Hello my fellow grinders, how have you been, busy with your hectic lifestyle? Well, I am here to make you forget that for at least a few minutes. With new astounding games or novels whatever you prefer to call it. It doesn’t matter what you call it, what matters is the pleasure it gives us. Since it has now become my hobby to play these and simultaneously write about them, it makes me forget the hustle and bustle of my life. So not bickering more and making you go nuts when I drop this month’s best games.

Number 5 is taken by Temptation of Love

As the name itself suggests, it’s a romantic kind of novel where you will be living with a landlady and two beautiful roommates. Your landlord died a long time ago. Now you are a college-going student. This is not entirely a college based-game, it’s a mix of some genres. Although it is in the developing phase, where I cannot say much about how it will be carried on.

Temptations of Love - 3D Porn Game

Temptations of Love – 3D Porn Game

Why I am suggesting this game is that sometimes to understand more about these novels you need to play it from this phase to connect more with it. As you will be predicting what will happen next, and how a story takes its shape. It is not that early to write anything about it but it will be a good experience for you as a regular reader.

Temptations of Love - The Best Porn Game

Temptations of Love – The Best Porn Game

The story is not that complicated. You are about to enter University and along with that, you want to help your landlady. As she is facing a financial crisis, you want to earn some brownie points by helping her. There are several characters that are desirable. Being beautiful is not enough, it’s for the novice. As we have grown out of that infatuation we should indulge ourselves more in the character-building process. Hope you will give it a try and feel how it goes for you.

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On Number 4 we have Helping the Hotties

Helping the hotties is a game where you will play as a doctor’s assistant on a campsite. Earlier the name of this game was different. I don’t remember what it was, maybe someone else is managing this now. Earlier there wasn’t an option of choosing whether to play free world or novel mode. So this time I chose playing novel mode as I played free mode earlier as my save data was no more. I will tell you the difference once I explain a little about the game.

Helping the Hotties

Helping the Hotties

At the start you will be with your girlfriend, living in a college dorm. You will get a call from the doc to join her as her assistant for this summer. You will join her and from there you will start the journey. There are four girl patients, last year there were boys but this time it’s different…maybe because you are there. Along with four hotties, there are two other girls who will help you throughout in all ways.

As for the story, it’s treating these patients using psychological methods like team-building exercises and other methods. I know you are not interested in these things but this will make you learn more about them to choose with whom you want to have fun. Although you will be able to have fun with all (a little more with some). Graphics are decent with good animations and could be better but sufficient to try this game.

Helping the Hotties - 3D Adult Game

Helping the Hotties – 3D Adult Game

Now the difference between playing the free world and the novel version, when I played the free world there was this male doctor in the game but this time it wasn’t. Maybe he is completely disowned. There are in-game items you need to collect items to excess exclusive images. Overall it’s a good game to play as it is a different story with hotties.

Number 3 is Straitened Times

If you love to grind a lot this is the game for you. You can hate it as much as you like but this is one of those games you will never get out of your mind. I know it’s hard to grind that much but you are Jack this game will be like Rose for you. Some of you might not get the reference but that is not so important now. There are some novels whose graphics will attract you like a super magnet, but others have their special aura of story and ability to produce dopamine in your body like the all-time OG Summertime Saga.

Straitened Times

Straitened Times

As already mentioned this game has a low level of graphics, not that low but yeah you will feel it at the start. Animations are quite repetitive. You will find it boring sometimes but that is normal with these kinds of games. You will also have to go through the same scenes many times to trigger the next scenes.

What you will love in the game is how the story progresses. You will always find yourself wanting to know more but this will not be easy like other games. This is what makes it different from others. The story is also good as far as I have played. I have also stuck at some points and it was difficult to know how to trigger the next scene. I had to start it again to make it happen but you don’t have to. I will help you if you need some advice.

Straitened Times - Best Porn Game

Straitened Times – Best Porn Game

You should surely give it a try. Just give it time and you will be eager to wait for the next update. And the updates are regular; they drop it every month.

Number 2 goes to College Kings

I know how much you love these college games. This is also my favorite genre of novel. Well why it wouldn’t be, we all have gone through or are going through those nostalgic emotions. I already had suggested some of them but there are many more to be experienced. College Kings is one of them. Initially, when I played this game I got addicted to it. I played every other route this game had but that was way back in the budding phase of the game.

College Kings

College Kings

Having so many things to do in college you might think it will all be the same as you have played so many but it’s not the same. The structure of these are all the same but what makes them different is the story that makes the difference. I am sure you will have a blast playing this game.

Along with these many routes, you will find it quite difficult to decide what to choose. I tried various choices to get along with the ones I would like to continue but it was too difficult. I couldn’t find the best route for me to carry on. Not only this but also with the animations I wasn’t sure I am that connected to them. This made me skip this game just before they went to Europe.

College Kings - 3D Adult Game

College Kings – 3D Adult Game

But if there are these many problems, then why am I suggesting this game. This is solely because of the launch of chapter 2 of the game. This chapter gave me options to choose how I would like to continue my story from the last chapter. This made me play this game more enthusiastically. Not only choosing the path but they also worked on improving the graphics and animations. This is the reason I played this game 3 days straight. I know it has faults but who doesn’t. You should give it a try.

The latest College Kings updates can be downloaded from our AdultGamesOn website.

Number 1 is The Cabin – Summer Vacation

When I first stumbled on this game I skipped it, didn’t play it, and though it is just a normal game with old graphics but when it came again with a newer version I thought of giving it a try. Believe me, I was wrong the first time when I skipped this game. I still regret it but as they say, it’s never too late to correct yourself.

The Cabin - Summer Vacation

The Cabin – Summer Vacation

You live with your stepparents and a stepsister. Your step parents don’t get along with each other. Due to this, they don’t even care about you two. For this reason, you are cold with them too. One day they went too far and he told her to get lost from his house. You and your stepmother and stepsister leave for the cabin of your stepmother’s sister. You still don’t know what happened as you were told you are going on a vacation. There you will get to know more about why she is behaving like this. Along with this, there is some shady going on near that cabin. I remember one scene that made me stunned as I wasn’t expecting this from the story.

The Cabin - Summer Vacation - 3D Porn Game

The Cabin – Summer Vacation – 3D Porn Game

Other than the story, high-end graphics make it much more desirable to play. As I already told you, looks might be deceiving but do try this awesome game.

Try the latest The Cabin – Summer Vacation version!


Every time I reach this section of the blog I just feel like the feeling of living in the games I have written about is about to end. Now I have to go back to my normal self. You too have to be in places where you cannot think about these things. But this is the beauty of life. We have to go through every other situation where we will have choices to make. Enjoy these as a part of your life. Share it with others if these games have relaxed you.

So this was my list for the month. These games are almost at the same level but I prefer them to be in this order. Maybe you have a different order. What matters is that these are the ones which made me write about them and help you to know a little about them. On that note keep grinding guys. Have a lot of blasts. Do check out other reviews too. Leave a comment if you have any opinion and want me to write about a game you like to play.

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