Hello Grinders. Another day, another blog. But before that, how have you been? It is too hot out here. These heat waves are killing me here. And instead of getting cold showers, I am reading these hot-shot novels and drenching myself in sweat. And not just me; you are one of those too. Or maybe we are accustomed to this heat and don’t care how high it gets. This time, I am on the hunt for sweet peaches. Photos are the ones I will use in this novel. So this time I am going to take you on a hunt with me, as the novel is called Photo Hunt. So let us just get into it and see what is waiting for us.


Our Review: ★★★★★ Excellent

You have been living with your landlord for six years now, ever since your landlord and landlady separated. You just decided to go with him. I don’t know why you do that, but that is what happens, and on top of that, you never visited them in all those years. And now you’ve decided to go on and live with them on the Peninsula. Actually, you do not decide that it is your landlord who is tired of you and kicks you out. I know it doesn’t sound good, but that is the truth; he has nothing to do with you. You are useless to him. Now enough of this disparagement; let’s move on to the Peninsula.

Photo Hunt - 3D Adult Game

Photo Hunt – 3D Adult Game

The Peninsula comprises several cities. Many rich people reside there, and your landlady is also one of them who earns five digits. Now you will enter a new phase of your life. You will live with your landlady and a roommate who is quite angry with you because you left her alone when you moved out. And never tried to contact her during that period. You never asked her what she wanted to do with this separation. You were selfish enough to just leave without giving it a thought.


The story of this game is quite interesting. It is not nerve-wracking but a little different in its own way. All the stories of the characters are not interconnected. They are independent of each other. It helps you in a way that you can play however you want. There is no need to worry much about the choices. They only affect the route of that particular character. This pattern of the story where every individual has a connection with you makes it a little different, but sometimes it takes you away from the realistic aspect. You cannot be with many, and they have nothing in common. Although the stories are good and worth reading,

Photo Hunt - Download Free 3D Porn Game

Photo Hunt – Download Free 3D Porn Game

The basic structure of the game or story is that you live with your landlady and roommates. You are a student at a school where you will meet many people with different identities and different ethnicities. During these interactions, you will connect with them and trigger their stories. There are many ways to connect with them. You can go along with them on their daily routine chores. The good thing is that they all have distinctive personalities, and their story construction is according to that only. For example, Lina loves to play sports, but she is weak in studying, and you are there to help her get good grades and pass her exams.

Now, you are a photo maniac in this game. You have a camera with you everywhere. You also tried to spy on girls in the washroom, and so you are called a creep in the whole school. This personality of yours is well used by the writers. You will see everywhere that with every character, you will have chances to show your skills to impress them. This is also useful in the case where you will work with a police officer and be a part of a great mission she is on. Yes, Red Maiden. It is a place in the city with shady things going on. You are with her to expose them and free your roommate from them, as she is also a victim of them.

Photo Hunt - Sensual Sex Play

Photo Hunt – Sensual Sex Play

Overall, the stories are well-written. All the stories have depth. Especially Fiona; that one surprised me a lot. I was not sure that there would be these deep layers in her story. But that plot is laudable. The graphics in this game are also amazing. I feel they are accentuating the story and making you stick with it. The beautiful characters look mesmerizing, and their skin looks flawless. This soothes your eyes and makes you play more and more.


The mechanics of this game are quite easy. This game doesn’t have a free-roam concept. But you can trigger any story anytime you want at the initial stage. In later versions or new updates, you do not have that option. As the updates are related to specific characters only. On the home page, you will have icons of the places in the city, like schools, libraries, malls, etc. Other locked places will unlock as you progress. Every place has a connection to the story. Some places are there for you to learn several skills. Yup, there are skill sets too that will help you throughout the story. These are charisma, photography, intellect, hacking, strength, and sneaking. These will help you progress in the game with ease.

Photo Hunt

Photo Hunt

Skills are not just for the story to progress; they have the power to trigger several scenes. You can choose from the skills, watch the results, and decide which you want. I found these interesting as they have pretty tough variations. Although I do not think they have a larger effect on the storyline. They are just for that additional scene at that point in time.

With characters, there is a point system. These points will lead to the routes you will take with the character. You need to earn them so that you do not miss any scenes from their story. There is a mobile icon where you can see your points for each of the characters. And there is also a message tab where you can see special video messages. There, you will have to earn it by progressing in the story. I too have some locked messages, and these are quite interesting.

There are also achievement points in this game. You just have to complete that achievement to unlock special renders. Believe me, they are worth watching. You will also have to earn money. This will be required to pursue some stories. As you have to buy gifts and dresses for your characters. You can earn money by doing work, sneaking, selling lewd photos, and other methods. You can also use mods to gain points like money and other skill points. But I do not recommend that.

Character Routes

Usually, I do not talk about the routes of the characters in blogs, as there is not much to say about them. But in this game, there are two routes for every other character in the story. And these routes are not just routes; they are way different from each other. We can say they are poles apart from each other. Basically, with every other character, you will have two different routes you can take. And this makes this game huge, as there are many characters.

Photo Hunt - 3D Sex Game Review

Photo Hunt – 3D Sex Game Review

Evelyn, Rachel, Lina, Monika, Fiona, Jennifer, Grace, Oksana, Kira, Sakura, and Alice There are other side characters, too. I liked how they shaped and constructed Evelyn’s character. Her story is the best of all. How they came up with the two routes you will have to choose from. I am currently playing both of her routes. And only her. Yeah, I never tried the other routes taken by other characters.

I will shed some light on the routes you will take with some of the characters. With Monika, the school headmaster, you have two routes: either you can have a love route or you can blackmail her as you have some dirt on her. With Fiona, you can be dominant with her or you can be submissive. With both, you will love her; she is amazing. I know this is enticing you to learn more about other routes, but I cannot talk about every other route. This will become too long, and I think you should try them for yourself.


Photo Hunt - 3D Porn Game

Photo Hunt – 3D Porn Game

I do not have any suggestions for the game. It is just the one that, at the time of animation, doesn’t show the correct visuals as the dialogue on the screen. And not that it is lagging; that particular thing is not even there. Although they have improved a lot, in the beginning, there were just pictorial representations. But now there are animations too. I know they will improve in this area. But this just disconnects me from the moment. I just want it to be more visual, so I just divulge myself in it.


Overall, this is a must-play game. I am happy that I played this one, and I just wanted to make it more popular among the others. All the characters and their story construction are worth the time you will spend on this one. As the game is about photos. Your eyes will be bright throughout to see those pictures in this one.

You should try this one and let me know how you feel about it. Also, keep commenting with your views about the blogs, novels, or anything else you like. You can suggest to me some games that you like. If I feel they are good enough to be on the blog, I will write about them. Your comments help us a lot. They keep us motivated. So keep reading these amazing blogs and most importantly the novels and share them as much as you can. And now it is time for me to leave. So take care of yourself and meet you soon.

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