Hello Gamers, no I don’t have a bow. Drawn back, or else. My name’s not Cupid, or Sam come to think of it, and I won’t say if I can cook. I can however cop as a Scorpio, to more than my fair share of Eros. Don’t have stubby wings on my back, and to be fair to our favorite geek- I mean, Greek, neither did he. I am a wolf, after all… Can’t fault my Mom for lack of originality. Point being, and it shouldn’t be leaden; Happy Valentines, to one and all. Now I’m gonna go hide behind a tree. Just so long as it doesn’t wake up to chase me for once. Let’s just get on with it, and here’s hoping this golden delicious apple I brought doesn’t sprout worms. Then again, I can always blame Hercules. He should be used to it…

Number 5 – Superheroes Suck

This game is fairly consistently updated, so if reliable is your jam, give this one a shot. Don’t blame me if you feel like a punching bag. It does for the moment seem to center more on the women for powerset. (I do still blame your attempt at too much dark humor for the BS power excuse you gave MC dude.

Superheroes Suck

Superheroes Suck

If he can tank a vehicle to the face; he’s ripped AF, and he can get a frigging concrete bench thrown his way point blank to survive it… guess what? Seeing perfectly in complete darkness, is NOT his first superpower) Not even going to mention how Riley treats him for her frustration outlet. You already gave her a husband, which downvotes her status in a harem game.

The fact he can go toe to toe with her and be fine afterward, DOES need to be addressed. Properly. He’s NEVER worn the suit in the gym, and by now somebody should be smart enough to know he should be tested again; or the first was mucked with. Who says shocker girl didn’t screw the machines around, if she was watching him. Call that a freebie for how you’d realistically fix this, and add in powers.

Superheroes Suck - Blog

Superheroes Suck – Blog

I’d say overall it’s a good story, but the choice of powers at the start shouldn’t be personality based. It should just be straight which powers do you actually want? Which by the way, is also personality based. It’s just less likely to dick around the audience in a way they don’t want… The animations are attractive, the story’s come a long way and I can in general recommend this for a good game.

I would like to see Fitness and Studying actively do something, and I think you should not endlessly build confidence without gaining more of the other two stats alongside it. It’s been frustrating to continually see nothing from anything but confidence. He has enough that he should be Clark Kent’s body double. Since you treat him like he is already…

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Number 4 is Nursing Back To Pleasure

First, another game that should be a harem. Period. The question should not be what will happen if you pursue multiple girls. It should be which ones you will choose to stick with, in general. But ALL of them should automatically be open. Nicole is too femdom, and her daughter was Tsundere for too long to actually trust whatever turn is in the current chapters.

Nursing Back to Pleasure

Nursing Back to Pleasure

I don’t mind them starting off cold; but she is married. So A) that IS a problem for any relationship continued unless you plan to off her husband, and B) she does not get to automatically be the Femdom. She has as much to lose as any blackmail point she can bring against the MC. She also knows that she has MORE to lose, technically. Which is why you’re swinging to grudging submission.

Which still isn’t. Technically. She dictates where he finishes, and while you can argue, it’s him being smart, he’s also already thinking with his cock. So how friggin’ smart is he really? Let THE PLAYER CHOOSE. Every time. Every ending. Even internally. Very little pisses me off more, and screws up my enjoyment of any scene.

Nursing Back to Pleasure - Blog

Nursing Back to Pleasure – Blog

The daughter who is injured should just be yours. Canonically. Lisa, doesn’t get to play the wait until marriage card. She can make the vow, but it’s bullshit. Ask anyone who’s ever been into someone, who got to spend all that much time with them, if their instincts didn’t jump their good intentions.

Ninety percent at least, I’d bet you’d find it’s a nice ideal, but as long as they end up married to their beau/belle at the end they’ll give in. It’s NEEDLESSLY gating. It makes her less likely to be pursued. I don’t care what the reasoning is behind it. She’s already the third wheel. You didn’t need to cut them off, by closing her legs all but all the way, while you were at it.

You also need to wrap up this Stag bullshit. Whatever it is, I don’t care. If it’s the excuse to build the harem, fine but find a way to make the player’s choices mean something. Choosing any and or ALL of the girls SHOULD NOT be a pit fall. Ever. There’s no point to them being in the game, as anything more than teasing eye candy, if you’re going to pull that crap.

