Hello Grinders. I am so happy to be here and to be able to share my views on the next top 5 of the month. I know you wait for them a lot. And let me assure you, I feel the same. This month I came up with the games, which are much different from each other. Although all have their own crux there are some similarities among them. I assure you that either you have played some of them or you have never heard of some of them. And after this day, you won’t regret not having heard of them. So without taking much time, let’s just get into them.

Number 5 is taken by Projekt Passion

Our Review: ★★★★★ Good

Projekt Passion

Projekt Passion

Who are you really in this game? It has yet to be unraveled completely. I think you are some kind of assassin who was with some company or group and, for some reason, left them. And now you are on your own. But this doesn’t mean you are free. Some SAC assassins are after you. This is all because you are in possession of an amulet. I don’t know where you found that or what powers it holds. But many of them are looking for it.

You get to meet an android named Sandra, whose owner is sad to have been killed by you. Now she has nowhere to go. She should have killed you, but she is not programmed that way. She only kills when she is told to. Since SACs are behind you and you do not want them to have possession of her, you took her in.

Projekt Passion - 3D Porn Game

Projekt Passion – 3D Porn Game

There are three kinds of choices you need to make throughout the game that will determine the characteristics of your character. Blue is for the friendly trait, purple is for witty or humorous, and red is for unfriendly. These choices will determine your connection with the other character. There are several characters in the story and have definite roles. You will have great chances to know them more.

The animations in this game really impressed me. They are top-notch. The way characters move, hold guns in their arms, and take positions like swat teams is amazing. They have done a nice job. Also, the sex scene at the start felt real. The graphics are also decent but compared to the animations they are on the downside. But it doesn’t hinder much. Overall, this game is worth playing.

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On Number 4 we have Halfway House

Our Review: ★★★★★ Good

You were released from a rehabilitation center. And now you are taken to your new halfway house by your probationary officer. You will spend the next six months of your life there. This place is called Turning Point Care Centre. It does turn your life around if you behave in a particular way. This place is run by a woman named Samantha Gail. Now you have to follow the rules, and if you are found guilty of breaking them, you will surely be in trouble. Three strikes and you are out of life.

Halfway House

Halfway House

You will have to learn how to live like a normal person. I don’t know how he was before or what kind of shitty life he was living. But maybe they kept it from us to unravel it in the later phase of the game. It gives depth to the character and also creates curiosity. You will have a part-time job and have to earn money to understand what life is like.

There are other members in the house too. Three people like you Suffering from similar kinds of things in life. Wanting to get out of the misery. Not all of them are girls, but two of them are. Louis is annoying but helpful. Emily is kind of a pampered girl. One who is very sensitive. You need to be careful about how you speak with her. Ashley, on the other hand, is a rebellious kind of girl. She is a hot and open-minded person.

Halfway House - Porn Game Review Blog

Halfway House – Porn Game Review Blog

Now there is some hidden point system with the characters. You need to be careful when making choices. These points will help you do things with the characters. Failing to achieve those will be a missed opportunity. The graphics are good, and there are no complaints from my side. Overall, a good game needed to be played.

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Number 3 is Silent House

Our Review: ★★★★★ Good

You live in the house of a beautiful lady named Monika, your landlord. Yeah, landlord, that’s what she said, but in your dreams. Of course, you were in your class, dreaming about your hot landlady. And your teacher, Suzie, caught you yet another time. Your mother is a maid at your landlord’s house. As a good son, you help her with her chores.

Silent House

Silent House

You are quite reserved and have a timid personality because you are being treated badly at high school. Jack, the son of your landlord, always bullies you and makes fun of you. He even forces you to write his assignments for him. You do not resist this, as you fear your mom losing her job. I think the matter is otherwise, as you do not have the courage to deal with him.

Your landlord has an authoritarian personality, but not when Monika is around, as he is quite henpecked when she is in the vicinity. He is also a creep, as you caught him spying on Jenny. Jenny is a good soul. She always thinks well of you and treats you with respect. She spends all her time in her room. Streaming and gaming are all she does. And this is the reason there is a cold war between her and Monika.

