Hey Gamers, Wolfie’s back; back again… Wolfie’s back, tell your friends. What do you mean you’re a gamer, and we don’t have any? Stereo-typical, radiogaga… No, wait, she’s a Lady. Whoa, whoa… whoa. What a head trip. Speaking of, shall we begin?

Through Spacetime

Through Spacetime


There aren’t many. There are a few missing bits and pieces I think, but I’ll get to that in covering the story. Since that’s the meat here. Unless you’re hoping for potatoes, there’s only small ones to this section. The usual binary choice, more often than not. Only making the wrong one can go… badly, for your crew. With scenes you get to watch. Yippee. Kayay! or is it Kayak? What would a mountain do… Hey, it’s not my fault this might be a game of thrones.


It starts a little shaky, goes hard into almost uber feminist points, and a little too distrustful of the MC that they of course all secretly want. Most will admit it, but damn did it take too long to get a good shot of Captain Morgan’s. Not sayin’ I want them all to be super easy, but I sure won’t mind if it’s just for my sake. It’s a harem game, in the tags for god’s sake. You made a game with a literal savior reference. I don’t care whether he’s white, black, silver skinned with purple people eater polka dots. Anywho… The world is in trouble, considering who’s in charge. Not spoiling, but it will not overly be an issue.

Through Spacetime - 1

Through Spacetime – 1

Even though there’s a decent build up to make you think you’re screwed as I recall. The story will eventually split down two paths; with one path making you the once and future king of everything along with said purple at least one person eats her. Or you can reject her, but I’d wait to do that until after you let her give you a shot. I find it weird that you’d go the “give me superpowers” route and then mark it so the human female doctor who supposedly wants him healthy (and possibly to herself) finds out. How exactly does she cockblock a plan by the “smartest person in the galaxy?” Just curious. Asking for a friend. (You can’t prove I don’t have any, and that’s a dirty stereotype…) Point being, either go all in, or don’t bother.

On that note; pregnancy. You knew I was gonna talk about it guys. I’ve been open enough by now. It’s a little random that the single time I know they fuck, Morgan’s ending is one I’d want to see. There are only four of them available in the current Episode 10 update, and that’s not right if his seed’s supposed to be so potent. You’re really going to tell me the smartest alien in any room ever, wouldn’t have known there are animals on earth that induce ovulation? She’s already mucked with his genes. It would also by her own reasoning, help the human population problem. She might even some day get a better suited “King.” Call it a shadow play that MC’s not even aware might be happening. Again: Go all in, or don’t bother. I’ll be more than willing to wait for the Dog Girl to have puppies. Plural. Just because she looks human, doesn’t mean she can’t be animal internally.

Through Spacetime - 2

Through Spacetime – 2

That’s kind of the point of that fantasy anyway. Whether anyone wants to admit that or not. Also, what happened to the pinkish red girl. You give the choice to fuck her, and she’s just gone… There’s a few plot holes to cover before you end the story, and there’s no content for the “King of purple hearts” route yet. I will mention that I’m aware finances can be hard to garner. I’m also aware that it is work, but quality content in a harem also means not just skipping several “lesser” girls. Or any of them. Assume the audience wants to ‘breed me Daddy.’ (I feel wrong just saying that, it’s not the way I tend to play… but there IS a lot of that kind of content. Gah) At any rate, it should be that any woman you choose to finish inside; and the choice should be open to the player to do so with ALL of them, at least once… you will impregnate.

I’m happy enough with where the story leaves off right now on the “screw muh queen” path, but it’s NOT nearly a done game. There’s a lot more exploring of her reasoning to do, you could again make her a full shadow agent since you’ve already jarred the audience with that potential black widow reference. Maybe you’ll be a real prick, and make her have all the babies at once; and like a true spider queen, his own children will have him over for his last free lunch.

Through Spacetime - 3

Through Spacetime – 3

There are several paths I can see being open to a very kinked, but entirely Happy Ending. No matter how many versions of Altered States he’s in for the long haul. If he’s going to rule with her, they should continue the experiments until she makes him like her; or again have her intend to screw him over when he doesn’t do what she wants, and it doesn’t go exactly her way all the time.

If you really want to get uber on point with the Meta. Whatever the end is chosen, I’d like to see several females pregnant. Or all of them happily married to MC, if only one of them openly and or legally. (She does say you can have a thousand slaves; and that’s a LOT more than the whole cast… no, I won’t say you should try to do nearly that much animating. I’m not that far gone to my kink. I promise. Do you trust me? Now isn’t that the whole question…)

Through Spacetime - 4

Through Spacetime – 4


A good game, with beautiful enough animations (Though I will say I dislike overly exaggerated proportions, so the Mother Superior I only took because Walkthrough recommended it. I preferred her lesser ranked sisters of the cloth, thank very much) and plenty of fun to be gained. If you’re careful. If not, well… do you remember those old school choose your own adventures? Yeah, what am I talking about. It’s Through Spacetime, not Through Timeinspace. No need to go back to the stone age. With that, I’ll hit the emergency warp drive, and hightail it folks. Let’s hope this thing doesn’t scramble all my molecules. Whelp, here goes. Let’s see if I can break on through, to the other side. Next time Gamers, enjoy the ride.

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