Hello Gaming Afficianados, guess who’s back. Back again, Wolfie’s back… tell your friends. Or don’t, I don’t know if you fit the dirty stereotype or not. Anywho… Let’s get on with the show folks. Yes, I’m allowed to pretend there still is one; or ever has been…

Number 5 is WVM

WVM - Top Porn Games of March 2022

WVM – Top Porn Games of March 2022

Still no word yet here guys, and I’m a little bummed. Whatever the ‘big life event’ was that the dev mentioned in the last new ‘beta’ update must be pretty time consuming. No judgments. Programing code, and designing animations and character models is also incredibly time devouring. Think Sarlac… Yikes. Or don’t, we don’t all have the cool armor, am I right? Anyway, hopefully it gets back to a more consistent schedule soon. I’d hate to see it become another Terminus Reach: Sentinel. Or Reluctant Archon, hint, hint…

Number 4 – Sorcerer

Get ready for the tissues, and no… not necessarily for tears. Though I do have some fears that the game might not get a second chapter if this is the same Dev that did the afforementioned Sentinel. Since there is actively a callout to that game on Susan’s TV. If so, it would be great to see progress in either game, or go leapfrog for a few years.



I won’t mind it. Sorcerer Part Duex: The Hotter Shots can wait for a bit as far as I’m concerned. So long as the next subtitle’s not Adventures Inbreeding (Then again if you go with the demigod ascendance angle, that doesn’t have to be a problem. Just ask the Greeks) If you’re like me, maybe Everybody Wants To Rule The World! Does it really matter which one? Okay, I deserve all the rolled up newspapers for that one, I get it…. Anyway as far as I’m concerned the story’s far from over.

Just cause the curtain falls, doesn’t mean it can’t be taking time to build a bigger house. Maybe one where this game gets a throne? You already made the ice queen breed with a lord of the flame. We saw Winter Coming, just Saiyan. No wait, that’s probably the other game…

Number 3 My New Family

So another one looks ready to move to the next stage. At least so far as the updates hint in this current version. Not sure it’s a good thing considering “everyone I love is pregnant” (not even remotely true since we haven’t got to make the Nun ours yet. The weebs have been teasing, the doc’s not quite on board; the bakery duo are there but not yet brides.

My New Family - Best Porn Games

My New Family – Best Porn Games

There’s A LOT of work on several sides that’ve been left that way for a while) Still not big on the granny thing, and there’s no way in hell even in stretch of disbelief she should still be fertile. Other than that, it’s patently endearing. A little light on the actual naughty content this time but there was a lot of work to line ducks. Even if I’m less a fan of the blue balled end this time.

Mine are that way naturally, thanks. End of the day, it’s not the finish of this story by a long shot, but it is a new potential chapter in stage of all involved lives. As much as I wouldn’t like to speed through a goodbye, since I am half Irish, there will come a time when a dev needs to weigh cost to themselves in continuance. To find a way to wrap things up. Or again, move from set structure into a new chapter.

My New Family - Top Porn Games

My New Family – Top Porn Games

Which can be a difficult thing from all sides. Fanbase, and production. So here’s hoping there’s more left to this race. It is a game that kicks butt, and I’d rather not see it try with just one leg.

Number 2 in our top is Simple Days

This one’s been doing so consistent improvement work. Gotta call that out where you can. Dev actually listens to the player base requests. I found it a bit odd that it would let you play to the point Moko’s friend is invited on the day that she’s ovulating and then most of the day where it’d be important event is skipped through normal daily stuff.

Simple Days - Top Porn Games

Simple Days – Top Porn Games

However I needed to test how far what had been implemented so I saved beforehand to be sure I wouldn’t lose out. I like the control pregnancy options in the computer; but it does leave me to question what the point of the red drug was in the BDSM place.

They take time to point out what it is and can do, and you mention to check with lab boy… so can we you know, do that??? Soon.

It could actually be a good point to muck with the competition’s business AND get the girls on your side, since you’re the father of their kids. Just a thought. I do like where you’re going so far, so keep up the good work, wait… how many blue pills have you got?

Simple Days is ready to be played!

Number 1 is taken by Maou-Sama

Now the previous chapters of this one might be hard to find, but the game if you’ve played it consistently from the start is… well, pretty damned off the wall. I think it got too much into timey-winey bs myself.

Maou-Sama - Top Adult Games

Maou-Sama – Top Adult Games

This is definitely a game that for all the fact paetron blocks their ability to actually DO incest (without patches) definitely doesn’t shy from the concept. If you like a balls to the walls… of several girls’ insides, story… you’re in luck.

He’s a guaranteed “Daddy” to everyone left in the world. However many of them are left at the end of this thing, and no who’s involved. Doctors, could be questionable. Hey, I got to knock up Hades and Aphrodite; and that should teach her for giving me a magical every time works the first time cock.

Maou-Sama - Top Porn Games

Maou-Sama – Top Porn Games

Seriously, as long as the devs actually let me choose which ending I want or offer means to unlock all of them without having to go back through a very lengthy download process for 3 or more chapters now, I’m good. It’s a fun little sideways trip into the weird and wacky. Full of magic and references to actual mythology. It’s just, not for the feint of heart. There be dragons… Imagine.

Try the latest Maou-Sama version!


On that note, I think I’ll skedaddle before you all find enough rope. My humor is about the only part of me that enjoys the gallows. Thank you very much. No really, I appreciate all of you who take the time to read, and comment. As much as I am a character in the void of space between, the fact I have an audience means a great deal. Now, where did I put all those captives… Hmmm? Ciao, see you next time. For now, I’m the cat’s meow, and it’s all in the mix.

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