Hello again my gaming aficionados. It’s your resident fur-ball back again with some fresh dug dirt on another game served. This one has more than a few bones to pick from, so I’m gonna switch the format just a little bit. Hopefully it works. Here goes… *presses the big red button*


This is Big Red; MC’s definitely Pressing her Button… ; )


What Works:

  • There is a pregnancy system in place. It won’t be this high on everyone’s list I know.
  • There is a system to gain levels and skills in game.
  • There is a system of equip-able armor and weapons that is fairly diverse.
  • Sex is usually the biggest reward, and you can choose to be a dick about it.
  • There are several varied races that can be pursued, right now only to some extent.
  • There is an in-depth potion crafting system to get invested in
  • You can gain access to a house for better resting/crafting freedom
  • There are no time-based events
  • There are several females to pursue, and you can pursue them all?

What Needs Work:

  • Pregnancy is horribly variable to the point you need a very special potion to guarantee it.
  • In some cases Pregnancy will worsen a female’s disposition towards you.
  • The economy is no where near rewarding enough
  • Certain enemies are damned near impossible at low levels
  • Level gain is far too slow
  • Day count does not matter, but player investment does not stretch eternal – see above.
  • Armor and weapons are too expensive – in best cases tied to skills that are not known.
  • Skills may be optional to learn, but player has no clue where to find them, is never told.
  • Walkthrough needs complete restructuring. Should be all in one copy, not bits and pieces.
  • The house that can be gained should not be rented. It should be purchased outright.
  • Goblins are not best source of income, since they drain it with random bandage drop.
  • Gain of levels only means tiny HP gain. It should give stat boost to compensate play-styles.
  • Armor and weapon diversity makes no difference. You will take same damage.
  • Damage at higher levels is tied to your weapon, and nothing else.
  • Pursuit of some females requires the walkthrough, quest hints are not well explained.
  • The elf archery game makes elf succeed far too often, even when drunk.

Good Points Explained:

You’re the hero that’s self made. Built from nothing to become the savior of the land. Right? No wait… is that right? So far in the story you’re just an adventurer. A merc for hire. Now, this is a decent start to a couple different potential builds. It might be nice to see the MC become king, down a certain path. A warlord down another. Depends on how the Dev wants to do things. So far, it’s not a bad start. Again, there is room for some character growth. You can start families. There is a limit on how many kids each female can give, and there are some problems to discuss but I’ll stick to the good stuff for this section.

There is room for a selection of magic spells, though how you might gain them I don’t know. MC does start off with an under-powered healing spell which can at times still be useful. It leaves room for those that want to play a mage; and there is a ring that adds to magical attack value, so the groundwork is there. It just, needs to be hammered out.There is a viable way to work through leveling up that doesn’t involve randomly murder-hoboing your way to riches won. It’s MUCH slower, but it’s there. The big problem is patience, and level-scaling. The economy as well, but we’ll get there in the negatives section. It’s a good idea to give the players more than one path to power, so well done. There’s also a fair amount of imagination shown in the world layout. That’s not easy.

Points That Need Work Done:

You’re not exactly the chosen one right off the bat. You’re debatably just some sad sack who picked up a stick to swing at the wild animals who want to raid the village. Then learned through a crucible to be strong. The problem; you’re never going to be as strong as some, and you definitely could feel stronger in any given instance of combat. Let me explain: First and most importantly, a few key abilities are needed for the best weapons, and learning them is tied far into the story. Impossible to find right off. Next, your stats do not grow with levels gained. The only way damage changes that I’ve seen is what weapon you have equipped. Even that is debatable because for all the diversity shown, the damage difference in combat style is not much. At all.

Your different types of armor don’t add any real mitigation, and even a frigging spider can take you down for half a chunk of your HP. Things are insanely dangerous. Bandages are too rare to just power through without the shoppe, and too expensive not to become detrimental. One bandage costs 10 gold. You earn 10 gold for 4 hrs work at the forge for gods’ sake. That’s most of your day gone. The rest you can gain as far as effect is highly dependent on quality of bed. The best bed you can gain is to rent the house. That is a problem in and of itself. Rent is far too high, and shouldn’t be rent in the first place. You should be able to own the damned house right off. Make the price 1 k gold instead, and have it done.

