Gimme a C… Gimme an L, Gimmie An I… see what I did there? It should be rather obvious by both the title and my jokes inbound, which might be a thing they’ll cover eventually since the character main is more Grey than Christian. (Ooo, I’m definitely going downstairs for that one folks, on SO many levels…)

This game is Sapphic. Not just largely. Not just pre dominantly; entirely. Now, some might find that dare I say, problematic. I do myself, but more for world-building queries… it’s not the only issue however, oh no. So, lets get on with it, and hope my crazy ex-girlfriend isn’t somehow Super too.

Champions Of Liberty Institute Of Training Review

Champions Of Liberty Institute Of Training Review


So far, it’s not a bad one. Exactly. I do have a bit of an issue with the no males at all thing, as far as breeding goes. How in the heck are there any families at all. Any children. Next gen, even if you have the technology, biologically you ARE missing one key component. Since this game is all focused on one gender, I’ll let you try to figure out what all natural essence you need to put inside where babies come from to get one.

If you can’t, that’s more of a “you” problem at this point. Now, I don’t have a problem with Bi or even strongly lesbian content, it’s not to my tastes and that’s fine… but even on the point of structuring the world to make males secondary; freaking include them! Otherwise you can’t even actually do test tube babies. So the whole story falls apart within ten seconds thought. Have the MC grumble about girls being so much hotter, cooler, or that all the dads are homekeepers, and caretakers, that the Heroes eventually choose to breed with purely on the point of wanting progeny. Have her admit it’s kind of wrong to keep a male servant, while they’ll always marry a woman with powers.

Champions Of Liberty Institute Of Training - 1

Champions Of Liberty Institute Of Training – 1

Hell even state that they can only choose one male so most are seriously careful about it, but legally they can choose to hold a harem: it would be a nod to the fact one can be built. I don’t know how, but we’ll get there later… I wouldn’t enjoy the point of emasculation at all,but it’d be a nod to common sense. The story is really about someone who wants to be a hero.

With a power that frankly doesn’t seem that special. Morph. Morph, people come on the show wasn’t that long ago… Mystique. No? Nothing, really? Okay then. The interesting point is this version can borrow powers. She might even be able to keep them indefinitely; but that only comes up later. There are stats in game you WILL have to worry about, but as far as in story they don’t apply too heavily (except for one point I will be covering in mechanics) The over-arching tale is Emma’s journey to becoming a super hero herself, and the friends she meets, and porks along the way… Whether or not it makes any sense at all will come down to how you feel about LGBT content.

Honestly never thought I’d actively argue that one of the supers should let Emma permanently transmute into a Futa… dear god, what have you done Devs? * Mind Breaks * (Yes, this is a dark joke, mostly)


There is a stat building system and a mostly binary option for game choices. Mostly. I will say the bars are ridiculous. The date scenes thus far have requirements it doesn’t actually let you continue from. No matter WHAT YOU CHOOSE. That needs to be fixed. ASAP. There is no point to an adult game that’s going to cock tease most of the scenes the players sign up for because the structure of the point bar system is borked.

Champions Of Liberty Institute Of Training - 2

Champions Of Liberty Institute Of Training – 2

I took every persuade optoion I could find, and still couldn’t press Sister Dearest about Tonya (who she IS – probably – banging, behind her GF’s back, but you can’t discover it in game at the moment because it doesn’t have the right requirements in stats) If you try to go on the date with Sara instead, it will not let you continue the date saying you need more affection and whatever else. I’ve played through several versions of this game, and tried all variants I could think of to make the scenes work.

They do not. I will cover suggestions later. For now I will say this is not a good showing to most fans of the game. I will argue it’s only at all excusable because the game is not finished yet. That’s as lenient as I would be, since that first date choice between spying on your sister or going to spend time with Sarah has been open for about the last five updates. Any one of them could have seen it fixed to be accessible.

The stats do not work; and whose brilliant idea was it to start the MC with a perv power, and then come up with a teacher that automatically borks your ability to use it, even though doing so on her garners her lust… and the second time there’s no punishment. She’ll let you away with it, and give a stern warning, but you’re safe to keep using it. Even though she freaking knows you are? If you want to do X-Ray, fine. Call it out as perving, and it’s actually not. But still, that was the first sign of “asshole mechanics.” It IS a problem. Especially since Lust is one of the things you need to see the H scenes. Onward…


The art is actually attractive, and the characters are generally written well enough. I think the ages could be pared down a bit for the teachers. I don’t think you should want to go after the 45 yr old principal for example. The drill sargeant is already married to the texpert, so I don’t know why those two are even on the list. The actual list itself is too big. Even for a Harem. On that point; you might try putting out a walkthrougth that specifically addresses how to get the harem end.“All Other Paths” doesn’t tell most people jack.

