Hello Gamers and Game-ettes; it’s your favorite furball, who will never tell if you only like me second best. We’re back again, so let’s give it some pep. It’s gonna be a wild, weird little ride so I’ll tone off the jokes. Well, maybe…

Corrupted Kingdoms - Best Porn Game

Corrupted Kingdoms – Best Porn Game


There is one. No really; it’s there. Somewhere. I don’t really know where it wants to go. It has a three pronged “investigation” aspect that frankly could and should branch paths down a triad angle. Three potential endings are theoretically possible. The problem being with drip fed content and probably way too many opinions on how the story should go- and yes, this is one of them- it’s a bit more fragmented at the moment than I think is actually comprehensible. You are effectively a normal kid, to start off. The truth is of course, FAR stranger, and it’s not fiction.

You are so ill defined in fact, that you may as well be a god. Who apparently doesn’t know how to use his powers. You have them, but the instances where they are usuable are so far between you will forget you have any at all. There is a question of who killed your mom, and why, and what you’re going to really do about it.

How exactly you’ll step into shoes that have the pull to actually do a thing about it, is as much a question. There is ground work in mechanics that I will cover, as partly they are well enough done. The problem being, I don’t think the story really knows what it wants to be. There are too many antagonists to fight.

With no effective means currently to do so. You do get a side kick, who frankly though endearing at points, is more often annoying as fuck. It also takes too long to get to that point. I would not relish having to restart this game over, at all. There are a goodly amount of characters, and to be fair, they can be charming, but there are A LOT of quirks and troupes thrown out.

Corrupted Kingdoms - Review Porn Game

Corrupted Kingdoms – Review Porn Game

There are too many married or bred females involved with you, for a pregnancy mechanic that essentially forces you to have one child at a time. I’m veering off, but then so did the actual story. Yes, I understand it’s not easy to come up with a viable end. I’ve done it about a hundred plus times across several series I haven’t yet published. I may never, but I’m a perfectionist for myself. I’m sharing this so you won’t think I’m insulting anyone, I do happen to know story structure, and the writing craft. Very well.

One of the hardest things to do is to pick a point you want the story to go, and stick with that. Developers aren’t writers, in all cases and I respect the attempt at any point. However, fracturing to three different paths will require three different ends. I will caution against bad ones. Period. I’d also say introducing a “trickster” who taunts you about playing with your girls wearing your skin was a dick move, bro.

If any action requires a stat, that NEEDS to be made clear as much as HOW to raise it. I should not have to look that up separately. The eldritch as a portion of you, potentially and all the timey wimey BS makes telling a cohesive story harder. I would split it into a Light, Grey and Dark path for myself. With the Eldritch being the dark end.

If you are going to be asshole enough to introduce a BIG BAD, and then as a stat tutor imply cuckoldry; there is a reason there’s like thirty copies of this fucker floating around. Follow through. (I don’t want to say there shouldn’t be a “bad” end, but it doesn’t have to be a game over, so much as taking the story into a grim point, where you control an evil entity that took over Captain A God Am I, if I only had a brain… Which is another point.

Why exactly does everyone assume that ANY harem leader at all, would be naturally that fucking dense??? About anything. I get it’s an anime troupe, but it’s one that NEEDS to die. Put that in the house fire, instead of the random cray cray girl cos player who frankly hasn’t gotten any real screen time yet. There are frankly, too many females, and not enough substance to invest in most of them.

Hell the mechanic to break or awaken into love is amazing for player choice, but you barely get to use it. Gwen and Chloe are prime examples of first, your power in game, and the weakness of flawed or unfocused writing. Madison and Veronica almost fall into a mirror of the same.

It’s better to “finish” an arc with the characters you have, than to create new characters and spend months to a year spreading everything all out. You’ll lose the thread of what you meant to go for with them all, individually. Far more easily than if you focus. Chloe in particular is a problem. Frankly every scene with her is not consented, since you broke her character and did NOT get to choose not to. I get the reasoning, but you NEED to be able to fix her, or break her in full. Soon.