PTNWD Con’t:

The weapons and armor should all be about a quarter as expensive as they are. Considering what they do for you in combat (not much) vs. the actual amount you can gain per day. It takes to level 4 for fuck sake before you can even reliably kill the first version of goblin without much risk. Even then, since HP/MP is all you get per level and even then not much given out, it’s still a risk to take that path. Even up to 11 I was getting my ass half handed to me by what I was fighting. With Chainmail, and an axe, helm and shield. Which since I couldn’t use the heavy armor or the two-handed weapons, was the best I could get. It took forever to save for. It wasn’t worth nearly that much.

While we’re at it; the witch. Why the holy unnamed hells do I have to equip her with a damned thing to keep her alive. Why does she bring me to a place we have to do fighting, and why oh god why is her only magic a healing spell?!? She friggin’ starts at level 1. She should be at least 10, no cost to bring anywhere, but we’re not done about her yet… oh no. We’ll get there. Don’t worry. The best place to hunt goblins is where she’ll bring you for her first quest. Would have been nice to know that from the start.

PTNWD Harping:

The goblins. Hunting one for it’s ear is worth only 20 gold. You are guaranteed to get hit at least once, for a good chunk of health no matter it’s rank. You are not guaranteed to hit with your own weapon, or to get a bandage to help you out. Hunt five per day and it’s 100 gold, but that will kill all your time. You can work on the farm for the whole damned day to earn a spot to rest, and that’s encouraged to start the first few levels. You can sleep in an alley if you don’t find a proper resting place, and that’s the worst you’ll get. If you try to fight while tired or exhausted you will do less damage and hit less often. This is generally not made clear enough. It’s also pointlessly punitive.

You’re already going to get your ass half kicked no matter what. The days are not long enough to gain any real finance as the house is rented for 100 gold each week. That means at least one day of that week outright wasted. For just the upkeep to get good rest. There’s also the point of one of the females being exclusive to the goblin forest. She can be a lot of the time a very random encounter. Since she’s a goblin, she’s also facially at least, ugly as sin. If she’s the chieftain’s daughter, can you not make her the prettiest goblin. While we’re at it, not stronger than every friggin’ male warrior in the forest?!? The fact that her third encounter is an instant win for her, is bs. Absolutely. It discounts all the work you’ve done to level, or gain arms and armor.

PETA has nothing on this PITA…

PTNWD Rant Mode:

If you can stand the beat down, to get to the point of getting goblin girl pregnant, you’re expected to hunt a monster to become her “first mate.” In the walkthrough it warns this is NTR content. In the current version of the game, it thankfully lets you choose to avoid it, but it’s inclusion at all was bs. Why in the hell anyone would bother going through all that to just be told they can’t keep the “prize” all to themselves, is madness. It distinctly lowers the value in the quest chain at all. Even if you do go through with it and she gives birth (NTR done or not) her clan will be razed by her father. You have to go through another massive section to get your kids back, and deal with trolls on top of way, way too many friggin’ goblins.

I had 40 bandages to start. It was not nearly enough. I got to the castle area, and there were still hordes of goblins. I know it says he’s the chief of all clans but Jeebus Cripes, dude… give your MC a break. By the point I’ve dealt with like five trolls and umpteen goblins, most players will be like fluck this and peace out. She’s a freaking GOBLIN. It’s got to be worth a lot more to make the player go through that much. I did not even finish that quest, because I wasn’t going to go back through hell walking to get to the shop I could buy more bandages, just to see content I didn’t really want.

PTNWD Nit-Picks:

Why does every female have to be stronger than MC. Not everyone signs up for FemDom stuff you know. There should be an option to turn the tables based on learned charm, or levels gained or even noteriety. Victoria is a particular problem, and if I can’t dress her ass in a gimp costume, fuck her into outright pregnancy with no consequences, and put her in a stock for all of that; then why the holy hell would I let her tie up my shaft/balls? She doesn’t know MC at all well enough to think he’d just sit back and take that. CBT does not have a place in these games without some form of warning, and it’s NOT dominance. At all.