A lot of your players may sign up specifically for that point. Though it might be nice to discuss that at some point with the GF you’re saddled with just to delve into NTR. (You should not start the MC with a girlfriend in a dating sim. That’s just needless conflict and to some people will actively block them off from pursuing other characters so it negates like ninety nine percent of your work off the bat) The growth of stats is a little too infrequent, but I do like the concept.

Champions Of Liberty Institute Of Training - 3

Champions Of Liberty Institute Of Training – 3

I think the whole bought my way in didn’t really need to be a story point. It’s there for drama’s sake and actively takes something away from the main character when it’s later discovered by the tech wizard that her power is a LOT more complex than just “borrows for an hour.” I think the hero patrols shouldn’t have been started until the dating mechanics were untangled to work properly. I will say it shouldn’t come down to sacrificing one thing for another. It should just be a choice of how you want to build your character. How you want to play “CopyCat.” Which isn’t bad, for a default superhero name with her powerset.

Suggestions: Velvet whip not included, yet…

– First, include the point about males at least existing. Families don’t create themselves out of thin air. Or use Magic. Seriously, something. Anything. It just doesn’t make enough sense.

– Second, either remove stat requirements and let players focus on just building the style of heroine they want without worrying about what scenes they won’t see (since you have to actively choose certain paths which will only let you see certain ones anyway) OR grant more opportunity to gain stats. Without taking any stats away. It’s rather clear you want this character to be “corrupt” so I don’t even understand why that one is there. If it’s a naughtiness meter, rename it. Corruption just makes her sound too much like she’s turning into a villain. Locking scenes is a major no no. For any reason.

Champions of Liberty Institute of Training - 4

Champions of Liberty Institute of Training – 4

– Third, again and this is a MAJOR point: Fix the date scenes not to have stat requirments. It should be about who you want to build affection with. Also, choosing mostly the good girl options SHOULD NOT exclude Anya. Put something in where you can actively choose to help her understand her means of dealing with people will hurt her more in the long run. Extrapolate on her family life or something… there’s a reason why she behaves like this. A Harem game DOES NOT make you choose which players you want because the whole point is you have a big enough heart to go after them all and make them love you. It’s not just Pokemon with sex. If it was, you could name them all Ditto.

– Fourth, in as far as staying loyal to your girl, or Mei staying with Imani I’d actually recommend a choice right at the beginning. Before even choosing what skill you focused on during the summer. Make it “What Am I Really After?” Then put “Definitely A Harem” marks the harem end to keep.

“A Stable Family and A Good Girlfriend” (which doesn’t have to be Meg, and might also end up being Imani) as the dating sim marker for keeping just one girl. Or just “To Screw Around and Do What I Want.” The last being the complete corruption and NTR route, which will have the consequence of breaking it off with Meg, probably trying to pork all the girls, but not ending up well enough in trust with any to keep a relationship. Sort of an I’m all powerful; but I don’t realize in being drunk on that point alone, how fucked up my life’s going to become.


Champions of Liberty Institute of Training - 5

Champions of Liberty Institute of Training – 5

Just a thought. It might make it easier to code out though. One point on number Four; do not make them intersect. Do not walk it back, or let the player. That ruins the point of structuring it out like that in the first place. It’s still very replayable this way, in three separate paths and you can argue on the dating sim version that it’s even more replayable because you’d choose who you want to spend time with and date by doing so as you go. Which would at a set affection lock you in, so you’d stop seeing any of the others as options.

You could argue I’m wrong. I’m not a programmer, but by pushing out certain focused character content in that one path you’d also have a good excuse to string the paetrons along, while also not blue… uhm, the ones up top still count as balls, no? You get the point people, c’mon.

Go ahead, shoot the messenger. Since at the moment it’s the only shot going off. I did say it’s not to my general tastes. If it suit’s yours, you’ll know how to find the little man in a boat, because if you’re into good artwork and well fleshed character work, it’s going to be raining. Just not men. Some people might still say Hallelujah. Wolfe Out.

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