Welcome back my furred, feathered and fine friends. Or sometimes not, we all have bad days right. Heck for me things get more than a little hairy on the regular, know what I’m sayin’. Anyway, speaking of hoppin’ on the last train to Clarksville, no… wait, Halloween; let’s get this party started. With a bang, and boy howdy, is it gonna be a loud one. Hang on to your broomsticks, but at this point I won’t be all that surprised if some of you prefer to stick them up your *Ahem, now… where was I? Right. On with it then boys and ghouls, let’s go.

Sorcerer - 1

Sorcerer – 1


Before you ask, no I couldn’t think of a better time to have chosen to do a review of this game if I tried. Damned near everyone’s a freak like me. Honest. I’m not the shortest stack to see, and there’s even one with a leg more busted then mine is. Yippee.

Now, that’s not to say there’s not some brilliant character work. I’ve already discussed how impressed I am with the crafted tale in general in the recommendations, so I’ll spare you the rewind, and get into some gory-er details. First, you start as a man who was orphaned. You end up as the patron of a demon (I know I hate when that happens, personally) raised by a group of nuns who for once don’t have a stick up their… Ahem, yeah, you know.

Anyway, the point being you’re not just some rando shot-in-the-head courier. There’s still gonna be some fallout… The game makes it quite clear, very quickly that your arse is more Hefner than Potter.

Now that’s not to say every hot scene is. Your mileage and tastes may vary. Widely in fact, and this game allows for that. In the most recent update for example, you finally get to sample a person who adores you that works for you (It was about time she thought, that she should work under you too. I know you know what I mean) There’s several very viable options, and you’ll end up in a harem lifestyle, whether you like it or not.

The thing being, it’s to your direct benefit, with an excellently thought out reason for the lore-based antiquated breeding program. Honestly my only real problem with it is sometimes the who, the why, and the fact the devs haven’t actually gotten to that result yet. It’s implied that some want it, and there’s one so far that’s got the best chance. With the legless wonder soldier girl (I get to call her that; mine’s not too much better on the right side, but at least it’s still attached) being a close second behind. I do think there wasn’t a reason to divide the paths.

Sorcerer - 2

Sorcerer – 2

The human side has you rutting with monsters as well. The monster side has you mostly boinking humans, so it’s a little less impactful than it could be otherwise. I do think a choice between light Lord and Dark would add more to the BDSM style than the notions implied rather playfully. By the women. I don’t as a dominant mind myself, who doesn’t mind when someone calls me “Master” (Eh, it’s not gonna happen, but it could, and I would enjoy it) like specifically when the MC doesn’t get the choice to decide it should be allowed. He just arbitrarily decides screw that noise.

Don’t call me Lord, though that’s what I am. Don’t call me master, though you’re basically magically bound to my house and to breed with me, for the rest of your lives. Okay, bit weird, but okay. I do like the compromise with the burnout issue. Coming up with a better defined backstory for why he doesn’t need to care about that was effective.

I don’t know what it means for his mortal state, and a few monstrous people afterward refer to him as human, without any corrections. It’s a bit odd, but I can take it as an oversight, because new lore. Might take a while for him to trust, or get used to enough to point it out. As I said before in the recommendations, he does need to get on actually building a house.

Sorcerer - 3

Sorcerer – 3

On the breeding part of that. On setting things up so it’s defensible. The great houses calling his arse in that late in the game, just to say no we deny your right to be a house; bullshit. Especially with the lore in the background. You LITERALLY wrote that the whole world cannot afford lacking sorcerers to the point the houses are all effectively a mass breeding program.

They’re rare enough that denying anyone that has said power to back one up, to make one, is not just stupid. It’s below the benchmark for actually retarded. Yes, I know what the word means; it is the correct usage. If it offends, fix the issue. Then it won’t be. Hell, I half thought that the two girl Lords were going to recruit him, or offer to bend so they’d be part of his. That’s the kind of politics that belong in this harem game.

Also, a troll should be able to have enough magic as a water caster to transmogrify into a more physically appealing form if sex is what she wants from MC. There are better times, and places to moralize, stuff like that is just jarring and will cost you some audience. You did so with the hag, which means you’re aware of the fact people have aesthetic values that should be respected. Again, I like Xhou as a character, but there are other ways, better ways to make you care about her family, and have her allied to the harem.


Really at the end, there aren’t many. There’s a binary path for most choices, but there are enough of them I have to recommend that if you play the game fresh, install the multi mod. It will help you not muck things up. Whether you go human or monster side doesn’t seem to matter all that much to the story, and that’s a shame. There’s not really any dark options, and frankly I like being the hero, but again that doesn’t mean I can’t also be okay with being the one in charge. Jesus.

The artwork is beautiful, the sex scenes don’t drag on that long, but considering how many girls he’s starting to pile up, I’d reach a cut off point soon. The foreplay scenes are going to get unrealistic based on how much seed a guy actually has. Hot blooded or not. I checked it, I see. He’s got a fever of six hundred and three. And on that sour note… what happened to all the mirrors. Ah, damn the luck.


Overall, barring a few nitpicks, this game is a good one. It’s out consistently. It usually has just one link to download (not always, and I hope they work on that point, it gets confusing) The story is progressing nicely, and I am at least sure that all the choices of who gets to your bed will help. Somehow, or way.

Sorcerer - 4

Sorcerer – 4

Frankly if Helga can be a magic smith, I don’t see why her sister wouldn’t be able to create some decent armor. Just a thought, since she seems to think a clan of trolls would be “useless” to a great house. I’d say take the shaman, take the promised healer and get the story going, as far as growing the house’s power. You basically have a full main cast.

What with Dagna, the archivist, the spoiler, and the head agency female who probably wants you on her team (so does everybody else Nelly) That doesn’t even count the demon hunters. At least two of them should be on team Harem. For my vote. There’s no reason to overcrowd it. He’s rich as balls, but he’s also only got two to give. No need to bust em.

Unless it’s screaming into a banshee’s wail, and deep inside her. And once more… I’ve probably vexed the crowd. Curses, I got the wrong letter again. Happy Howl-o-Ween, my friends. I’ll be back, but right now, I see a bad moon rising. Stay frosty, because it sure as Lucifer’s petticoat won’t be the MC.

You can find the game on the AdultGamesOn website. Have fun!