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  • Reluctant Archon – Let’s Do The Mash, A Monster Mash!

    Intro: You have no idea guys, how long I’ve wanted to use that one. Really though, this story is one of the best one’s I could apply it to. Not only are there examples of many favorite fantasy creatures with powers based on their individual well known sets, but the characters are well written too. […] More

  • Top 10 Best Porn Games In 2020

    Top 10 Best Porn Games in 2020

    Hi Gamers, Mike from Adult Games On back here. It’s been a year since the last best porn games top and I think we all need a fresh update. After a whole year of playing porn games and testing new features, I was able to draw a few conclusions.   This top was, again, based [...]
  • The DeLuca Family Game Review - Mafia Family Game

    A Few Tips For Good Game Development

    Intro: Hello my gamer friends, or really anyone with even a passing interest in gaming. Or reading. C’mon, it’s not like I think I’m that popular. I’m a guy pretending to be a werewolf, on an adult game site. I write stories of the same vein, and I think pretty well… but that’s up to […] More

  • Sexy girl spying Culture Shock

    Wolfe Hearte Recommends

    Intro: Hello Gamers from all corners of the web abound, it’s Wolfe here once again to hit you with my best shots. At least in so far as the games I’ve played on site and reviewed. These are my creme de la creme as it were. The best of the bunch, and no Brady’s will […] More

  • Rebirth – Red Dreams Are Made To Tease…

    Intro: Hello again my wild gaming friends on the net, today your resident furball has a matter rather near and dear to his arguably cold and possibly dead heart (depending on who’s writing the werewolf story, am I right?) Anyhow, I just want to say Vampire The Masquerade is one of my favorite vampire-based lore […] More

  • WVM – NBA’s Version of “Who’s Your Daddy?”

    Intro: Hello again Gamers, Wolfe here as your resident wild about games reviewer extraordinaire. Well, maybe “better than average” if I’m honest. No need to go getting a big head huh? That’s what these games are for ; ) Anywho… this is a very well thought out, non-punishing story based on player choice. There are […] More

  • Battle For Luvia – (A Very Well) Armored Romance?

    Hello and a hopefully Happy Valentines all you wild-hearted gamers out there. Or at least with hope better than mine. Since I’m sit here typing this review and pondering my solitary life choices tonight. Anyway, once more into the breach shall we? Speaking of the girl in the pic as a general statement could very […] More

  • Combat is HARD; But It Doesn’t Have To Be… It’s Fantasy Guys!

    INTRO: So I’ve done two reviews for a certain *ahem* cop game I won’t directly name. It’s a bit of an obsession by now, I’ll admit. The problem being it is a good one, stripped of perhaps one specific part the author can’t seem to get right. Subtle or not, the lore doesn’t match what […] More

  • Deviant Discoveries - Porn Game review

    Deviant Discoveries – Less Deviation Would Make A World of Difference

    Hello again Gamers, it’s your favorite Lunatic Wild for these kinds of games, Wolfe Hearte here. This go round, we’ve got a game for all those fetishists out there… well maybe not ALL of them. At least not yet… Story: The story is simplistic. It has also changed a lot from when it began. The […] More

  • Sisterly Lust - Someone Change The MC's Name To Jerry Lee Le

    Sisterly Lust – It’s One Hell Of A Marquee… And That’s Not Bad

    All joking aside though boys and girls, if incest is something you’ve got no problems with, this game is brilliant. For those who couldn’t guess by the fact I’m writing this, I’ve returned as your friendly neighborhood wild man, Wolfe Hearte. You ain’t gettin’ rid of me that easily I promise. General Warning though – […] More

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