Hello everyone! Today we are happy to present Taste Of Seduction, a new game that is trying to revolutionize the adult game industry. Maybe yes, maybe no, that’s what we’ll try to find out in this article, but we can certainly guarantee from the start that this game has a technically different structure from visual novel games.


The goal of the game is the constant development of the main character Devlin in order for him to acquire the required skill set and resources needed to overcome the game’s challenges. Narratively the ultimate goal is solving the mystery of his father’s puzzling disappearance, but before he can do that he must first manage to balance his hectic college life, his annoying family dramas and the difficult challenges of growing his own business. The path he is on will see him making unlikely friends, amassing impressive capital and bedding a dazzling number of stunning young ladies.


Devlin’s parents divorced when he was just a toddler – an episode his mother was always reluctant and, as Devlin guessed, somewhat ashamed to talk about. His father soon remarried with a much younger woman who had a daughter of her own. Despite his demanding job with in the US Army, the man managed to admirably take care of both his families, and so, although not being entirely present, he became a role model for young Devlin.

At the age of 14 Devlin had to face the tragic event of his mother passing after a hard fought battle with cancer. He moved in with his father, stepmother and stepsister, although the latter was mostly away in Europe to study.. Soon after his 18th birthday his old man told them he was scheduled to go on tour in Iraq and although the details of his mission were obviously secret, he did let them know he is bound to return in 3 months.

Taste of Seduction Game

Taste of Seduction Game


Three months passed. And then four and Devlin started calling his father’s friends, but no one knew anything. And then five and Devlin started asking question at the local army center, but strangely no one had ever heard of his father, and shockingly there was no one with his father’s name even registered with the US Army

After six months they receive the news that his father went down in valiant effort to rescue his team as it was pinned behind enemy lines. “He saved many lives”, they said, “a hero”, they said, “our deepest condolences”, they said, Devlin was devastated when he heard the news, but his father always told him a true man stands tallest when the burden is heaviest. So that’s what he did


College was upon him and despite being accepted to numerous prestigious institutions, Devlin choose to remain in his stepmother’s house in Meadows Ridge and attend the local college – he’s the man of the family now.

School hadn’t yet started and Devlin was just settling in when one day, going through his father’s stuff in his office, he made a puzzling discovery in one of the old duffle bags: state of the art surveillance equipment. Cameras, microphones, GPS trackers, burner phones and many other electronics he didn’t even recognise. What was his father into? Was he really just a soldier?

Taste of Seduction Game - Blog

Taste of Seduction Game – Blog


Among all the curious equipment, Devlin finds finds a strange looking smartphone. He turns it on to find only one app installed and a single contact saved in the phone’s memory. The number format is like nothing he has ever seen before and the name reads: GRX861K. He calls the number, but gets nothing but some weird electronic feedback and no answer. The app is even more disturbing: as he opens it the whole screen floods with ever changing numbers and letters he can’t make any sense of.

At this point Devlin is convinced there is more to his father work in the army that he ever let on and maybe even to his death. However, he thinks better than to tell his stepmom about it: she’s been through enough already and she’s just beginning to recover. No, he’ll do this all by himself, but he clearly needs to enlist the help of some computer wizz. One of the girls next door, the quirky one, is always on her computer – maybe she’d be able to help?


The game is developed in Unity by Global Games Network and is a high-quality, first-person, story and dialogue-driven 3D game.

The company has been working on developing this project for over a year, and their official website features 9 members occupying different roles. They also said that they work with other people on an outsourced basis, bringing the team to a total of 20 members.

Considering it’s a legally registered company with employees and they pay taxes, it seems like a serious project for the future, but it remains to be seen, they still have a lot to show.

I said above that this project is trying to revolutionize the adult games industry and that it has a different technical structure than visual novel games. Let’s elaborate on this and see if that’s the case.

Taste of Seduction Game - AdultGamesOn

Taste of Seduction Game – AdultGamesOn

First of all, the game is 3D which leads to a more interesting and better connection with the player. It has a graphic quality worthy of the year 2022 compared to many other games not just in the porn industry. The game characters are custom made, not found in other projects. The environment is also custom. Taste Of Seduction also comes with something new in this segment, voice-over and actors performing the dialogue. It gives a more realistic experience, at least I felt that way.

And the sound effects are interesting and fit quite well. The animations and expressions could still use improvement but they wrote on Patreon that they want to purchase an animation costume in the future which would be a big positive for them.

We can also talk about the lighting of this game, which from what I’ve seen was done by an artist specializing in such. In Unity it is known that the lighting is heavy and few games could achieve something beautiful, well, Tast Of Seduction excels in this chapter.

The sex scenes are very real from my point of view, I played it on 2K and take my word for it, it was amazing. There is room for improvement, I would like to see the excitement bar load faster and maybe turn sex into a minigame.


Our opinion is that this game is completely different from what exists on the porn game market. There are still many aspects to improve but this company promises a lot.

I think it is worth playing it and even watching and supporting this project on Patreon.

Also the producers announced that the game will appear on Steam soon.

So, if you want something new, an actual game worthy of 2022, I recommend you to try it and download it from AdultGamesOn.