Hello again all my wild and wonderful gaming afficiandos. Or don’ts. I won’t judge. Here’s another hits list you might wanna check out for yourself this fine, not quite feathered month. Unless that’s your thing. Do what you wanna do. I can’t tell you, who to sock it to. Doors optional. So are the knobs. Anywhoo…

Number 5 is taken Maou-Sama

This game is a trip. Not just across continents. Across planes; no trains or automobiles required. Time isn’t so much a zone here as a general suggestion. Also, there’s incest but you pretty much can’t see anything without a patch that last I checked is as big as the game itself. They might or not, have changed that.

Maou Sama – Number 5 in top best porn games

Maou Sama

Anyway, the story’s decent. I’m not actually sure if they altered the fact you can bone down with your “mom and sisters” (There’s a trick to the story where they probably aren’t regardless so I’m not sure why they would have, if they did remove that) Some of it is a bit on the side of either confusing as hell or outright nonsense.

Even still it’s better constructed that a lot of other games I’ve seen. It’s fairly consistently kept up with and there’s not a boatload of mechanics to figure out.

The current game on site is I believe the third act, so unless you can find the other two somewhere I wouldn’t recommend starting a new game. I would suggest to whomever manages the links to grant access to the previous acts as well. Just in case. That’s only my two cents on it, but it’s starting to apply to several games I can think of.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your opinion about the whole game. Check the latest update for Maou-Sama.

Number 4 – Corrupted Kingdoms

This game is a bit hard to place. I will say I’m a bit biased. The anime thing is not really my style, but I give “My New Family” a pass because it’s good.

Corrupted Kingdoms - Number 4

Corrupted Kingdoms

If you can get through the initial confusing mess of the beginning story, it’s actually not bad. I’m also not big at all on Fem Domme stuff, so that’s my taste. (It’s a big of a slow poke on actually doing something about a certain ahem, thorny pain in the MC’s arse, btw) I think at least one end route is probably going to be about taking her down, so I can sort of forgive it.

There are three paths, and I am curious to see if they at all differentiate.

Or if there’s going to be a secret fourth where you end up doing them all, and becoming essentially the avatar of the one ring. (Rule them all!) It’s a little like Pokemon, with tropes.

Access the latest version of the game Corrupted Kingdoms on AdultGamesOn.

3. Love Season: Farmer’s Dreams (The Renpy Remake Version)

Really, this is the only one I bothered downloading more than twice. The remake is A LOT easier to playthrough and understand. I get the idea behind making it a point and click adventure game but the mechanics are ALWAYS a pain in the ass to balance out. Not every dev is good at that, and it’s a challenge at the best of times. One of the best ways to get frustrated enough to say “fuck it, I’m done” on either side dev or gamer, is to overcomplicate the mechanics.

Love Season Farmer's DreamsLove Season Farmer's Dreams

Love Season Farmer’s Dreams

I will say: Nina does NOT need a boyfriend. Not if she’s so obviously interested in the MC in the first place. There are too many girls to chase, and the game is not specifically labeled a harem.

Other than that, so far it’s a weird start if you play the original version and it doesn’t have enough fleshed out as yet in either to start really making sense.

I’m including it because I see it’s potential to make the “Farm-Boy becomes A Hero, becomes a King” adventure a very intriguing story.

Just because you weren’t outright chosen as the one to start with, doesn’t mean you can pick up a sword and turn out to be somehow the exact right one for the job.

More details of the game on AdultGamesOn.

Number 2 in our top is occupied by S.H.E.L.T.E.R.

For a Fallout parody this one isn’t badly done. It’s got decent animation. Interesting characters and impregnation. With a viable reason you’d want to get that done.



It’s a bit lacking in consistent updates, and the last one was only really about breeding a mutant spider character (if that’s your thing, awesome for you. I was less thrilled, but Fallout doesn’t do werewolves; and no… you sick bastards, I don’t count deathclaws ; ) ) At least it takes the issue slightly more seriously than another world end harem game I could mention… but I still haven’t forgiven it for that alien countdown gameover issue.

Where’s the beef, oh right… if it isn’t all in MC’s cock, it was all beamed up to the mothership I bet. (See, I can do really bad jokes too, it’s not that hard) At any rate, my issue with another game in the same vein notwithstanding, S.H.E.L.T.E.R. deserves at least an hour or two just to check it out. If the cartoonish look isn’t your style that’s okay.

I wouldn’t blame you. For myself I can appreciate the skill in the artwork.

Enjoy the game, you will find a free download link below. For S.H.E.L.T.E.R. latest’s update.

Number 1 of these recommendations is Almost Dead

Now, I might’ve covered this in a previous month and for those with sharp eyes, I was actively trying not to be too repetitive with the lists. Not that big a fan of jousting guys. Jokes aside (I did mention they’d be bad, you were warned) This one really did surprise me. I will say it’s a bit too focused on some characters for what is effectively a harem. It’s also not properly tagged as one.

Almost Dead

Almost Dead

There’s a character that for as much flak as the MC gets from her before the story even starts, shouldn’t be in the list at all. Again, just a touch too much lesbianism. “Harems” are always harems because the girls are focused on the MALE lead. The girls get to shine by showing their different personality, but the male is the leader, and effectively has something that draws all of them to want him.

Any other way, it’s not a harem. Yes, there is an Arabic connotation, of what exactly it is that drew them, and yes in Asian anime it’s usually an unquantifiable/nonsensically dense amount of passive kindness. Point being, the guy doesn’t have to be massively rich to build one. It does help if he’s going to get all of them in the “family way” though. I’m much less fond of the constant trips the hospital.

Almost Dead Blog

Almost Dead Blog

Once was somewhat acceptable. Twice is pushing it, the third; you better be bringing his arse back as Dracula. Otherwise I don’t know how he’d handle his Harem Lead duties at all. Just picture it, One girl… Ah, ah, ah. Two girls… Ah, Ah, Ah. Three girls… Ah, Ah, argh! My dick broke.

Download the game free for free and find the Almost Dead.


Hell I could’ve gone with Stroke, Stroke, Stroke… but I think we all know what we’re doing to these things. Anyway, I don’t like spoilers. It’s up to you all what you want to play. These are just my (probably less than) helpful suggestions. At the end of the day, I hope you all have fun. Better than howling at the moon, or is that just on my end? Chow, if Kibbles and Bits isn’t your idea of din din. See you next time, my wild ones.

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Do you have a favourite game from this list of recommendations?