P and is entirely appropriate for this game’s genre. Let’s get strated, shall we?

Simple Days - 1

Simple Days – 1


First off, there’s more of one than some might think. You start off the usual virgin introvert with no clue/path forward in life (I’m REALLY beginning to begrudge that) and you have a best friend who has a “wild minded” girlfriend. So of course he’s got more experience. However you’re in luck… She’s got a friend that wants a steady beau, after having dumped her last one for being an asshole.

She’s from China, not that it should tell you something. Jokes aside, there are two ways you can handle this, and it’s a fairly good start to a branching path with consequence. If you say, use the condom like Jesse’s Girl encourages, you just might get both. Way the fuck down the road. We’ll get to that. If you don’t use the condom (which is a trap because this is one of the games that caters to those who have a “fetish” for breeding: and no, I still don’t call it one myself) You will lose access to that girl. Jesse’s will be pissed at you, for a little bit. Which leads to another problem. To be with her, while she’s sleeping blindfolded, with the door open or not.

Even further, whether to use protection, or not? This is a day she’s guaranteed to conceive as far as I’ve played. The problem being, yes… she will have your child, but for some ungodly stupid reason she can’t tell it wasn’t Jesse fucking her, since she would be aware he ALWAYS uses condoms. (The game literally has this in the dialogue. It’s not as smart as you think it is) They will get married; you have no chance to stop it, and until much, much later in the game it’s not clear if you will get another chance. So Yolo is a trap. Again. I haven’t played without taking the option – the game is insanely long but we’ll get to that in Mechanics.

Simple Days - 2

Simple Days – 2

So I don’t know if there’s a reason beyond temptation Jesse’s Girl is even in the game. Yes, when you reach a certain set point (Pro Tip choose scripted VN, for the love of God and all that’s unholy: The open world is a mess right now and WAY too complex) you MIGHT get Jesse to beg his girl to come to the island. So far, story implies he is cheating, but there’s no content I’ve been able to access that involves that girl at all. Aside from literally seeing her in one preggo shot, and one scene where she gave birth. You have no input into her relationship, or whether she can get with MC at all. No Bueno.

To the aforementioned Porn Star; you can get with two Asian girls in this game. One good, One Ashley from Eva Kiss. Her name is Moko, and if you end up trying to help Anna with her family issue, you will need to do Moko’s quest. Which in order to get her, you have to breed Oliver’s sister.

This particular questline is where thus far you make the bulk of your money. It will tie in massively to the end game in the second part. During the course of winning Anna over you’ll meet her black roommate and wild friend, Rebecca. Her boyfriend “mad dog” (really more a puppy to be honest, scrappy doo, not Scooby) and during one point you will get the option to make a claim on her. Rebecca will probably get pregnant: I think it’s scripted too.

I am not sure about it, because of the two times I played, the first I didn’t do Anna right, so I lost her and access to Rebecca. The next, I rolled the dice, but it turned out that even if Anna is peeved it happened, she’s bringing her friend with her to the island. Both of them will join your harem. So it’s a red flag, with no real teeth. Dick Move. That’s all I’m saying. So far, the story is not finished. It’s decent, but it needs a little work. I’ll cover a few suggestions in that column. You guys should know how I work by now, right?


If you’re going to do a harem over a dating game, put it IN THE TAGS. For god’s sake. For Satan’s. For Lilith’s if that’s what you’re into, I don’t care witch. Second, if you do a harem, and there are call based mechanics to unlock scenes, you need to structure it so it’s not possible to mess up anything. No overlaps. No need for a hundred “hey I’m not in right now but maybe I will be one day.” Or Moko ever at all suggesting she’s being unfaithful. Even if it is only an implication. Not good; she was already a hard sell. I don’t care if she’s the instigator of the “harem” lifestyle. Being honest, stick with the VN.

