Hello Grinders not all that long yet I am back again in your administration with one more superb piece of writing both by me myself and ofcourse the person who has written this totally astonishing story.

Yeah! Yeah! I realize I am bragging a lot for myself yet believe me it’s not something very similar for the game I am going to tell you.

A.O.A. Academy – Best Porn Game

A.O.A. Academy – Best Porn Game

We all have experienced life as a student in a university. Some are still living that dream. But when it comes to fantasy we all consider ourselves the center of attraction, the protagonist, the one around which everything revolves…sun is the one that comes in my mind when this revolving around occurs but sticking to the essence, the hero….but this doesn’t happen as it is all in our imagination. But who cares when you can be all you have thought of in this particular game where everything happening around concerns you. Each moment going around is connected to you. That is all I wanted to be the one and only for all and you should too if you haven’t given a try.


The story meanders around an old town where a father and a son were having a good time with one another. But this good time will soon come to an end as the father is suffering from heart problems. As a caring son he wants to be with his father in the last of his days but father wants him to pursue his life outside the town in a city to prosper a better life leading to a better future. Since he always wanted to move out of that shitty place but the love and care for his father made him not to. As the father knew that he would never leave his side so he himself registered for the university.

A.O.A. Academy – Blog - Review Porn Game

A.O.A. Academy – Blog – Review Porn Game

After the demise of his father he got to know of a letter of acceptance from AOA Academy along with the details of his childhood friend Ashley.


Now as the story progresses let me tell you some ins and outs about the peculiar choices you need to make while pursuing the story. Pretty much every other decision has an effect on how it will lead further.

For me a good story should always have this kind of difficult choices as it tries to relate it with the reality of life. In spite of the fact that there is a compelling reason needed to be concerned, you can continuously save a way out of it and decide for the individual with whom you need to be the most. As far as I am concerned my fav is Jenny as the story always moves around her along with you ofcourse if it wasn’t what’s the point of playing.

Anyhow, the story from here will be around Jenny and her friends, mostly Valery as she is related to some cartel or something. It will always hook you up throughout and never let you miss a single line as it is so constructively written that you will always try to speculate what’s gonna happen after the night ends.

A.O.A. Academy – Review Porn Game

A.O.A. Academy – Review Porn Game

Unlike other games in this genre where there is high school or university focusing on how immature, fun loving, doing foolish things not that I am complaining of I too love them, it focuses on responsible behavior of the characters which I pretty much liked as the characters had dark pasts which supports their choices they are making now to proceed in life.

Talking about the dark past almost every character in this story has suffered from tragic and painful situations that are still haunting them. This piece of the composition caused me to interface more with the characters and drove me to have invested more energy with them and concerning your insight they had worked really hard thinking about each part of their life.

Presently for the disappointing part, the lifelong companion Ashley doesn’t appear to have any origin story which won’t even have seemed obvious to me assuming it would have been for different novels however for this which center around the lamentable parts of life ought to have thought about it. Maybe in future updates there will be something for us.

For the start Jenny is an important character of the story with a brother who simply hates her and wants all of his fathers will for himself. As far as Jenny is concerned she is more of an altruist who is helping others some of which are now her friends she can rely on…and one of them is you if you play your cards well… actually this is for to enter inside her pants. I don’t think there is an option to be friends with her brother and trust me you will neither want to be. He is irritating as hell!

A.O.A. Academy

A.O.A. Academy

Jenny lives in a house along with her friends Jade, Rebecca, Valerie for which you have been offered to clean with some opportunities of getting bonuses which I think you are aware of. A house obliging four flawless women is all you need. Scouring floors while taking a gander at their tushies and getting compensated for that is everything you will at any point want.

With these many girls comes hard choices to choose for whom you are gonna cry while being in the arms of the other. Keeping jokes aside, you should choose whomever you want to be with not that there is a direct choice of switching on and of the relationship status but building it throughout.

Jade is a bold character as she was working as a whore as she herself reveals while in a class where Ms. Elizabeth was teaching. So being bold comes from her past life experiences which she now has left with the help of the lady who was incharge there. There is not much story of Jade for now as I had discovered but there are few moments which are shared.

Rebecca is opposite to what jade is, timid, introvert, innocent. She is daughter of a pianist and was seen in recitals many times as a glimpse of her past. For the latest update there is a character who wants to marry her mother and wants Rebecca to go along with him to pursue her career as a musician. As she is in good company with her friends and wants to be on their side refuses to go with him, which leads him to have it in the way the brother of Jenny wanted. Which way will it be?…..only the next episode will tell.

A.O.A. Academy – Review Top Adult Games

A.O.A. Academy – Review Top Adult Games

Now, before talking about Valery I want to draw your attention towards other characters of the story which are not wholly into the story but are used as a fillers to fulfill the gap as I can say to divert you a little away from the main story…..now here you can definitely think a diversion, that’s bad but no it isn’t. The purpose of using these characters is to sway you away a little to soothe your mind as in the main story so much of commotion is going on that to make it realistic they used these characters efficiently and at that moments when you feel it’s a lot to take in, and not so healthy to digest at once.

There are several of them like Vicky, Sung ji, Aurora, and to some extent Elisabeth. I may not be true as they might have bigger purposes to the path that MC will be on but as far as i have played and as many paths as i could have discovered they appeared to me as that only. Except for the fact that you go on a date with Elisabeth that blows off my theory, but for the others it’s not the same.

I myself had tried many times and found out that for you to succeed in Jenny’s path you need to be a little careful what to choose or rather whom to choose. I suggest you can use mods if you are playing for the second time, but you must go Yolo while playing first hand as it makes you connected with the characters more….and the reason behind it will be the instincts you used while choosing an option.

The Epicenter

Much await character Valery, I don’t know how it spells Valery or Valerie, I like the latter one, but who cares we are more into what’s inside her (not talking about what you and I for sure am thinking…sorry for breaking your hearts it hasn’t penetrated her..Yet)rather than her nomenclature. She for starters is related to some cartel whose secrets she definitely knew of.

A.O.A. Academy – Review Adult Game

A.O.A. Academy – Review Adult Game

As she is a threat to them they are sending assassins to terminate her. ‘Secret’…what is it? I don’t know yet but whatever it is all her and her friends’ lives are in danger. For most of the story they are taking care of these dangers together as one and two new characters. One of them is her dad, which she doesn’t know about, assisting them with handling the dangers. As for now this is the heart and soul of the entire game which obviously is the beast part as it is the one which is constructing characters’ personalities.


I don’t think I am able to write any conclusion regarding this as this story just pierced my heart, everytime I see a new update my heartbeats go high, and speculations start to begin. What will happen? Are they gonna be okay, most importantly will I be able to make correct choices?

These emotions drive me away from the fact that it is just a game, but nah! I don’t believe in all this crap. I want me to feel that I am the person going through all of this. These novel games, whatever you call them, have the power to make you feel what you cannot be in real life. That’s the factor that keeps pushing me playing these games, living multiple lives, writing blogs for you.

That will be all from my side grinders….keep grinding.