Nursing Back to Pleasure Porn Game

Nursing Back to Pleasure Porn Game

Don’t do it. It’s not fun. Make it a dating sim, and separate the paths, or mark just one, and let there be no dire consequences. Not every game needs a “you dun fucked up, son.” Especially from a priest who’s more inclined it seems to bend some hot young thing(s) over his pew, than take care of his own responsibility as head of this fucked up family.

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Number 3 in our top is WVM



You all knew this was going to be here somewhere, and I concede, the updates haven’t been coming as quickly. I still contend, you can’t rush quality. Suffice to say I’ve made my points known. Hopefully we’ll get a full release soon, and I can see if anything I’d hoped for has been added. I’m sure I’ll have fun either way, and that’s the highest praise I can claim. A great pick for a genuinely sweet Valentines to celebrate.

Number 2 is taken by Ataegina Chapter 2

First, I’ll say I had a problem getting this game to play when I did download it. I got far too many instances of Igore, Rollback error. So the save file wouldn’t work to get into Chapter 2 the normal way. I did finally get a chance to play, and I have some gripes. They aren’t small ones. First; how in the hell do you mean to tell me there’s a neutral path??? There are two options in most cases.

Be a dick to the girl, and get corruption, or don’t and get good guy points. Where is the neutral in that? Second, Isabella along with several other listed women, have no actual means to gain hearts on the “Good” path. If there is a sex scene on Neutral or Evil, then mark it in brackets or do NOT make some snark assed comment at the end of the current version about scenes the player can’t see.

Ataegina Chapter 2

Ataegina Chapter 2

The only reason they can’t is because you haven’t done enough work to make EVERY path match in having scenes. You’re blaming the player for your lack of foresight there buddy. There’s also the fact that a Harem, doesn’t mean all the girls fuck each other, and occasionally let MC have his way. Hell while we’re at it, why turn Fannay to the dark side. Take her away, and that’s stupid.

You should just put in brackets, do not bother trying to corrupt Mida with that shit. It won’t matter anyway if you’re playing the wrong side and there should be more options to corrupt each girl, with a PERSONAL focus. On YOU. Not girls. There’s the fact that both Anya and Kat endlessly tease, and at times berate the player for things that we got no choice about.

The “little flower” joke was fine the first time or two; but by the time she’s bent to breed and not bitching about the fact you try to, it is time she needs to lay off it. She can’t keep seeing you as a little brother, if you’re going to do the I’m a good girl, and I want you to bend me like a bitch in heat. It does not work.

Ataegina Chapter 2 - Porn Game

Ataegina Chapter 2 – Porn Game

Considering you play with the wrong dark elf, either I get to be the king of their peoples, or you need to let me actually have the blind battlemage. ALSO; BLIND. Blind, for fuck’s sake. As a BATTLEMAGE! Either her ass is Matt Murdock in dragon age, or she must be a goddess of luck.

It’d be fine if you went in on that in Mysticism. I’m not knocking the disability or her ability to do magic… and fuck me don’t I know it would be cliche, but it would also flash fry a whole lot less people. See what I mean? Also, the nobleman’s wife you get to boff exactly once. Why? Other than cuckholdry.

Which, fair enough… but she has no hearts. No corruption, and please for the love of all that is holy, what the hell is with these games and trying to make the MC fuck their mothers? First, she’s adopted, so if you aiming for incest, you failed… perhaps even this city.

Considering one of them is in ruins currently. Second, HE IS A GOD. In TWO FORMS. One way or the other, he is weak sauce for magical powers, and no reincarnation with the need to build back his power doesn’t god damned cut it. (Yes, that was an intended choice of words) He is far, far weaker than he ought to be, and offering a respec every damned chapter isn’t good enough.

Ataegina Chapter 2 - Blog

Ataegina Chapter 2 – Blog

Try actually balancing the combat bucko. The fact there is a “skip battle” button means you already tapped out on that. Light, or Dark or anything in between, since he IS A GOD, it should be taken that all the women want him. Period. For whatever reasons you want to eventually let them build up to explaining to themselves. This IS A HAREM GAME!

You keep mentioning it, even on the Good Guy path, by your Girlfriend. Though I admit, I thought I’d eventually get Fannay out of it, so I chose a much higher corruption for Mida at the onset. There are too many instances of doing a lot of things right for the lore, and being a decently (decently because it’s far too fragmented and you spend too much time railroading because you want the player that chooses dark to have some value… I do get it) implemented story.

