Hey there all my good and sometimes very naughty little boys and girls. No worries, I might be bearded, but I ain’t that big around here just yet. I’m only sometimes Jolly; but I do get quite a few of them writing for the site… so there’s that. Tis the season, or soon will be. At least if you stick around here, it’ll probably be a very white Christmas. In some sort of manner, am I right? Anywho… let’s get on with it. We all know why we’re here.

Number 5 in our top is Where It All Began

Where It All Began

Where It All Began

Now, it could get polar in here depending on your tastes, but I’ve been clear about my favored content in the past. Bear with me a moment. It’ll be less painful than facing one, I promise. The game has just recently been reworked, and while some of it is I’d say to start to the better; not all of it. The main sister for instance. In the beginning the last go around she was actually one of perhaps two reasons to keep playing.

I will say though that Katie ended up being fairly more softened by what they’d been going with up to now… so I was willing to call her a proper Tsundere. It can be done well, and I’ve seen examples. It’s just never going to be the type I respond well to. In real life, they do not work as means to get what you actually want. Because you never can tell. Which is the problem. So honestly, the best sister starts insanely hostile and I GET what they’re going for; with a chemistry that conflicts physically with her words. However, she is also a gate to the player who is new. Not everyone is going to sign on to be abused. No matter how good the art work is.

Where It All Began - Blog

Where It All Began – Blog

I’ve played the game since the start and I like it’s core content, so long as you don’t change certain mechanics (Though that drugged end bit in the first one and the part where Katie poisons you, yeah those I would be fine with you leaving well the fuck out thanks) you’re pretty much reworking an already well done story that stumbled a bit on execution. I will state bald it’s a bit weird to talk of open relationships in general when you pick NO NTR.

In that context you’d think that it’d be less an option to bother talking of harems than Miru will just bloody accept that it is going to happen. (Most will likely aim for it, and I appreciate that it was added straight up as an option to avoid NTR content, this is more a suggestion to avoid player confusion) If Katie is going to be a bitch to you like she was in the first game, the elder sister NEEDS to be the one whose got your back.

Where It All Began - Game Review

Where It All Began – Game Review

Built the way he is and with the fact he’s already ghosted them once, she should be AWARE of that. So even if she’s pissed and royally so, talk about it during the story’s progress. (I’d also say she never needed anyone else at all she was ever involved with; as a sign to show her actual interest has always been and WILL ALWAYS be the player character) There needs to be at least one character to invest completely in without fear of NTR at all.

* This doesn’t have to be one of the sisters… there’s always the lawyer lady or the cop, anyone who played the first round knows who I’m talking about. Whether you choose to play with Risk to conquer the world, or not. That all said, I appreciate what you’re trying to do with the restart. Shoring up the story will never go over badly on my part.

Number 4 is Simple Days

I know, I know. I’m old, I’m not that forgetful. I just had this one up to talk about. However, they’ve made some changes to the content in a recent update, which have added a few bona fide improvements. Good work, and actually managing to put out consistent updates that don’t troll fans (I still haven’t forgiven Good Girl Gone Bad for that ‘pregnant by my Dad’ scene btw) do get rewarded.

Simple Days

Simple Days

I’m less certain of having to face off against a mob style boss over the little blue pill manufactering but hey… at least it’s an attractive female. I’m sure they might come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. With blood tied between them. (Hint, hint. Not every bad guy or girl needs to be or have a dick to get what they want. Forty licks to get to the center of a… or a big swirled stick up top, sometimes satisfaction means sweat in the shop) If this is supposed to be O-Town; treat it like the song. Because I want it all… and you know why ultimatums are bad for relationships.

Damn I have problems with how passive that tune is. Maybe it’s on auto? Anyway, Ahem… onward. Some of the girls are getting no time, and that’s a point I’d switch. Alina’s been gated behind boyfriend BUT Naomi isn’t even on the dockect whether she’s in your list or not. In my game she’s already had one kid with her boyfriend… So WHY IS SHE THERE? I don’t want to see the girls that are going to be in my harem have blood ties ELSEWHERE.

Come on man. That just kills the whole damned fantasy. With Emma you did it right. All you’d really have to do is give player one opportunity on any given ovulating night to be with Naomi. Solved problem.

Simple Days - Game Review

Simple Days – Game Review

Have the pink haired Asian set it up to get her friend in the harem too. I don’t care. I do NOT want to have to restart the game and grind that long, just because you want a character on the Harem list at some point. The pregnancy feature SHOULD be tied ONLY to the MC. No one else. To some players, it is an issue that will cost you subs. Not every game needs even just the shades of NTR.

