Hello, Dreamers! You are pretty disappointed as there were no blogs for two months. I have seen your comments. I am sorry that I let you down. But it was not easy for me too. Writing has become part of my life and leaving this like this was hard for me. But some problems needed more attention. So I took a break and sorted them out. Now, as I am free from my personal life let me dive back into my professional life again. And I hope you have read the new blog that has been posted. I would love to see your comments down there. I hope you will like the games. For now, let us just get into action or I better say a Dream, as this is all about dreamers. The City of Broken Dreamers is what I am going to write about. Without further delay let us just get into it.

The City of Broken Dreamers - Free Porn Game

The City of Broken Dreamers – Free Porn Game


The City of Broken Dreamers is about a city that embodies both the best and worst aspects of a dream. Everybody sleeps and sometimes we dream. What we dream of sometimes resembles what we want in life. Sometimes it is just a random dream that has no relation at all to you or anything going on in your life. Maybe it’s a story your brain is writing. And when you woke up you just forget some bits of it and the whole day you just try to remember what was it? And sometimes the dream is too dark to be remembered. It just haunts you for days.

In this city, millions of people live their lives in almost blissful ignorance of the rich’s excesses or the plight of the poor. Executives wield more power than politicians, while police officers wield less power than corporate mercenaries. This is just like any other day in our life. As we every day go through all these things. We see everything with our own eyes and listen to those in power making changes as they see fit. These changes may be insignificant in their lives but affect us directly. So you will easily fit into the life of MC.

Sex Game - The City of Broken Dreamers

Sex Game – The City of Broken Dreamers

There can be many roles given to you. But the writers decided to make you a mercenary. Yup, a paid soldier who just bought it for money. You are one of those mercenaries, one of the best and most elite tiers known as Ghosts… But you haven’t worked in months. That will soon change. Yes, your life is about to ride on a hell of a rollercoaster. Believe me, I have been playing this game for so long that it just never takes rest. Things are going on at every other time and at different places.

Now, in the other part of the city, a young girl is about to become the center of a conflict that could tear the city apart. In reality, she is subject to some unusual power may be she was an experiment. I do not know because they have not revealed that much. But yeah she has power and everybody wants her. Maybe she is kind of a weapon or something. Or she is just the result of an experiment gone wrong? You’ll have allies and enemies as you track her down, others like you who have been used and spit out by the city. Yeah, I know you can relate to that shit. Everyone is getting used to one way or the other. Spat out ghost! Has a good ring to it. Each of these spat-out warriors has their dreams, and they are being torn to pieces in their way. They all will fight together in this war with the ones who control most of the city.


The mechanics of this game is simple. It has two types of points that you can acquire while communicating with the characters. One of the two is Score. A score is nothing just an understanding between two characters. It indicates how much the other character has attracted you or we can say how much she adores you. It increases when you chose options that just pierce their hearts, and make them feel that you love them.

The City of Broken Dreamers - Big Ass

The City of Broken Dreamers – Big Ass

Keeping aside all the sexual needs and just the love that you shower on them. The other one is Lust. I don’t feel that I have to explain it to you in detail. But just for the sake of those who are purest through the skin, lust increases when you want to enter in her pants. Yup, you will have choices where you can show them how much you want to devour them. In my suggestion just stick to increasing the score and whenever there is no score involved chose lust. This will lead to both aspects of lovemaking.

There is a tab info in the upper left corner where you can check your contacts, glossary, and images. Contacts just show you a little information about the characters in the story. You can also check your points there. Glossary gives you information about certain terms used in the game and also about the institutions that have involvement in the story. This helps you get involved in the story much more. As you invest time in reading and getting knowledge about them. And when you get to know something it increases your interest.

Review The City of Broken Dreamers

Review The City of Broken Dreamers

The last one of those options is images. These images are hidden during the gameplay. At the initial stage, you will be taught in the tutorial how to unlock those images. There will be a message popping out that will hint to you that something is hidden in that particular frame. You will have to simply click on the place where you think it can be found. It is quite easy not that hard.


The story begins in Los Angeles where two ghosts were investigating a Michler (giant monkey-faced) along with him a human girl was lying. Yup, it is necessary to mention human as this game comprise many other species or whatever you wanna name them. A mobile rang and it shows Gloria on it. They just immediately went to Club Noir to find Gloria as there is a reward for those who turn her in. She is the center of attraction of the story. Everything revolves around her. She is there to witness Ellen Lane’s performance whom she adores so much. Ellen will also play a significant role in the story.

