Howling at’cha my peeps; no wait… that’s just the birds. Maybe I got hit with an Acme Anvil? Oh well… We’re back again my gaming grenadiers, so let’s take a walk on the wild side. No one has to know, I won’t tell a soul; you can trust me…

Number 5 is Lord King

Lord King

Lord King

So here’s a game set in an apocolyptic world where you start of as a capable but revenge driven commoner who lucks into an odd situation. A lady needs your help, and she’s willing to marry you, to get it.

Now, you can choose to use her; or go fully through with it. No spoilers, there’s an issue that will pop up that might make one more viable depending on how ‘goodest’ a boy you want to be. The game’s not done, but if you’re okay with a more anime art style, the animations are good, with some refinements that are currently in progress I’d say this one has potential. Whether or not that’s to be a wreck…

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Number 4 – Life Changing Choices

Now, this one recently got a remastered version that isn’t as far along yet. Aside from that, and some small personal frustrations with the story; it’s not badly done. Again, it loses some points with me for being an anime artstyle, but the characters are endearing enough (mostly) I just wish they’d clear up definitively who’s on the MC’s side.

Life Changing Choices

Life Changing Choices

Deal with one specific plot point regarding an old girlfriend who starts the whole thing, and soften the ice queen who lives with you guys but is “hiding something.” If she’s going to be part of a harem game, don’t make her too far into the ‘I’m a bitch, deal with it’ territory. Tsundere isn’t okay indefinitely. They only work BECAUSE they melt, and specifically only to the MC. I’m not asking you to change the whole character.

Just keep in mind there’s only so much any player’s going to put up with, and some of your content in game is particularly dark already. (Read: Clear up the girlfriend issue IE what happened to her exactly, AND where she stands with MC. She should not need to introduce another girl, or imply bi feelings in order to be in the harem. She was his first girl, and his girl first. He should be the only one she’s at all focused on) If I do a review, I’ll cover story more thoroughly.

Enjoy the game, you will find a free download link below. For Life Changing Choices latest’s update.

Number 3 is taken Tales From The Unending Void

Tales From The Unending Void

Tales From The Unending Void

This one is a decent story, but it’s got a few problems. It’s crossed between Mass Effect, and Star Wars to me. You captain a crew of rebels, trying to get back your “best girl” who’s not actually in the story beyond being taken away. You have a crew of almost all females (one of whom is trans, and yeah that’s not my cup of tea) who all can and or do want to pork you.

There is a pregnancy mechanic that I swear to god has not actually been implemented because thus far there’s exactly one girl you can bone often enough that it might have happened; but it reads not pregnant. Even if you continually choose “Cum inside.” They really need to make a story line that shows what the girl is going through (it’s called dramatic irony:

Tales From The Unending Void - AdultGamesOn Blog

Tales From The Unending Void – AdultGamesOn Blog

The character isn’t aware of X information, but the audience is allowed to be) *** DO NOT make it fem dom non-consent, in my opinion that would cost you more fans than it would win [Based on the culture of those that took her, I know you can go there. It’s not a good idea, but for darkness in the grim, you can] The point being Hero Boy needs a reason to think she’s still salvagable. Otherwise what’s he really become a rebel for. Just to Yell, Yeah… Yeah, Yeah?

Download the game free for free and find the Tales From The Unending Void.

Number 2 in our top is WVM



Now, hate me for it all you want, but this game is fairly much always going to circle back into my list as one of the top five. Food Truck Story is a close enough take on this game, if you want some ‘realism.’ SOME. Not much. The latest update actually added a scene that compounds a problem for the MC about a hundred fold, and it was already close enough to writing the MC into a corner with the audit lady.

WVM was smart enough to introduce characters that will bank roll the MC, or help him find the way to do so. With his ultimate goal being a path to the NBA, so he wouldn’t have to worry about money regardless. No matter how many women get his baby batter in the end. Heck; they actually made professional breeder his job… and I liked that aspect, since it allowed for other women to potentially join or leave the harem depending entirely on whether the MC chose them.

WVM - AdultGamesOn Blog

WVM – AdultGamesOn Blog

Hell the princess was introduced as one of them, but added into what I’ll assume is main ranks because of reception I would gather. So I’d like to see more work done with some of the “hesitants” (Skye, Harper, the breeders, the movie star etc.) to get them into the harem, and in the family way. It’s one of the best written, and better animated games on site.

WVM is ready for free download.

Number 1 on this top is Sorcerer

I will straight up say I have issues with making a prosthetic limbed character a warrior type in any game. (especially the leg) I happen to have a minor physical disability on the right side myself. I have no real balance, so I can’t be the fighter I would be otherwise. She would be fucked, and not by the MC. (I do allow it a pass because Magic) Make her deaf, or blind and there’d be no problem.

Hell, make her legally blind, and she could still partly see. 9/10 ‘blind’ people do have some vision statistically. It still counts as ‘diabled’ but it doesn’t maim the character’s ability to actually fight. You’re done. Good job, and all the brownie points to you.

The next problem is the “fuck a granny” issue. First, I do like Xhou as a character, but in a game with magic, not every fetish (and yes, I would call this one) needs to be shown. It’s not attractive to most people, and if ‘age is nothing but a number;’ the MC has MAGIC. So do several other better trained characters, and a DEMON LORD she was at one point fucking, who wants the MC to grant her ‘a life’ [Because straight up saying “Breed Me Daddy” is too hard??? It’s not that smart a riddle, and MC is a block head sometimes] She should either be de-aged, or treated as a friend.



There are more than enough actually viable women for him to chase, but while we’re on the subject, the protect my daughter… that’s an option that COULD be a viable wife and tie MC to Xhou’s bloodline to mark her permanently allied. Even if it’s much later in content.

There’s the fact that if it’s so all-fired (heh) important to have Sorcerers in the world that they do a breeding program (by the great houses) then MAYBE get on that? I actually love that all but very few scenes are an internal ending, but so far, no consequence. It’s like watching all the harem anime that implies pregnancy is a goal/wanted… less fun, and less of a draw with no pay off.

However I will cover the game in full with a review at some point. A bigger issue is that it’s been put out a few times in bits and pieces. If there’s patch points on the download list, it can make it frustrating for players to download to try it. So it’s best to only release it in a one link state. Just an opinion, and a hope to make things less frustrating for everyone involved. We can, and most of us will be patient. (Mostly, I can’t make that promise… without Tamara’s help)

Download the latest version of Sorcerer for free and start the adventure.


So, hands up peeps, how many biscuits did I toast? Really, well… who can blame me; I’m the big bad wolf at heart. So far, no one’s brought any silver bullets. If you’re hot headed about it, maybe try a cool one. I know, it’s nowhere near summer yet, but I promise even though Winter Is Coming, I won’t just nap through it. See you around, but maybe it’s better I stay a moving target.

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