Hello gamers and game-ettes, or you know, normal people too. Just kidding, anyway your resident pain in the rear is back. Minus one full moon to howl at. So I pick a game instead… besides, we all know doggie-style is the most popular, right? Gives me a leg up on the competition I’d bet. So, let’s chow down on the marrow of this mess; glorious in potential or not, it’s not exactly a hot turkey sandwich to digest.


There’s not much in the premise. The game is basically a Nazi-esque take on another popular game on the site (at least it has a sequel, so it must be good enough to some, but I will have my own review on those games some day, so my opinion can wait on that) It has a major problem therein. Nobody likes a totalitarian system. Stalin failed. Hilter failed, and super secret mind control drug or not- YOU will fail. About a hundred different ways, if the metrics are anything to measure by. But I digress…

You start off as a supposedly brilliant, but overqualified janitor that got bumped down for probable misbehavior. I’m not sure if they reworked the story since the first few times I tried this one but it’s balls hard to manage either way. As in micro. But I’m skipping ahead. Anyway, you end up in contact very much under duress with a government agent. Who ends up potentially being a rebel for your cause. As long as yours aligns with hers. To be honest I gave up right after getting to the part the game finally opens up, so her motive at the end game is still incredibly vague.

Story Con’t:

The only reason you can do anything at all is the same wonder drug from the above mentioned two games. At least, same principle. It’s not like they ever go into the science, but you know what, fuck it. It’s still rape by legal definition. They just don’t want to say that. Literally everything you do to any of the women you “control” is non consented or coerced, and yes in point of fact I do have a major problem with that. Give me a magic power, and it’s still uncomfortable as hell. Call me or MC a perv for using it; and I’d ask the person developing the game to go look in a fucking mirror.

The main point of the story is to exert as much control over your given city as you possibly can. However in the name of “challenge,” which is a four letter spelling btw, the devs have gone about messing your resources around as much as they possibly can. You have to have research points. You need money which even when you find the way to upgrade it amounts to only $30 a day. Yes there are eventually other sources but the game takes WAY too damned long. Mostly owing to a meter called “suspicion.” Yes; they are the Gestapo, but that’s why the whole damned premise doesn’t really make any sense at all.

Core Mechanics:

As I mentioned, there are several metrics to consider all across this game. Some people might go in for the micro management. I don’t. I’ll be damned if it didn’t seem like just another way to give the player a major case of blue balls. You need to consider Suspicion paramount. You need to do research for days before you can even make the serum and to cut down your suspicion you also need to work. Which earns you peanuts for pay, as a lovely bonus. If the guy has a fucking physics degree and can figure anything more complicated than the molecular structure of Jell-o out; why the holy underdog hell is it okay to make him a freaking janitor???

He’s over-qualified for that. It’s only purpose is to grind. Which fucks over any sense of real fun for about 90% of anyone. When the game opens up to research paths; which are actually interesting to set point, you can’t immediately start on the “fun” ones. Body transforming is locked behind a story gate event. Involving the one girl you can fuck that definitely needs the modification. Gah… and to top that; she’s potentially related to Vera. I have yet to gain confirmation on that.

One of three women you can play with

One of three women you can play with

Mechanics At Length:

There is one gene mod so far. The rest are WIP. Most of the game is in fact, which is again, frustrating. The training costs research points and supplies to implement. When you do actually get to the mid point of the story – and I think it’s only the mid-point myself – you get more bars to deal with that slow you down. More consequence. More punishment. Not more fun. For a game that’s all about building power, the devs need to learn how to let the MC actually RULE. But that might be the dominant in me. Also I fucking hate that Vera comes alone to bugger all your plans and they made her opposition.

They actually give you two paths with her, and invalidate one by the MC’s supposed hatred of being bossed around. Jesus. In that case, just don’t give him opposition. Don’t make a cop smart enough; or awake enough if you want to be both subtle and cheeky about it, to think to dodge drinking the damned coffee. The second path makes her and her whole damned posse your slaves anyway. This is just an expedient means to the same thing. It’s nice that you can decide to play nice and try for a love thing with her – I don’t know if that’s what they intend – but it’s jarringly against the core of the game’s premise. You don’t call it “Take Over” if it’s not about one thing. Control.

Mechanics In Merry Go Rounds?

You can tinker with several aspect of every major female character. Down to how they look. Don’t try to tell me it’s not about how much control you can gain. The answer should be by the end, ABSOLUTE. Paint his ass with devils horns or demonic eyes, whatever else have you, it’d amount to the same. Whether he’s doing it out of morbid curiosity to see how far he can; repressed frustrations and incredible misogyny, purely dominant aspect that hates to be challenged in any way, whatever. As Devs, you should know, this isn’t the kind of game that ever needed an enemy. The totalitarian society was bad enough to face off against. You don’t have to have seven hundred and ninety two stats to play against. The stress of managing all of that is going to outright murder any fun most people will have.

Conclusion, At Last:

You don’t need more than perhaps two resources for a decent bar to progress. Three was pushing it, and comparing need for those against another potential four metrics at once, is ludicrous. I can see some potential to this game for good “Harem-Building” fun. Provided you can ignore as I’ve had to, the connotations involved. If the devs would focus on the fun aspects, and perhaps get to the point of the story in future updates instead of barring all possible progress, I might be more able to recommend this one. As it stands I’ve as much chance chasing pussy here, as I do finding that squeaky toy behind my couch. Which is to say, there are many to see, but it’s a pain in the ass to dig them all out. Catch you on the dark side, fellow games.

I gotta go see a man about the main dish; I think she ran away with my spoon…