A riff on Skyrim, with shades of Oblivion thrown in. There are also too many ways you go out of your way to fuck over, or outright emasculate the MC. DO NOT MINDFUCK the player. I do not care if it’s a dream sequence. It’s jarring, and you will lose more paetrons than you gain for doing so. Anya and Berdita can be lesbians together since they are basically a light and dark copy; and I expect it will be revealed that Berdita is a permanent version of the dopple spell.

Ataegina Chapter 2 - Adult Game

Ataegina Chapter 2 – Adult Game

Or if you really want to push the BS feminism, they’re the second try by Ataegina to make a god character to keep her company, only she’s not into girls and they can’t be controlled the way you were. Done. You can still bring them into a three way with MC; because as it turns out, they’re not actually into women, so much as into themselves OR Ataegina wasn’t as firm in all things as they’d want her to be, if you know what I mean. Their whole side bit of tribidism can just be them getting each other into the swing so they can openly try to manipulate MC, which he will turn the tables on by either ruling over them in raw force or making both fall hopelessly in love.

Hell, I should not have to fix your story paths for you. You don’t pay me for that… It’s a good game, so long as you’re not anal about the powers. Or having any. Even as a God, and that’s what you call, Irony.

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1. Matrix Hearts

Now, ordinarily I wait until a game is fairly established to give it either a review or this kind of nod. However, there’s a fair bit of content to dive into with this one. Even from the very start. It’s not too far along, and it might be a real work in progress, but on that point the MC isn’t too far a fish out of water himself.

Matrix Hearts

Matrix Hearts

The story is a bit of a downer for the most part. Being real for a moment, I have issues with my own legs that impede my ability to walk. Or stand as long as I’d want, as stably. I can tell you girls that look like that, aren’t exactly lining up around the block. I get his attitude to start with, and the parents and EX girlfriend are WAY TOO DAMNED harsh.

To be skilled at something physical like that, and have it ripped away in story context; name me one frigging person that wouldn’t take that massively hard. She DOES NOT actively fight for him. We don’t even get to see her give him a good bye fuck. There’s nothing to their relationship except what we’re told, so she didn’t really need to be in the game at all.

Except to win her back, but I can again tell you as someone close enough to his shoes, why bother? If she’s going to cut and run because he gets cold, without trying to warm him up or actually support him, she was never really his. Was she. So why is she still included as a character. If you can still have her, after building yourself back up to something stable, fine.

Matrix Hearts Porn Game

Matrix Hearts Porn Game

Fair enough, but she better have been either one of two things. Miserable without you and not even willing to use a dildo for her pleasures, or into girls, whom she thinks to help you get with, or can introduce you to, as means to prove she knows she fucked up. It can’t be just MC is the sorry one all the time. No woman will go for that.

On that point, again STOP INSULTING YOUR MAIN CHARACTER. All of you, please. Jesus. There is a difference between “banter” and being actively cruel. If he said half the things to those women that they throw at him for shade, they’d turn up their nose and wall him off.

But they’re supposed to win his trust and make him want to improve himself. How? Explain that point to me, because it may be a rebound of my real life experience, but anyone that thinks they can act like that because they’re hot can fuck right off. You can’t miss what you never had a shot with in the first place.

Matrix Hearts Adult Game

Matrix Hearts Adult Game

That’s a point too many don’t understand. The value is in the chase, but MORESO in the surrender. There has to be something worth the work to gain. It’s not just about doing what they want; or getting sex for him. It’s about growing. As people. Together. How is this such a hard bloody concept? Love, and lust as an inclusionary thing, should not be a one sided prospect.

Matrix Hearts - Best Porn Game

Matrix Hearts – Best Porn Game

It’s not one person to do all the work. Attraction, does not work that way. In fact, that’s how it strains to break.

Matrix Hearts is ready for free download.


Food for thought, or maybe I’m just a tin man myself. Should I sing, “If I only had a heart,” before I get sucked back into the Matrix? That’s for you all to decide. In sweet sorrow, should I depart, before someone decides I’ve too much of an axe to grind, and does it for me.

My luck, if I’m headless, they’d sew a horse on. Time to hit the road, Jack. Still don’t have a bo… string me along a little more though and I might wrap it up. To take her home with me. Adios, amigos. Vio con amor.

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