Hey there all you up and coming gamers, I’m back. No I’m not wielding an ax, but I do intend to cut through some of the fat in this game’s content. It’s actually hilarious they chose this method, and clever, I’ll give them that. Paetron rules being as they stand, but I promise, we’re going to dig into that…



Is mostly again what this game is. I’m not big on complex mechanics and I’ll admit it. I do enjoy breeding, and harems so this game is right up my alley so far. However there are some problems. I’m going to tackle those, but first a few good points. A bit of sugar, to ease the taste. Which frankly, the girl’s could have done with MC’s come… but I digress. The biggest problem in the game is that Hypnosis as a real concept works a very specific way. Any professional who’s studied it’s effects if they can agree it exists at all, as far as I’m aware, agrees that it only goes so far. You cannot make a person do ANY thing they are not already inclined on some level to do themselves.

This is the distinct difference between Hypnosis, and outright mind control. It’s also interestingly enough the subtle shade of grey between coercion, which is more defensible in court, and outright rape. Speaking of which, that’s another issue this game tries to tackle, probably to humanize the MC. At any rate I’m side-tracking myself so let’s get into why the choice of Hypnosis is secretly brilliant. Even if it doesn’t quite work as implemented in the game with the story they’ve gone for so far.


This Is How Every Girl Will Start…


Story Fine Tuning:

It’s amazingly clever to use hypnosis because it’s effects are so instantly debatable; but it’s effects ARE so instantly debatable because of the above point I first mentioned. It can’t make a person do anything they really don’t want to or would not do in the first place. Which puts Paetron’s rape rules out the window, yes… but it also kills that off for any attack the girls make in the story. Barring their possible lack of study/intelligence. I say that because the woman that makes the accusation does so to “fight” to keep you out of secret insecurity which is why she’s again, the town bicycle even though she’s the only directly stated girl MC’s had a crush on as “dream girl.” Making at least one person aware of how this effect works to defend him works better than, no… “he was raped. We weren’t.”

That’s a whole separate can of worms.

There’s also the fact that it IS coercion. Light at best, and middling at worst. Yes, they outright asked him to hypnotize them for very specific bodily changes. Which arguably couldn’t happen without magic powers anyway, but I digress. Their consent to that act does not entitle him to use it to his direct sexual benefit and is a violation of trust. So I mark it coercion, and the girls do have a right to be angry. HOWEVER; it was one of them who made this whole damn thing a bigger mess as far as morality.



Story Dug Deeper:

Ashley speaks while HE is under hypnosis and suggests his cum should be addictive. That again, alters the course of intent by implementing hypnosis. Addiction will kill you in a lot of cases. If the substance you crave is not received. It’s entirely different to the intent of the tale I would think. There is a problem with the Asexual character being there at all, and getting involved only after that fact. Inclusive is only a good thing when it makes sense. There’s also the fact that if anyone stole the damned watch, you should be able to tell who in three seconds. With any logic in the story at all. There’s only one girl outright combative. Who refuses to be hypnotized, or buy into the idea it’s possible. She’s also a bicycle by her own admission, and I didn’t find her attractive personality-wise. At all.

Point being, in a game like this, do not question morality. It kills the fantasy of it. Anyone willing to play the game for the clever twist, is probably not looking for a challenge of their beliefs and you’ve actually see-sawed on it. More than once. Again, he was raped himself which is true. Unequivocally, and not letting at least the player know by who is a “dick move.”




Story The Final Harp-ening:

The problem with the rape as it happens is the player doesn’t get to see it. Doesn’t get any clues or “Hints” as to whom is was. It’s realistic, to fair point, but I imagine if someone begins riding you in general in the middle of the night, at least base curiosity should have led me to turn on the fucking light. The problems here are legion. First because as far as I’ve looked up, the legal definition of rape in Canada at least, is questionable at best when it comes to Male victims. There is the ingrained assumption we always want sex; and while it is a more important part of any romantic relationship for most men than women, it’s NOT always true.

Like your bodies, which a LOT of people don’t understand and Hentai uses far too often as a demonizing, our bodies react to physical stimulus. Does not matter the gender. For many women victims this can be most damaging. There is an incredible disparity in those who understand the difference and it is distinct, between physical response, and actual pleasure. Your body is ALL of the time, by nature’s design, meant to endure. To survive. As much as it can. A female will get wet if the body even thinks it will be penetrated. Want is not the question there. It is the key to whether there is consent involved.

For a male, we can get hard for a lot of reasons. Not all of them involve sex. Especially as young as MC is in the story. He was raped, but he was “okay with it.” Gah. It’s a problem in the adult game genre in general that goes deeper than just hypnosis/mind control and morality. It’s pervasive. At any rate, I’ve said my piece there.


This Is Where They’ll End, And More Besides. Doesn’t Matter If They Want You To Begin With…


Story The Wrap:

So far, you’ve got a ham-fisted introduction to pregnancy as an in. You have no means to prevent the girls you want to breed with from taking their birth control as yet, and I can only see parents as a problem, or prey moving forward. Leah’s mom also being willing to bounce on your pogo would at least remove the “you’ll be kicked out” threat. Ashley’s won’t prevent you from seeing her, if she’s hypocritical enough to do the same. She seems the kind you could guilt that way. The rich Daddy of the “spoiled Princess” and the future husband cucked behind back are potentially insane problems to come. That’s not counting financial concerns.

Depending on how realistic you want to go, there’s also whether girls who are “tits on a stick” might survive the birth… Statistically Hemorrhaging happens more often than most who value the event at all want to think about. Yes, that includes me. I’m including this not to kill the mood, but to suggest there are better ways to break down the MC. The big thing for me is including the Princess who goes out of her way to be everything you shouldn’t chase. Long-time crush or not. Then having her be the one to try to “Break” the harem. It’s a harem game goddamn it. Let it fucking be one.





There’s not a lot of available choice here. It’s mostly whether to keep X girl or not. Whether to try for three-ways, or indulge a bisexual side that might be there. The Asexual detective might be a clever pun, but I don’t think she should be the one to figure this thing out. It’s actually a bit insensitive that she’s in the game to begin with. I’m not personally offended, and frankly aside from the lack of any interest that would make her good for this kind of game, she’s a good egg in my book. A bit too much taste for mischief, but still decent at heart. The pregnancy issue needs to be solved.

Either give him full control of the power, or let him deal with just the characters he has at this point. Which will be a LOT more trouble, but you did give him one out that doesn’t look like it’s going away now. Whether I like it or not. See… the thing is, yes you took away the watch in the 8th version. Whoo hoo for you. You also gave him something unarguably more powerful to use against them. Any girl he wants. So long as he can give them a taste of his cum by whatever tricksy means he can employ. Do you know how many fridges have milk?




Conclusion At Last:

I will say, the art is very good, the writing is the same. Morals I’m trying not to judge by. The quality of the work itself, is solid. For myself, you’ve taken what could have been an excellent grey area and morphed it more than one way to an ink spill to cover the world. It’s up to you all as gamers however, to decide whether this Fuzzy blue balled Wolfe is just making a mountain out of a molehill, and someone’s old pocket watch…