Corrupted Kingdoms - Review Adult Game

Corrupted Kingdoms – Review Adult Game

Half way leaves too much in question and it’s either frustrating, or not a great feeling about any of the sexual situations she’s involved in. Also, and yes this is my personal opinion: Fuck Yandere. On the whole, as a concept. Anyone that crazy, you run from. Or kill off. Fix her to be the happy bride she wants to be, the impregnated, potentially cuck willing ex fiance you’ve implied she is.

See what I mean with losing the story? Do you even recall that point, it was several, many long updates back. I won’t blame you if you forgot. The council of Furry, or Fey if you want, is interesting, but the problem with Morganna as antagonist is still present. You NEED to give the player an actual way to FIGHT her; break her, or otherwise be DONE with her. I can take the attitude since he is basically a god, and she is not aware of that point yet, but damn… again, that should be resolved. Sooner.

She’s existed on the character roster since the start and you’ve got no hearts. No means to get hearts, but you can see every sexual stat about her? Why. No, really; why? If she’s meant to be an enemy, great. Dethrone and break her brittle I’m the Queen Bitch ass, and be done. Or kill her off, and prove you can rule in her stead. Pixie’s little dust up with the green girl only proves to most of your audience that even if MC is the ‘harem leader’ it’s the girls with most of the power.

Which IS NOT how it should be when you’ve given this arse a grab bag of magics that say ‘I can do whatever I want.’ His name is less MC than Dues Ex. That’s a problem. Especially for how often you get to actually USE the magics you’ve got.


Now, I own that I bled in a bit, so mea culpa. The mechanics are fairly simple. Basically there’s a branching path in investigating/avenging your Mom’s death (without being clear on exactly what the fuck she was, by the way, which might also help) against the core you yourself might be a ticking time bomb. Or facing an else wise unassailable evil that wants to hunt you.

The succubus lolli if you want to be rid of that threat, will guard you from dark dreams… but you have to be willing to stomach that content. Frankly, every girl should definiably have enough curves to be called a woman. I really wish you guys would get over the concept any of us want to fuck with someone that even just LOOKS underage.

We did, when we were just starting puberty, we grew up. Mostly. We can’t all be six foot, I know. The fact that at the end, it isn’t really a clear threat, under cuts the antagonist as a mechanic. It’s one of three avenues and I can sense the biggest potential pit fall in story line; but the Beast is mostly there as far as I can tell to fuck with a player’s head. No bueno.

Corrupted Kingdoms - Adult Games Blog

Corrupted Kingdoms – Adult Games Blog

Then there are the actual stats. There are several to be concerned with, though most really only tangentially matter. The interesting (and FAR too punitive) mechanic is now influence and authority in college. Madison and Veronica to varied degrees are on your side, and I would have left this whole thing as a mechanic until you finished THEIR story before adding it as a means to go fuck all the highschool girls. Or their moms.

By which I mean do NOT make a queen bee hive to threaten a player who’s actively meant to be DOMINANT. It’s not enough to say you’re going to break them. He has Awaken, and Break. HE HAS AURA!!! If I can get the right answer in that stupid fucking date mechanic the three times needed; here’s how you deal with them… LET MC USE HIS POWERS! Jesus.

Fuck the concept of Madison needing to do more than give you the base info of their homes, and getting them to the club the first time. From that point if you succeed, it should be you take all three individually to pound town, and then do whatever the hell you want to any girl at the school.

Either because you end up “dealing” with Madison’s husband, and or taking that whole damned ninja school under your wing by your powers (Fuck the mistress BJ bs: she’s been yoinking my chain for FAR TOO LONG to let you get away with that level of blue balling buddy) Point being, the economy is in sore need of a rework.

