Hello GRINDERS, hope you all are grinding your shafts and drilling your caves watching these absolutely amazing visual novels. Today I am happy to bring you some fantastic pieces of art which will hook you throughout the journey.

Number 5 is Fetish Locator

Fetish Locator

Fetish Locator

People who likes to break all the boundaries will definitely love this game as it offers all kinds of fetishes… from normal kinks like exhibition, threesomes, jerking off watching your getting fucked to extremes which I personally couldn’t have thought of like drinking piss, sucking a trans. It was overall a new journey for me as I have chosen those options too which I feel I would have not.

Fetish Locator - Top Best Porn Game

Fetish Locator – Top Best Porn Game

As it is bringing frequent updates you will surely want to try these fetishes for yourself. Beyond these fetishes there is also a parallel story of finding who is behind those kinky stuffs making the protagonist do extra activities.

START your kinky fetishes now download Fetish Locator.

Number 4 is taken by Wicked Paradise

Wicked Paradise

Wicked Paradise

This game made me in love with each of the characters in this novel. With high end graphics and accentuating figures of characters made me go crazy in a way that I attached myself to the character jerking off with every possible scene. As it seems like this game is in developing stage that how story will proceed is not that clear.

Wicked Paradise - AdultGamesOn

Wicked Paradise – AdultGamesOn

For the latest update it proceeds towards his journey working for his father……hope it brings clarity in next few updates. One of the problems I faced with this one is that updates doesn’t provide much progress to the story….it sure needed to be changed.

Download now and get wicked in the paradise… Wicked Paradise

Number 3 goes to Lust Theory

Lust Theory

Lust Theory

When I first encountered with this dope game my goes boom this is what I needed. Believe me grinders this isn’t some normal writing…. this will take u to another level of imagination where you are stucked in a time loop doing all the craziest stuffs with the characters…exploring never ending possibilities. From living in a loop to stopping time for seconds this game brings a huge potential of taking visual novels to another level.

Lust Theory - Top Porn Game

Lust Theory – Top Porn Game

My personal favorites in this are Elisabeth and Jessica. There story line just keeps me experimenting more and more. The one problem I found with this novel is that the animations had to be passed form slow, medium, fast for every other scene…. this sometimes becomes irritating and breaks the flow. Overall, it’s nice and new cruise to board on.

Download now and ready to control time in Lust Theory

Number 2 is Fresh Women

Fresh Women

Fresh Women

If it is possible I would love to be part of this astounding creation. Grinders just play it don’t even bother to read further…the creator of this game has done a lot better work than I might defines……but wait have little mercy on me and hold your horses a little. In search of some truth if you find some pleasure don’t hesitate just bang it. This will take you to the career high heights and deep down the oceans {hope u got what I meant}.

Fresh Women - AdultGamesOn

Fresh Women – AdultGamesOn

Every character and scenes are so thoroughly written that u will not be able to keep your hands away from your gifts of nature. I do have my personal character in this which I don’t want to reveal to you just now. I will give you the opportunity to guess and also mention your favorite. As this is underdevelopment you will find a missing scene in latest update do not worry about that just grind on and keep in touch for further updates.

Download Fresh Women and feel the freshness.

Number  1 for the month Vinovella University

Vinovella University

Vinovella University

If something in initial stages holds you close that you never want to break out that you should invest your time in that as I have in this novel. Starting as a detective in disguise this story makes you go suspecting each one out of there and makes you feel unraveling each and every secret hiding around going all out buying blood to complete the cause.

Vinovella University - AdultGamesOn Blog

Vinovella University – AdultGamesOn Blog

Three missing girls from a party and the story behind their mis-happening will take you to another genre in visual novels which I am sure you will love to be a part of. As something with universities or colleges creates a nostalgic effect on our minds it accentuates the involvement in these novels.

Download now and enter the Vinovella University


This is my favorite fives of this month hope you liked it. Do comment yours favorite and let me know if our thinking matches. There will be more such lists and other blogs so be there for me as I am there for you. In the end I would just say this blog is first one for me just tried to connect with you. Any suggestions are welcomed until then keep grinding and watching these arts so as to keep the blood flowing down there.

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Keep spreading jizz along with some love this is me REX GRINDER grinding off!