Wolfe Hearte’s Please Do’s & Deer God; Don’ts List


– Add Harem Tags properly onto games that involve such content.

– Add Walkthroughs directly into the game code, with the option in preferences to turn such off. (It should not require a mod to add the feature; that means you’re all aware it’s desired and actively not doing it)

– Add pregnancy consequences into more games. (I can dream… impossible as it may seem. Call me a Backstreet Boy, and quit playin’ games with my heart guys)

– Flesh out proper backstories for characters and storylines beforehand, in general. (It will help you keep track of what you want to do in games as you go forward, and cause less headaches)

– Add a feature to negate minigames. (Not everyone likes them, and to some they count for auto fail states)

Naughti-er, Nice - 1

Naughti-er, Nice – 1

– Treat your Male MC’s with the respect that you give the females. (Ties in with don’t make every female MC the naive innocent girl who wears rose colored glasses just to “break the woobie”)

– Come up with actually realistic economic mechanics. * No one wants to grind for seventeen repeat scenes plus, just to get the money to buy an item needed for a new scene to pop up)

– Come up with decent reasons in story that money should not be an issue, if you cannot manage the above. (A rich relative, or a sugar momma who doesn’t think/require the MC would be interested romantically, but generally wants to help them succeed etc)

– Find ways to make Act 2 onward, compatible with the end game saves of the first Act (Ataegina specifically, but also generalized good practice) ** Ties to do not make chapters in separate downloads to be strung together into one game, in order to be recognized and playable. (Daughter For Dessert as an example)

– Realize that the “Step, Landlady or Roommate” tags for your characters are not fooling anyone. Add in a feature to turn it off, and it should comply with Paetron’s rules. (Since it’s avoidable) If not, understand it’s no longer “tabboo” if every second game has such content. Which was the draw of it in the first place. All you are doing is confusing a chunk of your audience. Better to not have them be related if nothing here is viable.


– Forget that your audience has a life. They aren’t going to want to repeat events ad infinitum. Not to gain resources, or manage bases or stats. Not to get a female to “melt” or get what most of us sign up on site for. A bit of wild fun; tittilation and release. Emphasis on that last part.

– Make the audience scroll through half an hour of scenes just to get to one with foreplay. Then an hour or more to get to any true sex. Especially if the scene is less than three minutes, and the “finish” we can see isn’t the player’s choice. There is far too much desire to blue ball the audience, and yes I get the point is to farm paetrons.

– Treat your audience like they’re fools. Which is what you’re doing when you make the MC sound like a moron. It’s jarring. We all like naughty fun, we all want naughty fun; those girls leave the door open ALL THE DAMNED TIME! It’s not “perverted” to take a look, and should not lead to negative consequences. You keep putting the scenes in to tantalize, and display your prowess with the art. What part of this IS perverted is the fact you get some twisted pleasure out of treating the MC like this is some dark action… Please… just get over it.

– Take away the choice of what type of sex we will see. I don’t care if a specific character does love Anal; not everyone does. Anal is not automatically Dominant or domination, by the way. Ties into don’t mention pregnancy if you’re not willing to code the results, and give it a decent chance to happen. (Again; tied directly to MC- but we’ll get to that)

– Use NTR incorrectly. Sharing is not NTR. Swinging is basically another term for sharing, and both of those imply a degrading relationship that isn’t dead yet. NTR is the dissolution of an established relationship by the end; usually without one half of the couple’s direct input or ability to stop it. A harem is not NTR. Again, we’ll get to that. Swing and a Miss ended up almost handling NTR correctly (except they negated any actual player choice) in the end, it’s meant to completely dissolve a bond. While new ones are usually the result, and generally not what would have been expected based off of how the original couple was at the start. A part of the appeal is usually the straight laced, on either side, finding the wilder one unexpectedly in their own heart. Doesn’t matter which one you play. Male or female. We don’t always chase, or end up chased by what is most healthy, and in a fantasy vein it can be much less devastating to indulge. If handled with care, correctly.

Naughti-er, Nice - 2

Naughti-er, Nice – 2

– Treat Harem content like it’s “everybody will fuck everybody” or all the girls want each other as badly as the MC. That’s not how it works. At the same point, any female tied to MC in a harem list, should not be able to get pregnant or progress with anyone other than the MC. I don’t care if you want to write the MC aware she has a life outside of him; that’s good story telling, and it can add breathing room to pursue every girl with less concern… but it should be clear that MC is the one the girl is ABSOLUTELY focused on. Romantically. There should never be a question.

– Do a “period” piece wherein to fit your personal political beliefs, whatever they may be, you drastically alter what would have been historically accurate. (A Knight’s Tale as example- I am still not forgiving the wooden dildo polished or not; the stolen but never confirmed virginity, or the lesbianism in this case) It’s fine if you want to do a confident or even overly confident female considering, but it’s called A Knight’s Tale. Not The Lady Likes To Tramp. Also; the older Pike WOULD NOT be made king over his young protege. Simply because he is too old. They’d be facing the same freaking problem in perhaps another decade. Two if he was exceptionally lucky and those societies did not survive such racous economical upheavals. ** You had the perfect option to throw the MC a bone and prove you could correct course to some extent, and you throw it away so the least possible willing “submissive” who is Mini Katherine in waiting, can be an actual princess. Rudolph’s not the only red one here folks. Just, Jesus…

– Forget in case my second Do’s point is too convoluted to manage for whatever reason, to keep the walkthroughs up to date. For the love of whatever god, goddess or demon you might worship. (I won’t judge, but I may laugh my ass off, if we all end up being wrong about what comes next)

– Leave coal in my stocking (I much prefer to do it all for the cookies, dark side or no) These are mostly personal if not quite objective opinions. Following at least some of them would improve a lot of the games I’ve played. Also… just; why in the hell did GILF become a thing? Who’s idea of a twisted joke was that? I know there’s an Arthurian myth meant to teach that there’s value in a person beyond how they look… but the girl transforms back to a beautiful maid again after the knight proves his care for more than how she looks. BECAUSE people Do generally follow certain aesthetics in pleasing tastes. Come on guys, you might be odd balls because as game devs it’s pretty much like with writer, a job requirement if I’m honest but fuck me… Sideways. Or any way, I’m not real picky some days.


On that note, perhaps it’s best if it’s my very own Silent Night. After all, it’s calm, and fairly bright. Now if only I could find some young virgin to make round by the time I get out of hibernation, Merry Christmas to All… and see you around, for some slow pokes.

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