That’s where I’ll leave the criticism. Good job, and hopefully the game will keep going. Barring a few small bumps like Zara being never able to get anywhere with for far too long, and one of the ones I’d like to pursue being nowhere near you at a certain point in the story (The one who got you the job, or heck the daughter you supposedly saved might do as a replacement for her mom) It’s a good bit of story work so far. Keep up the keeping up, silver star.

Number 3 Savior

First thing out of the way; this game should be a harem. Pure and simple. There are too many girls, and the story’s convoluted as fuck. It’s not necessarily a bad one, per say. All that qualification out of the way though, it’s messy. That’s a problem. We have no idea what the MC can actually do; one of the major girls is put in basically to be his equal but that actively nerfs the MC’s importance and his ability to be useful to any of the girls. The younger daughter does NOT need to be involved with another girl, if her main interest is her “brother.” All of the girls need to be more clear about who they want, and why.



They do not treat the MC very well in general and there needs to be a reason for the player to think it’s not wasting time to build anything with them. I do like that it’s gradual, but the Dating Sim issue does make me hesitant to see where things will go. I don’t like the notion I might have to choose just one, if I’ve got to be working to get all of them on my side to get the good end of the story. It doesn’t track very well as a dating sim if that’s true.

It’s simply a harem where you don’t get the harem end, and it doesn’t have the tag (I actually have a massive problem with most Harem Anime where they dick you around for sometimes a season or two before the end and dumb ass MC picks only the “best girl.” WHY was it a HAREM?) Ahem… sorry, hairball. Occupational hazzard with this much fur. What, I’m blue, big and fuzzy, and yes… I can lick my own balls. Merry Christmas, and you’re welcome for that mental image.

Savior - Game Review

Savior – Game Review

The part where you play James Bond in training is basically undercut by jumping worlds. Since it turns out to be sort of, also timelines. Somehow… unless you’re planning to cross the streams in a way that doesn’t involve a lot of sploogey marshmallow guts at the end, maybe best to pick one of the two genres and stick there instead. Less mess involved to code for a start.

Just a thought. Overall, I’d say let the main character have the POWER spotlight; DO NOT mark the young already SJW tinged sister character who’s actually not badly done, as the sexual butt monkey… just to make the audience care about her (It’s in bad taste. She’s already a hard sell with the girlfriend as far as her interests and breaking the puppy is never going to win anyone points.

Savior - Blog

Savior – Blog

Brownies of a certain stash involved or not) This one is an interesting game insofar as it has potential that’s being stretched too thin and it doesn’t yet know what it wants. Cast the widest net possible and you might get something out of it, but it probably isn’t gonna be what you hoped for at the start.

Number 2 is taken by Deliverance

Right out the gate I will share to me, the game had potential; but it’s a really HARD sell. There is no way to turn off the NTR options. They play up a demonic end of the world style endgame they haven’t gotten to yet. You can either play the hero and build a team or be the villain and take what you want.

Your wife really doesn’t need to be in the game. Your wife’s news anchor friend is hot as fuck; but I haven’t managed to win her into the list of girls I’m regularly bedding because I don’t tend to play through dark options. (You should just NOT be able to save her husband and stop dicking around about that. She’s IN the game on your team, or she’s your bitch as a dark one. No in between. Also FUCK OFF for the couples sharing party that really is the only way to even remotely see her in a sex scene thus far.



I god damned hate when NTR is not MY CHOICE) There are far too many times you don’t get to finish inside of a girl. Sarah is basically the anal queen because if it was the way I’d want to finish in personal choice, there’s no way with as much time as she gets in the story she wouldn’t be pregnant. Rose is a mystery as to how she feels about you.

Oh, and joy of joy… your girl is forced to feel sexual pulses to the dark Lord. One of them gets stolen… WHY? Do NOT fuck around with the idea that the MC will lose one of them. Cheap trick to get people emotionally invested and as above it’s more likely to lose you subs in the long run. Your story’s barely fleshed enough to make any sense. You don’t have the leeway to muck with the outcome by that great an extent.

Deliverance - Game Review

Deliverance – Game Review

I’ve stuck around only to see if you can write yourself out of this corner and if I do end up with an actual Harem (Which does NOT count as NTR. A harem is MC loves all his women, and they are loyal to him to the point they are willing to share him with each other since they are all equal to his mind. Not the MC loves all his women and they will all fuck each other, as well as occasionally him.

Gah. I really wish many of you devs would get that point. That can be my Christmas present) End game needs to be in sight. For those that like NTR what it actually is by definition means SARAH SHOULD NOT BE THE STOLEN TARGET. The relationship is firmly broken if you go that route. Fully. Wifey can move on, and be with demon boy… and you can have the actual vampire harem.

Deliverance - Blog

Deliverance – Blog

The wife sharing shouldn’t be the only way to see Andrea, and it would be the most complex route. Nevermind the best friend still being alive. In a game where you can have like five different girls, why are you trying to make people pick one? Most of them are hard sells to be honest. Sue me, I’m okay with Neopolitan.

