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  • Allison: Fall of the Apple – More Than One Path To Forbidden Fruit…

    Intro: Hello again my fellow gamers. Horny toads one and all. Ever wonder how many of us might be princes, waiting in the wings, should more princess’ learn to buckle down and give their chosen frog his kiss? That said; this is a story with a great many twists. A skewed view on several fairy […] More

  • A Knight’s Tale – A Very Intriguing Triad

    Intro: Hello again my gaming friends. Romans, countrymen and otherwise. I won’t ask you to lend me your ears. I’ve got enough corn for the popping, I promise. Lame duck jokes aside, let’s get into the meat of this presentation. We can throw the potatoes aside. This isn’t Ireland, though it’s green enough in some […] More

  • Seeds of Chaos (No, Really… They’re All Over The Bloody Place)

    Intro: Hello my fellow Ameri- Ahem, I mean gamers. Dude, that was a close one. Kinda zoned out there for a moment, but stuck the landing. *Judges hold up score cards* Six point five out of ten? o. O Damn it… at any rate, this is going to be a bit of a bumpy ride. […] More

  • Kink, and What You’re Doing Wrong (Full Trigger Warning Upfront)

    Intro: Hello all my beautiful, possibly wickedly twisted friends. And everybody that likes puppies and rainbows. If that’s your thing. Whatever floats your boat, and right now we’re here to talk about one of my favorite things. Getting off. Not that hard a concept I know, and for those arses who’d say ‘that’s what she […] More

  • Peasant’s Quest – It’s Gonna Be A Hard Day’s Knight

    Intro: Hello again my gaming aficionados. It’s your resident fur-ball back again with some fresh dug dirt on another game served. This one has more than a few bones to pick from, so I’m gonna switch the format just a little bit. Hopefully it works. Here goes… *presses the big red button*     What […] More

  • Apocalypse (Now, Or In Seven Days At Any Rate…)

    Intro: Do you love me, do you love me; Do you love me, Do you love me… now, that I, got swoll? o.O (Yea that’s not how it goes and I know it) but damn if it’s not true here. Play the game for five seconds, or just don’t skip the intro and you’ll know […] More

  • My New Family – And Just What Happened To My Old One?

    Intro: Hello all you wonderful furred, fanged and otherwise beautiful people out there… oh what, that’s just me? Oh well. Anyway, I’m back and rarin’ to dig in to another juicy little gaming ham-bone for you. So without too many rejoinders, quips, quirks or puns, here goes… Story: Once again, it’s more what’s on offer […] More

  • Twists of My Life – Twistin’ The Night Away…

      Hello Gamers, Wolfe here to help you navigate whether one mad hatter is worth the angry bag of cats his magical noggin-warmer can produce. At least it’s not white rabbits.¬†This would peeve Neo… Impressions: The game is intriguing enough in story line and as advertised. There are several different ‘twists’ your young life can […] More

  • (I Fell Into A Burning) Ring Of Lust Review

    Intro: Hello Gamers and yes, you can all skin my furry arse for that one later. I might even stand still long enough to let you. But let’s talk about my debatable tastes some other time, shall we… Betwixt fun and games per say; this one is less the first and at least to be […] More

  • Deliverance – From; or into Evil? That’s Up To You…

    Intro: Hello all you wild minded gamers out there in net/web land. It’s quite a connected thing to weave, isn’t it my pretties? Barring faulty modems or suicidal squirrels at any rate. To kick this one off, I’ve got a tale you’re never going to believe. Cause unless you’re well-vested in certain supernatural Mythos like […] More

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