While we’re on that point, the witch. She can be cursed, but it DOES NOT have to be as a hag. It’s not funny, it’s not attractive, and it is borderline offensive. Considering she doesn’t do much right now but open the potion crafting, she arguably doesn’t even need to be in the game at all. Most certainly if she is, she should’ve been more useful to the player. Oh, and the potions… don’t worry, we’re getting there as well. Being fair, a few of the girls are physically attractive, and that is about their only draw.

This… is not the MC; does it look like the witch is someone you should want to chase that hard? o. O

PTNWD Borderline Unfair:

Why add a horse tender, who fucks the horse? How is that supposed to make her attractive to a player? At all. It’s tangentially tied to the potion section as one of the ingredients is horse cum, but I’ll still argue that a bigger cock shouldn’t have needed to be a potion. Nor should fertile/barren states. At all. The fact that you have to help all these women, who are massively ungrateful, to outright sexually hostile, makes this game all the more a chore. The archer is tied to the potion making as well. The only way you’re winning that one is if she’s drunk on normal wine. Not elven. Even though you’d think that Elven wine being specifically crafted by elves to get elves drunk, should make her less accurate than even normal wine. Not more.

It’s probably a bug, but it’s on my list of this is way too damned expensive to bother with. I don’t care about the fact that exactly one potion so far is fairly useful. It’s also the only one in the whole damned list that doesn’t require that bloody sacred well water. The pregnancy system needs to be greater than 25% every time. A straight 50/50 would work decently. Also, there should be like with the prostitute, a gift system for EVERY girl. If you’re smart enough to give the alley whore 100 affection points worth of jewelry first, she actually wants you to cum inside. Though I’ve never had it result in a pregnancy.

Suggestions To Enhance:

First; fix the economy. Second, add gained stats based on the weapon you’re using when you level. Or just outright stat gain. Either way it’s a mitigation that makes the player feel like it was worth working to gain the level in the first place. Third, make the rewards more rewarding, and not just sex based. Or if you’re going to make sex based rewards, let the HERO be in charge of how things go. I don’t give a fluck if she’s a giant; she’s got no other cocks signing up for the ride, and using his tongue on her beforehand should make up for any lacking pleasures during. The MC if he is the Hero of the game, should NEVER be put in a powerless position.

The rented house should be bought outright. The potions should either have ingredients halved and well water removed from most of the potion requirements, Or outright magic spells be learned that do the same. Put them at decent levels that make sense and you can progress as a battlemage, or wizard. Hell, add demons to make a pact with and you could play the game as a warlock instead. Be the villain. There does need to be a progressive scale that’s better thought out. The peasant can become a noble, with the king’s blessing (or the queen’s since you like NTR so much man) Even to moving into the throne position themselves.

Suggestions Con’t:

Victoria specifically needs reworking. The whole sex with her thing begins because you get one over on her, and have her over the barrel. So use that. Either she plays your way, or she doesn’t get the item she requests. OR, if she is pregnant and refuses to see you again, tell her you can wait until the kid pops out, and Mayor isn’t blind or stupid. When you say it’s yours (because it is) he’ll know the truth, and she knows he’s not wrong. There are ways to turn the tables my friend. You don’t always have to be the “nice guy” to be kind, which doesn’t imply weak by itself. Or the good person, to get what you want. Mia if she is the “damsel in deep distress,” which can be avoided at player choice, should be much more likely to want a strong defender.

Mia Damselling. Hard…

The granny should in the case of you allowing said NTR content, not be willing to cock-block. While we’re at it… she’s 999 yrs old. She isn’t going to live forever. She shouldn’t WANT to cock-block you at all, because they live in the middle of freaking nowhere. It’s not like insane amounts of adventurers would come forth from the woods to grant her lineage a continuance. If it’s between your scrawny arse and a werewolf, who do you think should come out on top in her mind? Also the “overprotective” barkeep who’s willing to sell his daughter into marriage can go firk every part of itself as a quest line.