Corrupted Kingdoms - Porn Blog

Corrupted Kingdoms – Porn Blog

The stats basically don’t matter much, and when they should you’re stuck listening to too much “I am woman, here me roar…” just not in the way you want to. It is NOT fun. There is enough piled on about how this guy’s going to end up in the story, that the rest of it should be easy.

There’s only so far you’re going to be able to push you audiences’ attention span, or desire to keep playing. Introducing random new characters isn’t always bad, but it’s best done when you know the course you want to take (IE you have a DUNGEON – problem solved) for little miss ‘girl with the dragon tattoo;’ lock her arse up for some play time, and send her videos of you defiling her precious daughter, who’s only too willing.

PROVE his statements, hell let her watch and want, as he fucks the other two Bee Moms, and see that he’s not just all talk… Damn it. Based on what you’re going for mechanically, and what you’ve set in the lore, this guy’s harem and child base should be huge.

Even with the handicap of one at a time, I’ve bred each girl at least three kids. You don’t need to make the player “earn” everything. Sometimes you need to realize, it’s more fun to just enjoy. And no, I don’t mean with a friggin’ gallery unlocker. The only thing those tell me is we made the game too obtuse, or too difficult to figure out how to get every possible scene, so opps…


Now I’ve voiced some of my bigger gripes, let me say that even though I’m not fussed on the animation style, there is something to the mechanics at play. The story does build up over time, and if you would just let him focus on BUILDING the empire or army * like say with his own kids, the natural way, hint hint… * it might see a viable means to finish out more cohesively than it hit at middle of the run.

Maybe. I’m all for every aspect of the high fantasy, and I don’t mind the monster girls all that much (I am a werewolf, kinda hard to judge you know) but there needs to be structure. Whether you call it a four letter word or not. The potential is great, and it could be a deeply engaging story. If you took certain points a little more serious.

Corrupted Kingdoms - Best Adult Game

Corrupted Kingdoms – Best Adult Game

Laxed on the economy costs- it took WAY too damned long to even get the college as my property, and now you want to make it a thing I have to build up??? >.< – with some (a lot) of fine tuning, I could actually very much recommend this game. Even highly. It does hit a lot of boxes for a lot of tastes. Though again, why… deer god; why, does every friggin anime based game think everyone wants foot fetish content?

Realize that if you’re going to play to what some call a fetish (I still don’t and never will) then don’t limit the pregnancy. At all. It’s another punitive thing that doesn’t need to be there. Making me have to “find” my kids in some mystical space rather than just having them stay with Auntie Artifact- who is pixie in another color by the way, was not the best way to immerse the audience into the family concept.

I get that it probably was meant to tie into the parallel versions of MC, as potential means to explain why that even happens, but come on… I can’t argue against the consistency of updates, I will applaude that. Highly even. The quality of the art while not to my admitted tastes in all veins, is more than simply decent calibur.

Corrupted Kingdoms - AdultGamesOn Blog

Corrupted Kingdoms – AdultGamesOn Blog

Which is better than I can say about some Harem Anime. I think this game does have a kernel of something that could be great. One day. It’s not there yet, and it might be more a case of the little engine that only thinks it could… but I’d hope not. There is something here, and something tells me, (for the long haul or not) I’m into something good.

My luck the next new girl is going to be some hybrid beetle. Just to spite me… I’d hold my breath to wait and see if I’m right, but I’ve realistically already been blue once in my life. It’s not just the fuzzy blue balls that might, or not be currently hanging from my rearview mirror. What do you mean I don’t even have a corvette? Damn it, dude… where’s my car? On that note, as a sour patch kid…


If you can handle a goodly chunk of weird, high fantasy, hijinks… happen to be into heavy anime style content, mix well with half baked sherlock who owns all the homes, then Watson; by jove I think we’ve got it! Or this game does, you know. Bark up the right tree, or the wrong one, and at least you’ve scratched my post. Thanks for reading this long, and as always guys, it’s been fun.