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  • WVM – NBA’s Version of “Who’s Your Daddy?”

    Intro: Hello again Gamers, Wolfe here as your resident wild about games reviewer extraordinaire. Well, maybe “better than average” if I’m honest. No need to go getting a big head huh? That’s what these games are for ; ) Anywho… this is a very well thought out, non-punishing story based on player choice. There are […] More

  • Battle For Luvia – (A Very Well) Armored Romance?

    Hello and a hopefully Happy Valentines all you wild-hearted gamers out there. Or at least with hope better than mine. Since I’m sit here typing this review and pondering my solitary life choices tonight. Anyway, once more into the breach shall we? Speaking of the girl in the pic as a general statement could very […] More

  • Combat is HARD; But It Doesn’t Have To Be… It’s Fantasy Guys!

    INTRO: So I’ve done two reviews for a certain *ahem* cop game I won’t directly name. It’s a bit of an obsession by now, I’ll admit. The problem being it is a good one, stripped of perhaps one specific part the author can’t seem to get right. Subtle or not, the lore doesn’t match what […] More

  • Sisterly Lust - Someone Change The MC's Name To Jerry Lee Le

    Sisterly Lust – It’s One Hell Of A Marquee… And That’s Not Bad

    All joking aside though boys and girls, if incest is something you’ve got no problems with, this game is brilliant. For those who couldn’t guess by the fact I’m writing this, I’ve returned as your friendly neighborhood wild man, Wolfe Hearte. You ain’t gettin’ rid of me that easily I promise. General Warning though – […] More

  • Become A Rock Star - No Way To Get Your Nickel Back. porn 3d game

    Become A Rock Star – No Way To Get Your Nickel Back…

    Hello Gamers, Wolfe returns but I promise I’m not a Jed, Aye? Anyway, into the deep we go. Technical/Mechanics: Download Become A Rock Star for PC Download Become A Rock Star for Android  There’s not really much to this game as it is a visual novel. It offered very little in the way of branching […] More

  • Culture Shock Android and PC Game Review

    Culture Shock – It’s A Bit Of An Adjustment…

    Hello Gamers, Wolfe Hearte here to share another review, so welcome to my jungle, where it’s all fun and games… This one has several things you’d want; but damn if it’s a pain to sort out how to get them. For starters, the switch to Ren’py is a good one as visual novel style suits […] More

  • Life with mary game review

    Life With Mary – Is Nothing But A Dream

    Good Golly Miss, Molly? Uhm, no… May, Marron… Mary. Right, that’s it. Hello again Gamers it’s your resident wild man and fan of Hearts here to share another beautiful day in a very fictional neighborhood. In case you haven’t noticed, games aren’t the only things I like to play with here. Download Life with Mary […] More

  • Love & Sex - Second Base Is All You Get

    Love & Sex – Second Base, Is All You Get?

    Before we begin Gamers, yes the title is an inside joke. Sadly, it’s also not far off from the truth. Download PC Version Love & Sex: Second Base Download Android Version for Love & Sex: Second Base This game is very much like the REALLY old school sims. There are three main stats you must […] More

  • Harem Hotel Best Porn Games Review

    Harem Hotel – All For One, and All For Love?

    Hello Gamers and Gamer-ettes if that’s your thing, Wolfe Hearte returns to share my view on what is otherwise another deeply immersive game. Download Harem Hotel for PC and MAC Download Android Harem Hotel  Now, again, it’s far from finished. I think by now I’m going to stop pointing that out. There’s no sense in […] More

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