Open world leaves too much possibility to fuck up. There’s already a bug listed in this version that you need to do a quest or the game breaks. It takes long enough to get some events to even spawn, and I for the life of me couldn’t figure out how it worked. The first time I played, Jesse didn’t ever actually call more than once about maybe bringing them over, and it never got to the point they came.

Simple Days - 3

Simple Days – 3

She was still preggers by me, but it was the same as locking her away like Anna. Made me think I fucked something up. Also, ovulation. You do know the actual cycle in real life is like 3 days. 3. Not one. The chance is far more than ten percent to start with. ALSO; if I did manage to see the scene where the sperm goes into the egg with Paula (You DO NOT want to know how many times I had to redo that, thanks so much, just to get it) why in the hell is there a question mark? Why does she keep drinking.

Or having coffee. Hell, the very next day if you talk to her, she will say she doesn’t want to talk about their last sex… but will say the same thing if it’s two weeks past. Or three months.

That’s not good. I am aware that part might not be done yet, but even Rebecca straight up said Pregnant. Note, my main problem here is girls are ovulating that the player doesn’t even have access to yet. It comes off as neener neener, or just teasing.

Theodora is one of the two hottest girls in the game, but she’s married. I’ll get to that, don’t worry. Your spa girls, you can only do anything with the easiest one. Maria you can meet before you head to the island, but she’s blocked off. Why??? The mechanics need finer tuning.


I’m going to say, I don’t like that even with the running of the spa, all your expenses are so high you make just about nothing. You get paid once per week, there are costs involved that don’t need to be there for entertainment and going to the club with Paula or by yourself is just a cash sink for no reason. If you could buy the club, fair enough. Paula doesn’t need to be available until that point. Linda shouldn’t be available until you have the gym. Theodora should be available any time after she hugs you. ANY time. Have her put her phone number into the MC’s cell. It’s two seconds more animation to do. I also find it particularly jarring that you made the “party girl” the one who cares for children. BUT she also insists on using condoms, which is another expense.

She will let you fuck without, if she is drunk enough; but is this someone you want to be caring for your kid? It also begs the question of what she’s doing to earn money. She’s out every damned weeknight. You gotta walk a LOT of dogs, or be fucking the husbands. A girl should ONLY ovulate (since it seems to only apply to the MC, and I AM NOT knocking that point; I prefer it in fact) when the MC can do anything about it. One way or the other.

If the MC cannot have sex with the female yet, you don’t need to show the ovulation point. The draw of it is only effective, when it’s applicable. Other than that, it’s a frustration. Condoms should just not be in the game. It’s fine for Moko to say she doesn’t want more kids, but arguing about it either makes the MC an ass, or makes the player feel like one for what they’re drawn to. That we generally won’t get in RL for the most part.

Simple Days - 4

Simple Days – 4

There’s a reason this fantasy appeals. Don’t kill it. For that matter, little blue pills. Really; and honestly, come up with a way that the MC can earn his money the LEGAL way.

I can already see one or more of the Spa girls secretly being police officers if you really want to be as evil about it as I think so far. Like I said, have him buy the Strip club, and the mall and the bank. Get him to that point where he can just literally OWN the whole damned island. He doesn’t have to be a criminal to take over. It would also explain how he thinks he can afford the billion and a half babies that might be coming. Just a hint.


I’ve said my piece, and torn into the relatively new meat. Well enough. All and all, the animation is hot. The pregnancy scenes when they pop, are attractive and a draw. There are still many kinks to work out, or with if that’s your thing. I’d say you could get the hot as hell renovator to join your harem officially by making Ronald watch her choose to be bred by the MC. Call it a wild thought. Anyway, that’s me for today. It might be to your tastes, it might not. The player doesn’t have to be a dick in these things. That’s not necessarily the sign of a good Harem or a true leader. Guess I’ll go grab a bite, maybe Rebecca’s free tonight. Since for now I’m still stuck wishing I had Jesse’s Girl. See ya.

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