Hello, Grinders!! I am back again with another eye-soothing story. I will be your captain for the voyage you are about to start with. We will have a lot of talk and there will be waves coming toward our ship. Don’t just lose your anchors hold them for the right moment. These waves are quite interesting. Those curves will make you go wild but be there till the end. This won’t take long. SO just be aboard and we are ready to sail.


Our Review: ★★★★★ Excellent

Back in the day, your father worked for some unknown people. Yeah! It isn’t mentioned who they were; maybe they were hiding them for some future thrill. It does create curiosity, and that will surely kill the cat. But how do you know this? Yes, eavesdropping is the tool that we have. The chats between your parents indicated that they are not the ideal ones to be with. But since your dad was involved with them for a long time, he was not going to leave them soon, or they might not let him leave that easily.

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FreshWomen – The Best Porn Game

You remember a night when they were both having a conversation. Your mother was crying and begging him not to go again. But your reluctant father didn’t listen. But for a change, he promised her that this would be the last time. He has to go this time and will tell them that this is the last assignment or whatever they have given him to do. Who had thought that this would be his last time? He never came back. Not a word from anyone. You never heard from him for a long time. You and your mom thought he was dead. This changed a lot, and you were no longer the small boy that he had left behind.

Since your father was gone, you had to move out of your house, as he was the only breadwinner of the house, and your mother didn’t have much to keep you and her in that place anymore. You had to live in a smaller and cheaper house with three other kids. I don’t know whose they were, and I don’t even care. They have nothing to do with the story.

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FreshWomen – 3D Adult Game

Your mother got a job. Not the best one, but good for survival. You wanted to talk about your father with her, but she always avoided talking about him. I can feel the pain in her eyes and why she doesn’t want to know what happened to him. But you, on the other hand, never let that thought go out of your mind. You kept thinking about him. You started researching him. Finding some clues that can lead you to him. Somewhere in your mind, you were sure that he was alive. In the process, you found some bits and pieces.

One day, while searching for clues, you got struck by lightning and were carried to the hospital. I know you will be thinking, “This is where reality leaves the chat. But know that it might not be easy to believe, but there are people in the world who were hit by lightning and are still living. Yeah, they didn’t become flashy, but they are flesh and bone, not roasted. I don’t know how they did it. So this small incident took memories from your brain. Not all, but most of them. This resulted in all your research being hidden in the basement.


You are living with your mother. Your dad died way back when you were a young child. Since then, you and your mother have been there for each other, helping out in any way possible. Now, after completing high school, you need to move out of the city. It’s not easy for you, as you have never left your mother alone, but you need to complete your college education to lead a better life. Not that it is the only way, but the most common one. With college, you also need to work to earn some dollars, as you do not have money flowing around. Lucky for you, you got one because of your mother. We will talk about that later.



Lily is your landlady. No, you will not live in her house but in an apartment near her house. She is a beautiful lady. I can’t explain to you in words how wonderful she looks. When you first saw her, you were not able to sway your eyes away from her boss.

Now, I know I have talked a lot about the MC’s father in the prologue, but that is the main attraction of the story. The lady where you got your job, Susan Your father used to work with her. This will be a chance for you to learn more about him. Don’t forget Lily; she is not just your landlady; she is also part of the mysterious life of your father.

The story of your father will reveal more when you meet Lily’s husband. Yeah! She is married, but who cares? You just want to bang her and not live with her carrying her babies. He is a crucial character in the story who will lead you toward your father.


There are other characters too, which are not directly related to your father’s story but are related to your life in the city. All those characters are not just there as fillers; they provide a proper shape to your character and help you in many ways. You will have chances where you can have a relationship with them and continue your journey with your favorite ones.

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FreshWomen – Download Free Porn Game

I have already talked a little bit about this game when I wrote about it in the top 5 of the month. You can check that out too. I told you there that I have a favorite one in this game, but I never revealed who she was. Maybe I’m waiting to write about her in this one. Her name is Alyssa. She is the prettiest of all in the game. Her face, her eyes, and most importantly, her figure The curves are mesmerizing. I can slide all over her body like a baby. I don’t know if her story with you has had a great impact or not, but looking at her, I don’t even care.

Now that you have seen so many characters and are also a college student, you might think you will have a chance to have a harem. Although I want it to be, it doesn’t seem so. I think in future updates, you will have to choose between them. I know whom I have to pursue, but look for whom you want to pursue. I don’t know if there is any way for that to happen so that you can be with them all at once. If it is there, then it will be more interesting.

FreshWomen - New Porn Game

FreshWomen – New Porn Game

You will meet Julia. She is Asian and a freaky one who loves to play at arcades. In the storyline, she will help you out in your hunt. As she loves these kinds of things. She sees herself as a kind of character in a game. I didn’t like much about her. There isn’t any depth to her character. Maybe I need to wait for some more updates. But for now, she is my least favorite. I need to add a favorite here. I mean Why the hell not? Why should I leave her?

There is one mysterious character, Emily. She lives next door to you. Why she is mysterious is because I think she knows you more than she is telling. She is behaving wildly and doing things that a normal person would refrain from doing. Maybe she is related to your past. This will be interesting to see, as this connection might give some substance to her character. The things she is doing to get your attention are out of desperation or something more; we will find out more in future updates. I would love to see a forgotten connection that might help him get to know your father, or maybe you.


The mechanics of the game are quite simple. There are not any point systems or tasks that you need to do to get laid. Yes, there are some choices you need to make that will lead to a better connection with the character. I didn’t find any hard choices. Just a night’s spending choice. I think that it was too early in the game to decide who you want to be for the time being. As you haven’t spent much time with the characters. And this is how I got to know that this may not end as a harem or lead anywhere near that zone.

FreshWomen - Sexiest Women - 3D Porn Game

FreshWomen – Sexiest Women – 3D Porn Game

Now, many of us might like the points system or any other way to get to them. But in my view, it depends. In some games, I love the choices that need to be made and how to achieve those points to get to the end of the scene. But in some games, I want simple story-driven choices. That doesn’t impact much on the choices we made throughout. The main frustration arises when you don’t know whether you have watched all the scenes or not. This does hurt me a little.

In my opinion, when providing a points system, it shouldn’t be forgotten what we are here for. So in this one, there isn’t any point system. But since it diverges your path in a particular way much earlier, you must not end up leaving so many things to do with other characters. That will be hard for us to go through again and again. Some might say they can provide us with videos or galleries to see what we missed. But this takes away the whole point of reading a novel. So this is to be taken care of. That is the reason I try to play with mods in some games. Not this one, though, but I think I need to do that.


FreshWomen - 3D Porn Game

FreshWomen – 3D Porn Game

In the end, I blabbered a lot about what should be in the game and what should be not. But the good thing is that I have a platform to puke out all I want and, at the same time, earn some bucks. Yeah! Lucky me. But you too have a comment section where you can write your thoughts. These thoughts add more depth to the game. Maybe you have some insights about the game that I didn’t write about.

Now this is all that I have to say about this one. I will be here with the next one soon. Till then, keep playing these fantastic games. Also, do comment on your favorite ones. Your suggestions are welcome here. There were some amazing suggestions from you, and I need more. So on this note, bye-bye. Keep Grinding!!

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