Hey! Hey! Hey! Attention grinders since you have opened the blog you have now boarded again for another mesmerizing journey with your favorite captain. As for the viewpoints, we have five new destinations with us which will make your upcoming days full of love, lust, fantasies, and many other emotions which you are quite aware of. As we are ready to sail, keep everything aside and just hook up.

Number 5 is taken by Bloody Passion

Bloody Passion……I don’t know what comes to your mind when you hear the title but after reading this blog you will surely have an image of this particular game that we will talk about.

Bloody Passion

Bloody Passion

Bloody passion is about a guy who has moved into this new place to continue his studies…but will he get to study? I am not sure of that, but what I am sure of is that he will get to learn a lot of things about living with a hot landlady Veronica along with two spectacular pieces of art, his flatmates Monique and Jennifer.

As far as the graphics and animations are concerned this game will surely attract you as the ladies here are goddesses at their best. For the gameplay, it’s quite easy to maneuver finding the next scene along with the walkthrough which makes it much easier.

Bloody Passion - Best Porn Games

Bloody Passion – Best Porn Games

As I am writing I don’t even remember how and where I started this game and that is the problem with the game. You will not get hooked up to the story if you have been playing for long. But then why am I suggesting this to you? To answer your question I know the story is not that magnetic but it’s not that boring to let go of. You will find it interesting if you just started playing such games and believe me animations in this deserves your time. Maybe you can play while waiting for your favorite updates and my blogs. Check this one out as I am certain you will be engaged, simply don’t anticipate that this should have an enduring effect.

On Number 4 we have Knockout Masters

In Knockout Master, you play the role of a fighter who has had a deep-rooted dream about turning into the champion. The Boxing League he has a place with has a lot of savage contests. Of course, he’s a decent fighter, yet that doesn’t change the way that everybody is gunning for him.

Alongside fighting, he has to live with the rollercoaster ride of life as a normal human being, where you cannot fight your way out of misery. You have to deal with them, bear them, and sometimes have to live with them. Hardships of life-shaping your character. He has a childhood friend with whom he has a sexual relationship and trust me she is a bombshell as I love to call her bombshell Lexi.

Knockout Masters

Knockout Masters

She has her dream of opening a restaurant and since you are her friend you help her achieve that. Tables get a turn when he ran into a girl who is being terrorized by her ex and he saves her and allows her to live with him. During the stay, they both get to know each other falling in love and having romantically involved with each other to the extent that she gets pregnant with his child. Now you will have a choice to become a father or not. It all depends on you.

The problem arises when her ex starts to attack you several times and you have to hire a bodyguard that too your childhood acquaintance. You also have other girls in your life like Rose, maybe her mother Scarlett…maybe because nothing happened till now but there is speculation that they might.

Knockout Masters - Top Porn Games

Knockout Masters – Top Porn Games

Till certain episodes of the story, you will enjoy the game thoroughly but problems arise after that I felt the plot is kinda boring…it’s not hooking me up like it was before. I am unable to see where this is going and the purpose here is lost. In my personal view, they need to add something big to make it relevant again. But overall it was a good experience playing the game.

Number 3 is Hillside

The exclusive district of Hillside is home to the country’s film industry and to those rich enough to live there. Among them is a veteran supermodel Charlotte Lloyd and her younger daughter Emma.

Imagine being a star loved by all, surrounded by fans, hooting and cheering for you. Some want to be with you and some want to become you. Along with this neverending affection there comes the ones who want to hurt you, making constant efforts to hurt you any way possible. Such is the plot of this game where a famous model whose younger daughter is being blackmailed and threatened by a paid paparazzi. To secure her child from the threat you have been hired as a bodyguard better termed as a private detective to find out who is threatening and to eliminate any possible threat.



Now hillside has a history with the Mc as he had been assigned here before for the same purpose as a bodyguard of a young model who was later murdered as you will get to know as the story progress.

There are several characters, not as many but enough with whom you will be able to have romantic relationships. Lucy, the younger sister of Charlotte, also her agent is an attractive, bold character with her flirtatious nature you won’t be spared. Charlotte’s character is quite frigid due to her past horrifying experiences which she will explain as the story progresses. Eldest daughter Suzi, an athlete studying at university

Hillside - Porn Games

Hillside – Porn Games

What makes this game different from others is that you will have a father-daughter type of bond with Emma rather than a romantic one which will make you feel more protective towards her.

As for the negatives, this game is a slow poison with only a few lewd scenes and still developing relations with the characters which can make your balls go blue. For the latest version, I liked how the story progressed and with a strategic twist, it must be played.

Download now and enter the Hillside

Number 2 goes to Chasing Sunsets

Chasing Sunsets is more than a porn game for me as the story itself is a great voyage with multiple routes as we are on a voyage the ship can sail on any side although you are not a captain you will have to make choices to guide the story as you want.

Chasing Sunsets

Chasing Sunsets

This game is a narrative of a young fellow getting back after years abroad, unexpectedly confronted with the possibility of bearing extraordinary obligation and blending the coals of a curbed youth love. As they got to know of their parents’ demise and now they have to work together in coordination or compete ( I am not competing and haven’t explored this route yet but I have read it and it’s quite tempting).

Chasing Sunsets - Adult Games 2022

Chasing Sunsets – Adult Games 2022

Now along with the heritage of an enormous empire there are always baggages with them. As a lawsuit is behind them for the reasons you will definitely get to know while playing. These huge revelations about their family and some biological advances that their medical core has made are the reasons you will love this game. The chemistry between the characters, the constant past and present running in parallel will make you feel relatable.

Number 1 is Lust Academy

Magic is the most fascinating word of all time and I am sure it will be till eternity. It mesmerized me when I was a toddler and it still does as I have grown out of diapers…damm sure it will keep doing it till I turn into ashes.

In this game, you play as a typical 18 y.o. fellow whose life is going to change for eternity! You’ll learn about the entire world loaded with enchantment and experience that looks for you at Cordale – the most seasoned foundation of sorcery and wizardry in the New World.

Lust Academy

Lust Academy

While living with a stepmother, a beautiful lady who hates your guts and a father who doesn’t give fucks about you along with two lovely stepsisters you got to know of a letter addressed to you about your admission to an academy and you will be there to learn and become a wizard. Along with the news you get to know your elder stepsister is already a sophomore there. As your experiences at home are not that good you agree to go there and lead a new life as a wizard.

At the university, there are four houses. You will be part of one of them…..no you won’t have a choice you will be a Lionheart by default. Maybe because of your mother as the latter part of the story reveals. Now you will get to know many friends and astonishing teachers with whom you will have your chances.

Lust Academy - AdultGamesOn

Lust Academy – AdultGamesOn

As far as the story is concerned I like how they designed all the characters and their respective roles. There is a revelation about Mc’s parents that came a little surprising and made me play the game more. Every character in the story brings their essence and spreads their aura around keeping you busy and waiting for more to come.

As the game has a concept of a magical journey the graphics and animations are great attractions. You will also get to play a free world like pursuing paths according to your preferences. What I like most is that they have a well-defined walkthrough that will guide you throughout what is left with a particular character in that particular version. Till now the second season is live. You can start your journey as a wizard whenever you want.

Lust Academy is ready to be played!


This month was full of some amazing stories, this is my list of top 5 of them which made my days by making my blood flow in the right directions. I am sure there is a lot to come as this year has given phenomenal games so far. Keep supporting and playing these games until they become everyone’s routine. On this note I’ve gotta bolt out. Keep grinding.

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