Hello Gamers, Wolfe here to help you navigate whether one mad hatter is worth the angry bag of cats his magical noggin-warmer can produce. At least it’s not white rabbits. This would peeve Neo…


The game is intriguing enough in story line and as advertised. There are several different ‘twists’ your young life can take as a law student. Each of the girls caters to something the others don’t, though as expected, there is some overlap in fetish content.

It was dissapointing for me after several variants playthroughs and after using a walkthrough to help me understand what I should do to get to the end. When I first downloaded it, the game didn’t have a walkthrough or really any endings to have. So, points for them actually finishing the game in any way are definitely to be considered. It is a finished game.

Now, as I was saying, including a rough path which for about all of five seconds seems like it would make you the “***hole” kind of Dom character is disappointing. BUT that one choice really only takes out your ability to viably chase two of the females. Having played the ‘rough path’ for one of the characters, I can tell you all right now there is literally no difference to most of the dialogue.

There are a few side characters that need the rough path to access, but they are side characters. Only one of them has an actual ending to her, and you have to sacrifice a deeper invested relationship in two cases to get either side outcomes. By and large, the one that has an ending is technically worth pursuit. Except that she’s married and willing to cheat very technically with you, so what do you think that means for a long-standing relationship at the end. I don’t care how viable the reason was that she did it, if it was you doing it to a girl, she’d never let you live it down when you’re caught.

Technical Points:

As I’ve mentioned, there are several girls who are key figures. The developers brought more than a few side characters, but overall did a beautiful artwork and story. There aren’t any real grammar errors, and it’s cohesive enough to engage.

I will say that the creators did the ‘mystery girl’ bit with two characters as far as the unattainable factor. They created one to be taboo. The other is just so damn confused in mixed messages from the start. I legitimately wasn’t even sure the first time I played that the MC was supposed to be able to win her heart. She friendzones him, and blames him when he takes it about as well as any young man would that she sent conflicting messages while already attached to the local jock.

I almost made a Freudian slip and called him a joke. The character is literally only there to create a conflict that didn’t need to exist. She didn’t have to be the type to jump on Alex’s shaft in five seconds, but taken is taken as far as A LOT of guys are concerned. Alpha or not. Sorry ladies, but you do have responsibility for choices you make. Bad ones or not. Her choice was bad. I didn’t like that she harped on the guy who wanted to be with a female he liked, and was reasonably upset (for the most part) when she wasn’t available. That’s all down to story points, technically.

I can also state that no teacher on thin ice in general would be drunk or stupid enough to do what Alanna did. The writers knows that. Else they wouldn’t have tried to make her threaten your named character of Alex. His response should have been “Go ahead and try. I can report you to the dean just the same as you do me. Only it’s not my job on the line. There are plenty of other schools that I can apply to, in other cities.” Her ‘female empowerment’ moment was badly timed and badly approached. She has literally no guarantee of this male’s good grace, she knows she’s fucked up. She should be much more inclined to the gentle approach about it.

As far as Helga’s story goes, she is the only virgin. However, the developers created a spoiled guarded princess. She thinks every guy is a rapist because she got into a stupid situation when she was a few years younger. If you try the rough path, or actually tell her the truth about the rumors in school she will just accuse you of being an ass who’s not worth her time no matter what you do. Done deal.

A) No one in real could possibly think they’ll ever find someone if they think like that. It doesn’t work that way, and this is coming from a very highly guarded individual.

B) A lot of women hurt plenty of men just the same. We will still chase you if you want to be chased.

Closing that door, in her case is not going to get her anything she wants. I understand some victims do shut down. It does really happen, but if they’re going for that kind of realism, some victims don’t heal. Some just grow cold, bitter or confused about why they can’t find the ‘right one’ when they can’t see anything but the wrong ones. They’ll make poor choices over and over, or repeat the same cautionary instincts, and end up alone. Every time. Buzz kill, I know.

Side Characters:

They should have either made these fully fleshed out relationships or they should have taken them out of the game entirely. Aside from Jane who has a viable reason to be there. Irene is the secretary of seniority at the office you go to work for as a temp. She has a credible reason to be in the game, but she also didn’t need to be more than window dressing.

Olivia is another college student who is an important plot point. You, as the MC, did not need any option to pursue her, and reasonably should not have. Not after you learn what you learned.

There is Ann’s friend, who is a larger part of her story than needs to be, if you do not pursue Ann as an interest. She is also a credible point to the plot of actual pursuit, for those that enjoy three-ways. It was not however necessary at all to include her. I will make honorable mention that I enjoyed the ending when you do choose to involve her in your relationship with Ann. I’d still state plain that she’s an add on. She even brings it up in the beginning of the three pronged relationship.

There is a secret scene you can find if you enter the Konami Code. Well, not actually, but it’s pretty damn close without the walkthrough to guide you. It involves two females and you as well, but it’s a one time thing as far as I can tell. It has no viable impact, except you really have to plan things right and know you want to pursue it.

So far as I know there’s only one viable day you can make some extra money at the temp office work. This will open up the option if you first impress the girls by running three laps. You won’t miss much if you don’t find it. The scene is passably attractive, but it adds nothing to the story overall.


There are no real RPG mechanics to deal with as far as defining your character. The choices you can make are often binary, but that is the visual novel style. The story is at times, frustrating, but coherent. I’ll take as many points away as I’d give, for both. The girls are pick your poison, but without the rougher fare they could have actually added, it pretty much boils to vanilla except for insinuation. In two cases this isn’t true. The rest is implied.

Overall the game is well done. I would go for very well done. But the one girl marked as allowing creampie didn’t actually show that in the art. I’m also not fond of foot stuff, and on the rough path that was one viable difference. It should have gone to the gentle, properly. Most dominants would not put up with that, if it was not something they were specifically into. It’s not stated that Alex is.

By and large, the game is a good one. If you want to try a few playthroughs as a frustrated and ultimately very screwed law student, this game’s gonna be right up your alley. If it’s not the kind of screwed you want to be at the end, well, Mea Culpa my friends.