Good Golly Miss, Molly? Uhm, no… May, Marron… Mary. Right, that’s it. Hello again Gamers it’s your resident wild man and fan of Hearts here to share another beautiful day in a very fictional neighborhood. In case you haven’t noticed, games aren’t the only things I like to play with here.

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Allusions or illusions, either way, it’s all fun. Like this game for example. It’s a beautifully done bit of story-driven work. You have basically A and B options in certain context.

One is right, one is less right, but I can’t say for certain it’s exactly wrong. It depends on what you’re going for, or rather whom.

There are a couple different possible options for the girl to catch your eye. I will grant that Mary as the titled character is your main love interest and the driving force of your focus in the story, but she’s also pointed out several times to be a very young woman.

A princess by action, even if one of the “correct” choices in the walkthrough is literally “you’re not a princess.” One of the books read first by these characters is Guards!Guards!Guards!… you’d figure either of them would understand after that point, the concept of being slain by iron-y. I’ll probably get it for the lame jokes, I know.

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Anyhow, the story itself is not badly done. It’s well enough constructed and thought out. As a true rarity for this gaming genre and platform, it’s actually a concluded story-line as well. It has a beginning, a mid-point and a foreseeable ending.

Two of them thus far that I’ve played for myself. I will besmirch that a bit, by pointing out that the story is dragged a little too far into the non-sexual for an adult game.

Yes, I understand it’s to build character development, but there are times in the game where she’s either busy and points out she’s been ‘neglecting you,’ or acknowledging that she’s not ready despite her protestations of love – that is actually a term the writer uses to point out the contrary nature of what they’ve done with the game, so negative point there. if that was something in real life it would break or at least tear the relationship a little.

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Yes, you can take that line as a slight joke about the fact she actually loses her virginity twice. This is at the heart, a story of a ‘Sugar Daddy.’ An older male who invests a good deal of finance and care into one (or possibly two) younger women.

She actually is a princess by the end, and I think that was more a call out to the small vein of her submissive streak which hasn’t been fully explored in the “supposedly” completed story-line.

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That said, it is actually complete. It does have a viable end. The writers have left things to be added, and may add them eventually as work progresses. I am not knocking the fact. It’s a little frustrating to see potential paths that aren’t added right now.

To know there are other branches the story can or might take. To not see those ends, but see them coming. That is down to the nature of game development vs. time investment, tied to capital needed. I know. Besides the problem of being Mary’s story where she isn’t the only focus however, there are problems with the main character.

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He has an ex, who is still in the game. She can be a rival, or a non-entity, or a means for the character to show his changing personality with Mary as the backdrop in question. You can cheat on your ex in claim.

She can cheat on you, by that same token or no one cheated, it just didn’t work out for unspecific reasons.

That part is well done and grants player agency. Introducing the ex later, is just a monkey wrench. Especially since I think she’s one of the planned paths to be done. So is Mary’s father’s mistress, and her Mom, if I had to guess.

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Right now, there is only Mary and Simone. Her best friend from school. Who you can get into a viable three-way with. Mary is mostly a submissive/princess type.

At one point in the game, you can involve her in a more open attempt to decide on the BDSM tones of the story.

They do happen naturally, and one is played as a ‘super hero’ cosplay gag for laughs at the naivety. Involving the teacher/mistress is actually somewhat offensive to me, because of the terminology she uses, and the fact that if he is treated as the ‘Dom’ no male with investment in letting his ‘sub’ find her true self is going to want her to refer to herself as a whore.

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That is entirely the wrong word. It makes an extremely negative connotation of the entire relationship (if not a wrong one in some cases) She should have used the word slut, and it should be focused directly on being exactly HIS.

That should have been made clear from the start, as it was stated the MC laid out what was wanted. The ‘teacher’ should be aware as a ‘mistress’ of what a dominant wants. It isn’t going to matter to any ‘alpha’ if she willingly craves to suck five dicks or fifty.

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The only one he’s going to care she wants, is his. I’ll also point out that even in basic roleplay, a true teacher would not start out like a sledgehammer with humiliation right off.

She’d test the waters, see what the characters were actually into themselves, and make suggestions for ‘spice’ as needed. If I was going to pay two thousand dollars to be taught to be dominant (which as I am naturally, is ridiculous to me at any rate) I would not go for the way this was handled at all. ‘Cadmium’ would have been the first word out of my mouth the moment she called my girl a whore.

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Besides the points above, as mentioned there are several open paths that might be in development as yet. I don’t know. I do enjoy the fact that you dive deep into sustained relationship issues (I’m trying not to spoil things) but they only involve Mary as yet.

Even if you go with Simone and fully break Mary’s heart, those same investing issues do not apply to the darker-skinned more boisterous girl.

They should. I do understand differentiation, and that Simone’s life goals are different, but they allow you to show her character the benefit to a more stable home environment and ‘change’ her view with a softening.

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Up to the point she’ll actually let you fuck her in one event even without her best friend’s knowledge or consent. So why is it Mary is the only one with “nesting” concerns. It actually would make it a delightful surprise for Simone to slowly realize she wants the same things.

If not as deeply, or as immediately. That would change her from the secondary, a door prize, to a viable ending character. Maybe it’s just my point of view, but I digress. The other characters are somewhat intriguing, but as their paths are half done at best, less viable right now.

I can see potential to chase the Mom, if Mary becomes annoying. There is a dance teacher who is contrived in story, but as a person in the game, a possible viable path in versions to come. The ex again, there is a reason that didn’t work out. Whatever the case may be for myself I’d steer clear of it.

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She’s there, and she shouldn’t be. She’s not enough of a character right now to say there was a deep investment that would keep MC clinging to want of her. Especially compared to the investment he’s put into Mary by the point the ex is met in game.

One more wild and intriguing end that might be put in, is chasing both daughter and mother. Having it work as a completely ‘right for them’ and non-conventional ‘new family.’ That depends on how kinked the writers want to go, but there’s a market for that kind of thing.

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In closing, the game is very well rendered. The sex scenes that are animated are well enough done. There’s no real uncanny valley to speak of and the writing is completely laid out.

Even to the point where you as the player should see all available paths in advance of deciding to take them.

Whether you stick with the young blood, or chase a wider range, this game is one of the better stories I’ve invested a few hours in playing through. Cheers, gamers. After all, enough battery acid, and even you won’t know your own name.

Download Life with Mary PC Version

Download Life with Mary Android Version