Corrupted Kingdoms – Version 0.20.5

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Year: 2023
Version: 0.20.5 Update
Genre: Fantasy, RPG, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Ahegao, Corruption, Adventure, Mind control, Masturbation, Handjob, Mobile game
Platform: PC Game / Windows
Censorship: No
Language: English

Corrupted Kingdoms - 3D Adult Games

This Adult Game Presents:
You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your friends was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined.

As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?

New in version 0.20.5

  • CLAIRE: New Claire event! Conquer the Bridge and the Apartments (and if Emma is around you need to have gotten to the end of her current content) and then sleep!
  • EMMA: New sequence of mini-events! After meeting Claire, go check on Emma any AFTERNOON in her room! There are five mini-events to listen to!
  • EMMA: Emma now has a paperdoll!
  • CLAIRE: Claire now has a paperdoll!
  • POOL: The Manor swimming pool is accessible once again! Everyone needs a relaxing dip now and then, especially in wartime
  • POOL: Swimming in the pool will now give you +1 to ATTACK and CLASH rolls for the rest of the day!
  • Misc: Removed the Wardrobe icon and put it as a dialogue option in your room (nav bar was getting too cluttered!)
  • Bug: Can no longer dream about Chastity before meeting her
  • Bug: Can no longer dream about the Beast in its humanoid form in Act One
  • Bug: Rocks tumble and the light swells, illuminating a landscape of binary bits and two little figures, huddled in the centre. Hand in hand they take a deep breath and head out in search of more clues!

How to Install

Extract and run.

Gallery Unlocker

Language: English

Features: -Unlocks the existing gallery in extras

Installation: Extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game.

Explorer Guide

Explorer Directions

North > North > North: Find/Lose Cash
South > East > South: Ice-cream Girls
East > East > North: Car Wash Girls
WEST > NORTH > WEST: Samantha’s Apartment

North > North > North: Find/Lose Crystals
North > West > South: Goblin Witch(?) Meeting
South > South > South : Goblin Witch(?) Hat
West > West > West : Goblin Witch(?) Cottage
EAST > SOUTH > WEST: Mushroom Glen
South > South > West: Caretaker
East > North > North: Volleyball Girls

North > North > North: Find/Lose Potion
North > West > West: Beach Girls
West > West > South: Something in the water…

Dirty Guide

Most Powers do not work when Exploring with currently 3 exceptions
Drift – Find Goblin Witch(?) Hat
Endure – Samantha’s Apartment
Aura – Car Wash Girls, Ice-cream Girls, and College Classes

The random odds of Find/Lose events are not currently favorable to the player. Allegedly more training will be available at a later date (Yet to be determined). So trying to farm money (Human, Fey, or Eldritch) has a chance to have you lose money instead.

Car Wash Girls – Ask to borrow Jessica’s Car.
Oddly Jessica will not mention you getting her car cleaned :LOL:
Get the Car Washed for $2
Maybe I could get more with the Power Aura

Ice-cream Girls – Simply use Power Aura

Town Random Prostitute
Travel in any direction that takes you nowhere, Look Around, either pay or use powers
She also demonstrates the Speech System and has different outfits

Town Random Lyx, Goblin Witch, Encounter (After Chloe Event v0.7.3)
Travel in any direction that takes you nowhere

The Goblin Witch is called Lyx. Why the game tries so hard to not have her introduce herself is a mystery… Why isn’t she categorized with Other Girls in the Gallery? Is she Main Girl material? Only time will tell :geek:

Everything else is teaser art, cute teaser art…

Goblin Witch

First Encounter (Unlocking Her)
Explore Outskirts:
North > West > South: Goblin Witch(?) Meeting

South > South > South : Goblin Witch(?) Hat
Hint: Use Drift Power

West > West > West : Goblin Witch(?) Cottage
Hint: Look at the Hat in the Inventory

Cottage will become available on the Outskirts Map

Power Up Magic to the next level 1 (Unlocks Power Endure )
* Talk to Goblin Witch in her Cottage
* Write down her instructions on the type of Mushroom she wants you to gather
* Go to the Mushroom Glen and pick up Mushroom
* Give it to her at her Cottage

Congrats, you are now given the Power Endure!

Rescue the Goblin Witch Lyx with Power Endure
* This may trigger right after you get Endure or you might have to go back to her Cottage first

Congrats, you finally been properly introduced to Lyx

Maybe she can help with Pixie’s problem?
* Option becomes available after you Rescue Lyx

It’s rather straight forward and will unlock new Pixie Options.
To follow up on this go back to the Manor and Talk with Pixie :love:

Power Up Magic to the next level 2 (Unlocks Power Aura )
* Talk to Goblin Witch in her Cottage
* Write down her instructions on the type of Mushroom she wants you to gather
* Go to the Mushroom Glen and pick up Mushroom
* Give it to her at her Cottage

Nexus “Keys”

“think about gramps” – Unlocks Access to Gramps’ Dojo from the Nexus along with access to the Nexus from there.
“think about arc” (Variants “think about arcgames”, “think about arc games”, “think about thearcadean”, or “think about the arcadean”) – A funny skit with maybe a picture of Arc doing coding?
“whistle” – Unlocks Power Endless Air and Access to Water World
“think backwards” – Empty void… A good place to take a nap.
“key” – A special message for those that took enter key literally.
“help” – Pixie somehow explains how this mysterious place functions.
Blank – Message about being more creative along with generic code not valid response.
Unknown Code – Generic code not valid response.





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Download for free this amazing porn game. Corrupted Kingdoms – Version 0.20.5 is a free adult game that can be described by the following tags: , , , , , , , , , , . The latest update for this content was uploaded on December 8, 2023 but stay tuned and follow us to receive all the new updates and releases. We also bring high quality game updates every day, so make sure to check all the new adult games and sex games, download them and enjoy an unique experience. Our Anime Hentai Games Interactive Games Naked Games offers an amazing experience that makes you want to play and replay them. Enjoy this free adult content and the rest of the high quality porn on AdultGamesOn.

Installation issues?

If you are having trouble installing the game, check out the install and play tutorials


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