Hello all you wild minded gamers out there in net/web land. It’s quite a connected thing to weave, isn’t it my pretties? Barring faulty modems or suicidal squirrels at any rate. To kick this one off, I’ve got a tale you’re never going to believe. Cause unless you’re well-vested in certain supernatural Mythos like me, it’ll give your head a whirl. Let’s bite down on this not too tender morsel then, shall we… *Noms* Ugh, I think I chipped a fang… but at least I actually have them.





To start with something I usually don’t this is going to be a faster pace. There’s not much to say here as far as nuts and bolts. You get three girls, and several potentials down the road and two paths to follow as the story unfolds. Of the three, one is your wife. Who can cheat on you, with your allowance. There is NTR in this game, if you want to see it. It’s also fairly avoidable and some choices don’t show up at all if you don’t take the first one. Which is entirely missable depending on whom you choose to focus.

Overall, you get certain choices in dialogue, and your choices can affect the outcome of your character overall. It’s not in game marked out, but there is a walkthrough. I highly recommend taking advantage of that fact, as the first time I played without was a whole fuck ton of reloads to gauge results. It does take a while to get going, and it’s not a light read. At all. If you like your stories dark and gritty, this one’s for you bud… no, wait… that’s not how it goes.


He might have just a… little problem? Not just with his aim ; )




Interesting point and one of two big problems for me in my particular tastes – I’ll get into that soon though, don’t worry – is that your character on the EVIL path can start to have his eyes glow. Before getting into the meat and bones of the story itself as to why they should at all. It’s an unintentional reveal. Or a BIG assed hint. It shouldn’t be there so soon. It also borks said particular argument against additions to my taste. Since I’ve been very vocal about my preference to breeding scenes. Let me explain as simply as I can: THEY ARE MARRIED. They start that way, and even if one is hesitant about kids, or you think as a writer it’s a bad idea to get kids involved in this kind of thing, a big chunk of why you do this is Player Taste.

Let the player make that choice. Every. Single. Time. If she doesn’t want kids, let him convince her if the player wants. If he doesn’t want kids; why is the NTR path the only variant where he cums inside of Katherine multiple times? That just freaking bothers the hell out of me. It’s also a big problem in the plot but to get into that I’d have to start from the beginning. Which I apologize for not having done, it’s just a trigger thing for me… Mea Culpa mes amigos.

To start; you’re a cop. You’re being grilled by your boss for being a lone wolf type and having a more personal stake than anyone would actually realistically have allowed you to be on said case with anyway. It goes bad, and you fucked up. You didn’t kill X big ‘Baddie Mcbaderson.’ You were so close… or so you think…


Rough nights can drive a man to drink; and dames like this are to kill for, am I right, or am I right?



Story Bones:

Turns out, in the course of investigations into random killings, the fucker had ties to the occult. It’s not that big a spoiler, and no matter which path you pick, it’s impossible to miss. Don’t worry. I’m a wild one, but I’m not that big a dick. Unless you ask some partners, I’m going to plead the fifth on what they’d say. I digress… the cop you is an alpha type and that doesn’t stop when he changes jobs to private dick (yes you can be a big one, by the way; even from the very first job) He does keep ties to the office, as it were. A girl named Sarah. New detective, and LI. She’s also an overly anal choice, but you find that out later in pursuit of due course.

At a diner, you randomly can meet and woo a girl named Rose. She’s got a fem dom vibe if that’s your thing, or you can avoid it. It’s your call. She’s also FAR more important to the tale than she’d seem. Which leads into  a truth about having to avoid copy rights. If you want to do a certain kind of vampire story and you’re not sure someone else has, you make up new words.

She’s part of a clan, and I appreciate the attempt to add racial diversity with that; but I’ve never seen a Celtic-looking First Nations girl before. I’m not saying it’s impossible those Metis exist. I’ve never seen one is all. Since she loves the beach, and her skin’s only lightly tanned it’s fair to assume she’s just Celtic like I did. Which makes the reference to First Peoples a bit of a twist in contrast that can be jarring.


Seriously, does she look at all Metis to you? o. O Or is it just my privilege showing… Well it’s something on the rise, at any rate. If random, mysterious playful hook-ups that might be more are your cuppa tea.



Story Meat:

So, in the course of investigations, you bind with the three girls as best you can. There will be options to pick one over the other, and Sarah gets the chance for so far most points of all. That stands to reason as she’s your underling directly, before she took your job. She’s like you, but female so you have most ease of commonality to stand. One thing I don’t like is they do NTR where you allow your wife to cheat on you, without calling it that. It should never be she decides to take the condom off, if you’re going to go and mention that in first place. Or doesn’t make the male wear one. Fuck if it’s a party and everyone’s drunk.

