Hey everyone… * Taps the mic * Anyone? *Shrugs * Eh, let’s see if some sharp wit and sharper fangs might claw some life back shall we. Let’s get on with the show folks. We all know what we’re here for, don’t we…

Number 5 is taken by Corrupted Kingdoms

Corrupted Kingdoms - Game Review

Corrupted Kingdoms – Game Review

I cop to the fact I might have mentioned this one before. However it’s updated fairly consistently. It’s not a bad game, if it would make the story’s end game a bit more clear. Yes, it’s technically a harem game; but one of the creatures that has you under the thumb is a powerful fey. Who frankly is way too much femdom. Can we get to the point we take her down already??? Come on. There are also a few in the roster you guys aren’t real focused on. Too many cooks in the kitchen maybe. It’s a problem for a lot of harems. Speaking of, if this style in anime isn’t your thing there’s always…

Number 4 My New Family

My New Family

My New Family

Still kind of miffed about the granny issue… but always a solid choice for endearing characters. Sometimes a few too many pancake jokes, and it would be nice to state that if one of the girls can be a cat; the MC can just be effectively immortal. Which would explain why he’s so bloody accepting. It’s called Changeling. Ever heard of them, they’re not that hard to look up. It would also explain the different view point, and the deeper bond between Lucy and MC. If you can have a nun, and nerdy neko lovers, Fairies aren’t that far off a mark. Just saying.

Number 3 on this top is Love & Sex: Second Base

Love & Sex Second Base - Blog

Love & Sex Second Base – Blog

Now… hear me out, I know I already wrote a rather less than flattering review about this game. I still haven’t played it since aside from once. They haven’t changed the energy mechanics as far as I know, so to my mind the management system either needs a LOT of tweaks, or it just plain needs to go. However, I know there are plenty of people who like challenge; even if it is a four letter word to me. So if you’re one of those, the animations are attractive. They have done consistent work on the title.

Love & Sex Second Base

Love & Sex Second Base

It comes out fairly regularly, so it’s dependable to a certain degree. I’ll have to let you know whether this new update is any good. I could probably post a review of that review. Maybe in a few more posted versions. To me, it’s a wait and see, but for the work that’s been done and the content that some might enjoy regardless, I feel it can be recommended. Just, less so by me. Caveat Emptor, but have at it; if hard work to get the girl and I do mean HARD btw, is your deal. More power to you people.

Check out the latest update for Love & Sex: Second Base

Number 2 is The Guy In Charge

For starters, this game does need a clear path to the Harem end. I get that there’s supposed to be an NTR tag, and fair enough… but if you want to make it a dating sim DO NOT let people pursue both females. It SHOULD be just a harem game. There doesn’t need to be a way to “fuck up.” Leave that to Devon. Now that said, once you get the hang of where the girls are in their daily schedules it’s not too hard to do what’s needed.

The Guy in Charge

The Guy in Charge

There are a few break points to pass to see the sexual events that I think should be a lot more clear on the “how in the hell do I do this exactly?” I did have to use the cheats, and that might have borked things more than I like.

Here’s the thing, your game has been out long enough that in raw rebalancing (which should be done before trying to add too much new content) you should have had better options to gain money, and higher events for raising the girls stats. What can be done in a day is not bad, to start with but it takes about a month to get either girl up to the part where they might want to date you.

The Guy in Charge - Blog

The Guy in Charge – Blog

Realistic, not really. Painful regardless, uhm, yes. That out of the way the animations are attractive. The little sister could be less of a ball buster, and I’d really rather not be porking my own Mom. I get that it’s the draw for some people. However that is also the reason she’s as hesitant about sex, and moreso about getting pregnant.

So really, add in a question about what relation they are to you, and you’d cover all bases. That way you could rework the stats needed, or clear up whatever event is blockading the path a lot easier. Which might just be my opinion. I’d recommend at least one playthrough per the alpha path (or NTR path if that’s your bag, it’ll just be someone else’s baby) It’s a solid game with decent potential. I’ve kept watch to see how it’ll grow, and not just for nine months to count.

The Guy in Charge - Game Review

The Guy in Charge – Game Review

Download the game free and find the The Guy In Charge.

Number 1 in our top is occupied WVM (I did warn you guys)

Interestingly this one lost a few points with me, technically, on the last “update.” The dev explained a big life situation so it could be anything but it’s moving to more beta testing in updates because of it. This is more me warning you as much as it’s already bald in the game. Which is to their credit, and I respect it. I can be understanding, and would wait for the full updates.



I like the game and where it’s been going that much. Now, it might turn some off, and that’s fine. Ren’s eyes can be a bit weirdly puppy doggish and frankly you could argue several of the other girls are hotter. I wouldn’t care. Main girl is best girl in this case. Fight me; or don’t… I still have that basketball career. With this one I can state that I have faith the devs understand what it was they wanted to accomplish.

They have a plan, and they’ve introduced a way forward even with some of the ‘outside the ring’ characters. Which shows they are willing to listen to constructive criticisms or enthusiastic feedback. That’s rare. Good as diamonds. Now if we can get Skye to be loose-y we might be- alright; that was a bad one. I’m not even that big a fan of the Beatles.

WVM - Blog

WVM – Blog

Barring some less certain points, and again perhaps a little too much willingness to inject ‘body positivity,’ for my tastes the game is very well crafted. There’s more I can say, but I can’t recall if I’ve actually written this one as a full review at the moment. So, if you’ll excuse me…

WVM is ready for free download.


Don’t fear the reaper, and if you must shoot the messenger people, try doing it blind-folded. Promise I won’t tell, and my name sure ain’t William. Though I wouldn’t mind havin’ a go at Selene… if Scott Speedman hadn’t beat me to it. Hope all you weird and wacky gaming guys and gals don’t want to beat me til all I see is black. I don’t even have a red door; and my fuzzy balls are blue enough. Peace. Or pieces, if you’ve got Reese’s. (Due to a technical snaffu on my end; we’ve shown a bit more favoritism in pictures to the number one game – Mea Culpa, but who doesn’t like more pretty pictures, am I right my friends?)

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