Hello! Grinders. A lot is going on in my life. It was very hectic this month. I hadn’t had time to read many novels but no worries I will catch up soon. This time I chose one of the best novels with many mind-boggling animations. When I first saw this I was so intrigued by these animations, I forgot it was an adult novel. It reminded me of Ice age kind of movies where animations are so lively that they just hold us till the end. Without further ado let’s get into the animated journey of Summer’s Gone.

The best porn game for adults

The best porn game for adults


The story starts with MC with his friend Summer in midst of the jungle. Both MC and Summer are watching a Spider with doubt about whether it’s dead or not but it wasn’t. They are just thinking about whether they sleep or not due to the long day. They went in search of other insects to watch them fight and guess what they found two spiders running towards each other but instead of fighting they were just into each other.

Now giving them some privacy they went to a cabin having a creepy look with lights on. There is little talk and they both just are in so much love with each other, and beautiful cinematics starts when both the characters are having a lovely time with each other. Suddenly a strange glowing flower emerges and our MC breaks out of a dream. The visuals are so amazing that I don’t have much to say about them. I can just feel them running again and again in my eyes.


In every novel, we talk about the mechanics of the game. How the game works. What it has to offer us. But in this novel cinematics are the one thing that must be talked about. We should appreciate it and give all the credit to the developers. Not gonna explain every other cinematic scene but I can spare some time to revisit the scene at the start of the game.

The way it starts from and back of the leaves gives depth to the scene and the green color as it gives a great contrast. The view just soothes my eyes. I am not a cinematographer but from my little experiences here and there as a viewer, I can say they are A-level or if you are a Naruto fan then its S level. The darkness in the jungle with moonlight coming from the far end is just amazing.

The Best Adult Game

The Best Adult Game

It shows the effort of the director to make it more like a movie, not just another novel. The kiss both characters had in the moonlight was just another marvel to watch. It reminds me of another scene that is much further in the story and is much more amazing than the current one.

This devotion from the developers to their art is rare. I know each has their point of view but I want to see more of this kind where the experience of watching an intimate scene just holds me up as if I am the one inside her. A sex scene just thrown to us is a disaster to watch.


The MC Lives with his friend Nami and her mother Nojiko. He dreams of his childhood friend or better say love Summer who is now missing or I don’t know where she is. It haunts him till now. He goes out to bring some bread where he meets with another character of the story Victoria. There happens a tragic event where she met with an accident and he saves his life although she loses her legs. The lady driving the car in panic or I say in fear of getting charged wanted to shoot her but he didn’t let it happen. Instead, he has now the option to shoot her. It’s your choice what you want to do with her.

His parents died when he was three. It affected him a lot but then losing summer was a lot to take in for him. MC and Nami go to the same college. His life will take a turn at this stage. College is about to start and mysteries are about to unfold. The main purpose of the story according to me is for the character to find himself that is fighting with uncertainty, depression, and the troubles daily life can throw at you.

To move on from the past and live in the present thinking about the future. He has some romantic connections with the characters.

Summer's Gone - Most played porn game

Summer’s Gone – Most played porn game

You can develop it with anyone you want. There are many characters, sometimes it might confuse you with whom to choose because all are just amazing. In my opinion, you should go with the ones that intrigue you with their personality as it will make you feel more realistic.

Now talking about the story this is one of those games where the writer’s perspective was not to drench you in a sex story. You can make it more appealing by making it more realistic by using cinematic effects. I have read one of the fans saying something about the cinematic eye of the developer.

Where he has proven that point-of-view, sexy characters with depth and attention to detail, and slow-burn development can be better than a pure fap fantasy. And I agree with him on this point.

If we would have wanted just sex scenes we would be watching porn or cam models where they just fucks and sucks. But we want something different. A story behind everything can make it much more wantable and enjoyable. We are always in search of sexual relations which are being developed not just thrown on us from anywhere.

Best cinematic porn game

Best cinematic porn game

The time invested by the developers in developing the characters is amazing. They justified why they are here. I didn’t find any single character without any purpose in the story. There are none just to fill up the space and give a free sex scene to keep the blood flowing in the downward direction. This will make you feel the story more than just thinking about jerking off in every other scene.


I know you have never seen opinions having a separate section. But I wanted it to give you more views about the game. Not only mine but also of the fans. A different perspective can make you read this novel more and more.

The disclaimer very clearly states that if you are looking for an erotic game only, then this is NOT the game for you. That alone made me want to play it but I wasn’t convinced then as I read the whiny comments from people who didn’t take a few seconds to read the disclaimer, I got a good belly laugh. Now as you start the game it suggests that you will not get anything lewd and it still says that although the game has developed a lot.

Now this one is a suggestion. Whatever you do, please do not make future chapters anything less than the class act you have created thus far. Your reader is looking forward to the sexual relationships that are being developed, but don’t turn the remainder into some fap-o-drama to appease some hard-up spank freaks – they have plenty of other AVNs to satisfy their cravings.

Summer's Gone - Free Porn Game

Summer’s Gone – Free Porn Game

I don’t think you will, but it deserves to be said. And take the meticulous time you have so far when rendering future sex scenes. You have created such beautiful sensuality and longing through your long focus lens. Don’t shortcut your art when it comes to sex scenes – whether sensitive or wildly sexual – because it will affect the overall flow.

I completely agree with him that developing characters takes time and they should be constructed with an ample amount of time. This helps in holding readers to the end. I have played this game several times just to see every scene with every character. Although I don’t think I have watched each one of them.

So here is what I suggest there should be a way for us to know that we have triggered the scene from this character. There are walkthroughs but it is difficult to know that we have gone through every other scene. I know we do not miss important scenes but sometimes we miss some small scenes which are there to connect more with the characters. They are there because you felt they should be. So don’t just let the effort go in vain.


There is something unique about this game in writing this might sound like a normal thing but the way these scenes starts is amazing. The animators did an excellent job of introducing the characters. They should be appreciated as this attempt is great. We need these kinds of novels because this will take adult novels to the mainstream. More people will read these novels and this will help developers to take more risks and indulge themselves in their idea.

These things take meticulous time to develop and they should take as much time as they want. The more you will read these types the more content we will get. In the end, I would just like to say that this is a must-read novel or say a must-watch cinematic novel. On this note, I will leave you here with this amazing work of art. Hope you will give your time to it. Will meet you in the next blog. Till then, keep grinding.

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