She’s not going to make that call and risk a divorce if she cares for MC at all. If you make her concerned about it to visible degree, after even the first chance to actually go through with that; let them fucking talk it all out. ALL OF IT. What is allowed, what isn’t. What might be in future and where the lines are.

Do not just say “sharing scene” and expect the player will roll back. For a story as involved as you’ve done, that’s a major drop of the ball, and a heavy stretch at playing to a crowd you obviously want to invest in for kinks, but really DO NOT understand. The main reason so many have a problem with NTR is not just the disloyalty. It’s most often a slow dissolve of a relationship that’s already going south. A sinking ship where the about to drown are willing to claw at anything to save themselves. Yes, that means they’ll “work together,” to try to get out. Most never will.


Meet the ball n’ chain… who might even be if you’ll allow; a lot more wild than she wants to admit to you. YMMV of course, it’s, at least for now, all up to you.



Not So Small Side Bar:

The NTR could be done better. If A) I am allowed to say I never want to see it from the start. B) the halfway harem becomes a full one that yes, the couple will eventually talk out. C) Even if it’s cuck queening, and the wife is okay with that, she does not get to be dominant in any sense. It’s not a power fantasy for her. Harems with women at the head usually don’t work only because most “betas” won’t be brave enough to think they have a shot; and most “Alphas” will never share what’s theirs. Girls have never been taught to be that kind of competitive, and they understand a guy can leave… or they used to.

So they’d be more inclined to share. They may not like it, but they by and large are more inclined to keep a guy they really love by sharing. Make Kat compete with Sarah, but don’t imply she’d go gay in any way. Or state that she’s Bi from the fucking start. One just doesn’t track and you’ve done enough to make this girl someone I really shouldn’t want to chase. Married to her or not. Also, the “spice things up” bit implies there wasn’t enough in first place. For an Alpha type like MC and a sub like Kat, it’s jarring there’s no option to suggest adding Sarah (if he’s cheating) and he’s instead forced to share his “hot wife” with other men. Even it out and it’s easier to take. Either way.

Now… having said my piece, I’ll get to the major point that’s the problem I mentioned way the hell back. IF she isn’t the one scared of kids and he wants her so bad; and their relations are good – you can make them that way very easily, even if you’re the cheating heart – then why don’t they talk about that. Let the player choose. Because he has those powers from the start. Which implies even if not directly that clan, he was born to parents from one. If he’s a secret half blood prince it means your vampires CAN have kids. Jesus.




Story Bones:

You are missing out on a not-that-small portion of fan-base by focusing almost solely on anal content and foreplay scenes. By not allowing the player the right to choose where they finish. Hell, the first time (and only that time so far) they do it, he does come inside Sarah’s pussy, and at that point she’s just his side piece. If those three can end up some off-shoulder reference to Dracula – hence Harem possibility – then let them ALL talk to him at some point about having kids. I don’t even care if it’s closer to end game. It should be there, as a sign of deepening investments, and with Kat it should be even sooner because married. End of sentence.

Also, if you go the harem route, I’d split the numbers even. With the EVIL I’d pick Dhalia and the high priestess. Maybe Rebekah and possibly Andrea. I’d actually say you should include Andrea on the HERO path as well, because she’s part of your team and as of last update… well I won’t spoil it, but I can see it throwing monkey wrench into wooing her… if the Dev team wants to be dickish like that. I will say I don’t think you need more than five core girls on either of the routes. There are some harem games that give you all the girls. It gets to be a chore, and no human has that much endurance. Three is a good start, five to six (yes I made Freudian slips of sex and sis typing so there’s that) should be the max.

If the TEAM is like a strike force, and the team good or evil is what you’re building on, then keep it simple. Keep it small enough to be effective in sneak attacks.


Business up front by day, and if you want…

This cop with a secret heart as wild as you like, might be your girl each and every Friday to come ; )




Home at last. Well, they say it’s where the heart is. This game looks to be building up to a very kinked one at that. If it doesn’t force you to rip it out first… but that’s another point in Dev’s creative path. The story’s a bit muddy right now, but like any gem to shine all it needs is a bit of elbow grease to polish fine. Barring the points that might be just my view, I’d say it’s a very well done tale. One I’m invested in enough to be mad at those points, so well done. Now if only I could find a stake somewhere, or one that wasn’t…

That’s all for now Gamers, friends and foes alike. I’m feeling a little Frank tonight, so I’m gonna fly me to the moon ; )