1. WVM

We all knew what was coming. Heck, give me the option to put a basketball in Skye’s belly as my only harem “boy,” (I don’t have a problem with the way she sees herself, but I have my views on the issue; and I’m not going to apologize. I like the character. I think this is a rare well written case where “he” can accept that there are things the body wants, regardless of mental dissonance, since MC is generally a good egg.

WVM - AdultGamesOn Blog

WVM – AdultGamesOn Blog

He is Skye’s best relationship option, or can be painted as such. It’s a good touching on issue that doesn’t have to go full bore, or make a loud statement. That’s really the best anyone can ask as far as story engagement) As well as meet her on the court and you’d get the answer. Harper too. Frankly this is the one game where it’s basically all cake. And I get to eat it too.

So far, anyway. I’d still cut out the body positivity thing (Working out IS actually being positive about your body, so long as you’re doing it for yourself and generally maintenance or to get stronger because it’s your goal. Sometimes the negative feedback can push you into that, but that is the positive outcome. It can be very satisfying to have the subtle revenge when you look good and your bully sparks interest in someone they wouldn’t have looked twice at) Beyond that point, I just want to see where the story goes.

WVM - Blog

WVM – Blog

I’d like the option to either Low Key marry them all; or end up somewhere that’s possible. Also… babies. Lots of babies, as promised. (If you really wanna throw me for a loop, go with the Song ‘Maybe He’s An Angel’ as a reason for the MC not aging, and being able to draw so many hot women to want to breed with him: He’s probably connected enough that you can play with the whole island of a hundred and twenty wives… It did happen in reality, it’s been documented it’s just a very rare thing) ** If you wanna go Super Saiyan levels of grim/dark with it, maybe Ren and his whole harem is his Heaven.

Maybe he gets to score that winning goal to prove he can get into the NBA, but at the end his heart gives out from unknown genetic factor. So the whole game’s been a dream sequence from the start, since he’s been dead the whole time. Maybe he focused more on sport than on his romantic wants and the Heaven is his means of dealing with the road not taken… Depends on how much you like mucking with the audience. I probably shouldn’t give you ideas on how to troll me, but I’ll call that a freebie.

Holidaze Bonus Mentions

Gonna throw a bone up to what I’m hoping is more an “Un” than dead game. Reluctant Archon… come back to the light Bro. I’m still waiting. Seriously. Do I need to clap my hands; heck if Sorcerer can add in Fairies, you got a good shot at the raised by a necromancer bit. Just my luck that the game which outside of the already mentioned captain hot pants’ adventures, is my actual spirit animal… gets the boot. By finance? Is it a murder, she wrote… hell if I know.

Maybe he portaled out to bang Glados, and took that left turn at Albuquerque? (Yes, I did have to look up how to spell it correctly, there’s no shame in that) Also, Also… in the mentioned Sorcerer’s fare (or affairs, as the case may be depending on how you see harems, heh) there’s a TV based call out to another game I played that had potential but seems to have all but disappeared.

It’s called Terminus Reach: Sentinel. Last updated long enough ago that I’m pretty sure I should hold a mirror under it’s nose, just to be good and sure. Since the game did have a call out in a game that’s going well, either the author of Sorcerer has friends that made the thing, or it’s a project gone on the back burner because the big flamin’ cheeto got more popular? (Man, you’re the one that made him Ryu with wings… can’t blame me for the jokes) Seriously, I like and or love the concept of all three games.

Sorcerer is going well (Though one point… as an actual Christmas Wish either work to build the walkthrough into the game directly since not every player likes fail states; or keep the mod consitent. I’ve been forced to play the last two updates on Quick Save just to not fuck up my main one on either route, because I can’t see what the right answers are)


On Dasher, On Dancer… Whatd’you mean it’s as serious as Cancer, what happened to the Rhythm, it ran off into the night? Oh bollocks… On Cupid and Blizten. Eh, there are too many others. Get Donner in here, I think there’s a party he’s missing. Dark humor aside folks, Rudolph’s probably not the only red nosed bastard here. Have a cup, and I won’t ask if it’s just cheer. There’s got to be a good reason some of us hang mistletoe.

Not that I’m willing to test out the idea it can be deadly, if you eat it. A kiss however, I do agree can be deadlier. If you mean it. Call me Porky, I’m still no pig about it. Abadeea, Abadeea, Abadeea… Keep up the good work, and like Tiny Tim says, Merry Christmas everyone. Happy Holidays, according to N’Sync. My way of saying at least for now; that’s all folks. Rest up, stay safe and see you in the maybe not so funny pages. Cheers. Someday, everybody will know my name…

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