Silent House - Review Adult Game

Silent House – Review Adult Game

Monika, on the other hand, is a cool and lovely woman. She always treats you and your mother with dignity. She is also a fun-loving person, as she always tries to be intimate with you. I think she is frustrated because her dickhead husband doesn’t care much about her. Maybe she caught him cheating with someone. There is nothing good between them. Now, there are many opportunities for you to claim. You can have a relationship with any of them and others at the high school. So enjoy playing this one.

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Number 2 goes to Milfs of Sunville

Our Review: ★★★★★ Excellent

MILFs of Sunville!

MILFs of Sunville!

The graphics are amazing. There is no doubt about them, as they are immaculate. But I can’t say the same about the animations. They can be made more smooth and tempting. The characters are beautiful, but the way they are shown during sexual interactions is not that perfect. But it doesn’t mean that they are bad. You can work with them. You have to live with your family friend Sophie and her husband, Henry. This all happened because your father’s girlfriend put him in a spot where he had to choose between you and her. She accused you of something, and your father trusted her rather than you. And he threw you out of his life just like that.

You are now living in a house with Sophia and Henry. Along with their two daughters, Olivia and Cynthia. Sophia is a pure soul. She takes care of you like her own flesh and blood. She has everything a person needs in life. On the other hand, Henry is a disaster of a person. He doesn’t care much about Sophia or his daughters.

MILFs of Sunville! - 3D Adult Game

MILFs of Sunville! – 3D Adult Game

Olivia is behaving badly with you. She just hates all the men. Maybe she had a bad past with her boyfriend. She just despises you. But you can turn her around in your favour. Cynthia is different from Olivia. She loves you a lot—not in that way, but because she is so kind with you and helps you out in any possible manner. She is just like her mother. Olivia thinks she is naive and is very protective of her.

There are many other characters, as you are a student in high school. So there will be teachers and others at your disposal. Not that it’s just them. There are characters around the town too. Where you will work to earn some cash. This makes this game wholesome. There are many areas in town, and they tried to make it as real as possible.

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Number 1 is Matrix Hearts

Our Review: ★★★★★ Excellent

The main character in this game was a professional rock climber. But an unfortunate event occurred while he was climbing the rock. This incident turned his life around. Once he had everything: name, fame, money, and life. But now he has nothing. He is like a bean bag in the room. Just lying there doing nothing. His parents are supportive, but his father is kind of rude. I don’t know for sure why he has that kind of attitude.

Matrix Hearts

Matrix Hearts

His girlfriend, who should be with him, supporting him through thick and thin, is also behaving in an unusually harsh manner. Doesn’t support him the way it should have. But despite all this, you got to know about the place where they are working and researching a technology that will help you walk again normally. Maybe at some point, you can gain your strength back. But there is a little chance of you going back to what you were.

In the facility, the doctor will help you understand the technology and make you comfortable around it. Since it is in development, there are flows, and you need to be careful with them. Although it is better to walk with it than lie in a place like a tard.

Matrix Hearts - 3D Best Porn Game

Matrix Hearts – 3D Best Porn Game

In this new place, you will join a university where you will meet many others and interact with them. This will help you regain your lost confidence. Maybe you can change your thinking, learn new things, and want to pursue them to have a new life for yourself.

The animations and graphics of the game are amazing. They are perfectly built, which helps in accentuating the scenes. The characters are also designed gracefully. There are some flows that can be ignored. With so many characters, their uniqueness is quite impressive. I don’t know what course his life will take, but it is looking interesting.

Play Matrix Hearts Android Matrix Hearts


On that note, I think I’ll leave it to you to decide whether they are worth being on this list or not. I am so happy that you all are giving some time of your life to reading my blog. There are some who comment too. I thank you all. Please continue doing this. This will help me and my team a lot and motivate us to come up with all these blogs and games. All these comments make us do more and more for you all. Every time I start to write about them, I just think of you all and wonder which one will be the one that makes you go nuts. So do tell me which one is on this list. I will be happy to reply to all your comments. Now I just want to leave and go bury myself in some other game.

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