Suggestions Once More:

Here’s a thing, instead of a vampire’s thrall, how bout just straight up turned. That way, you could go get a magic ring, and have it protect you during the day but exhaustion during the night goes bye bye. You’d also be able to develop supernatural prowess along either the physical or magical branches. It would be a good mitigation of the low damage and level struggling before that point. A nice little reward for those who want to play gothically. Or don’t mind a supernatural race bend. You could also do it so that MC can become the werewolf to breed Mia, and go down a physical prowess path, where the vampire is magically based. It would draw comparisons to other video games, yes. It’s an alternate though.

Too many of the females are too much trouble to chase, and it needs to be clear as to whether or not this will be a harem based game. There needs to be more progression in actual rank as well. He’s not going to be able to get anywhere, or have save the world for motive if he’s never really rewarded fair for any attempt he makes. It’s less “mercenary,” than simply he has shown the skill, and we have the need, so let’s make sure he’s on our side and properly awarded for deeds done.  The MC is a vehicle for the player to invest, but it’s the player you’re really messing over when you treat the MC like they’re just everybody’s bitch.

What I Would Do:

Victoria should be pursue-able either way. As the peasant knight for those who want the femdom content; or as an actual knight later in the story. With House firmly bought. Here’s how that could go. First fix the goblin quest line so you’re Mano a Mano with the goblin king if you make it into his fortress. If you win; you rule all the goblins he did before. That done, your goblin girl is your queen of all tribes, and every goblin is happy. Yay. The human king will hear of it, and invite you to be knighted. For committing the service of sorting the goblin wars out, with less human losses.

The town Vicky’s in already owes Hero shit tons for that alone, but since Vicky’s hubby can’t bone, she’ll offer to bed down with you once your knighted. If you’ll consider marriage. You can accept, lie, or refuse and she will get more desperate depending on the choice. Once you own the house and are knighted, the king places you in command above the captain of the guard. You can no longer be sent to jail for anything you do in that town. For any reason. Even Vicky won’t risk revealing her cheating state, as it will lead to a divorce she may not be invested in yet. (This is for the villains who want to take advantage)

What I Would Do Con’t:

As Goblin King and Knight of the Human Realm, the elven archer won’t challenge you to the mini game, but realize you’ll need the potions if you’ve come to the well at all. She will not deny you sex, as she’s somewhat invested in getting you to help her people out the same. (Or you can do this if you do get her pregnant, as she’s connected to you by blood – either way the coin wasted on wine will stop)

As you rise in power by ridding the land of bandits, and then orcs, and then uniting elven kind against vampires – or corrupting them into a vampire harem (player based evil choice) you will eventually become king of all the human lands. This could lead to a harem end in either the light side or the evil choices made. It’s a much clearer win. Just a thought, and my two cents.



Unless you like A LOT of grunt work, and don’t mind a snail’s pace from start to finish… struggling against females that stand head and shoulders above you in at least one case, to get them to open their legs and hearts, this isn’t the game for you. It is dark souls on steroids and I’m not sure it wasn’t designed to be. On another interesting point even the walkthrough gets scarcastic at points, or genuinely wants to toady to the dev, I’m not sure. I think it can be read as both, or either way. At any rate, there is a fair amount invested in this person’s work. I’m not knocking the discipline involved, or the sheer amount of work put in. I think the implementation’s a bit pooched is all.

If it’s just one guy, that’s to be expected. If not… I’ve got nothing. At any rate, in time to come this game could be shaped up to be a brilliant story told. Divergent paths are difficult to craft, and for what’s there it’s not a bad attempt. It just, needs a lot more work to my mind, to get all the annoying kinks out. This time I more mean the bugs, or the poor implementations… jeez guys, where are your minds at? o. O Anyway, all that said, maybe if you have more patience, check this one out. It’s not that bad, for a questing peasant, pc or console wars be damned. Wolfe out.