The show was about to begin but the ghosts just ruin it and try to corner Gloria. Not knowing of what is about to hit them they just moved forward. Gloria in her defense uses her power and escapes from the club. The ghosts had no idea what knocked them down. Gloria in panic and pain runs as fast as she can from the club and trips. Luckily her caretaker Henry founds her. Henry is a loyal one. He will take care of her in every other situation and tries to keep Gloria away from harm. There is a deep bond between them.

Download Free 3D Porn Games

Download Free 3D Porn Games

Till now 13 chapters of this game have been released. 13 is the latest one named ‘All the moving parts’. Quite tempting but we will talk about the initial chapters. So that I cannot spoil the fun and give away the spoilers.

You in the other parts of the city open your eyes in Katie’s clinic. Katie is a doc and has a substantial role in the story. You have worked for Baynard Industries in past, but now you are jobless. You will get to know why this happens to you. Baynard Industries has power and money. It has done many wrongs but due to its influence it just burry them beneath the ground.

Baynard Industries is responsible for all the chaos going around the city. They are after Gloria as she seems to have power and they want to use it for their illicit purposes.
There are other characters too who play a significant role in the game. One of them is Victoria Shields. She is what everyone desires but is hard to get. She is a mysterious woman and works alongside Meredith White. Meredith White works for Baynard Industries so you can infer from it that she is a powerful woman. Her daughter Chandra has a little but crucial role as she is in love with you and helps you out whenever needed.

3D Porn Game - The City of Broken Dreamers

3D Porn Game – The City of Broken Dreamers

In a nutshell, this story has all the things that are needed to allure you and hold you to the end. They have a vision and are working toward it smoothly. Dialogues and scenes are formulated very precisely. Each character has a well-defined role. So it will be worth waiting for further episodes.

Captivating Points

Since it is a visual novel, what we see on the screen plays an important role in keeping us there till the end. I do believe that story should be the main attraction and should be given time. But these animations help in enhancing those feelings that particular dialogue wants to deliver. It just keeps you in the cage so that you can be there in that moment without actually being there. And this particular novel delivers it with shining colors. All those visual animations and graphics will never let you close your eyes even for a second.

The City of Broken Dreamers - 3D Adult Game

The City of Broken Dreamers – 3D Adult Game

In many of the games, I felt that the sexual portions of the story were kept a little hazy or are made with less patience. But here it is not the case. They tried to make it so real that when you look at those characters you will be eager to make love with them. I just melted when I saw how much accentuating it feels when you look at those models going nude. All those curves are so good that you can glide your eyes and will never feel held by any discontinuity.

There are some technologies too in this game. I mean to say AI’s. They are made to serve different purposes. Some are just mere tools, some are weapons of destruction and some are so advanced that you can never tell what is fake in them. Some of them are sex dolls too. I don’t know how much you will like them but they are worth mentioning.

The City of Broken Dreamers - The Best Porn Game

The City of Broken Dreamers – The Best Porn Game

Talking about the attractions, there are mutants too. This makes it larger than other novels. As it feels like a movie where they just took it to advanced levels. Writers do have a thing for these mutants. I don’t know if I am hurting him by calling them this but they are not used as fillers but are part of the story in crucial moments. I remember going into the pit to find Todd a werewolf. It was so intriguing that I never thought this was possible to give them space in these novels. Although it is not that I want to say they do not exist in novels come on we are talking about sexual novels where most people come just to fap. But I must say I am happy to see this industry is growing and people are making efforts to make it more than that.


Conclusion: end of the blog. It is that portion where I have mixed feelings. One of them is that the work has been done and now I can get back to reading more AVNs. But at the same time, I feel that the blog has ended and now I have to wait for the update to live those moments of the game again. Yes, when writing these blogs all those beautiful scenes just go through my mind. Sometimes making me go play that scene again.

Overall this game is one of the best and deserves to be in the top 10 of the year. It just checks every box whether it is about the storyline, graphics, animations, or other side elements. You can spend your time reading this and forget about the real world for the time being. In the end, all I want to say is that play it and comment on how you feel about the game. Also please give a small review of my blog. I want to know how you feel about them. I need to know so that I can improve more and this keeps me motivated.

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