Hello, maggots! I know you have been wondering why maggots today and not the usual grinders. But if you are balls deep into this world of novels and have experienced being the protagonist for many of them, you will surely know why I am calling you a maggot. Whereas if you are new and never had a chance, which I doubt.

You will know what you have missed. Although you are already a sinner in my eyes. But don’t worry there is always a way to redeem yourselves. And believe me, this is the easiest and most desirable redemption process. All you have to do is just go and play Being a Dik. Yes, grinders…oops sorry maggots!!! We are gonna talk about the much-awaited game. It’s not a game. I feel like living a life every time I play this game. And to talk about this is like reminiscing through beautiful moments of my life as a protagonist of this novel.

Being a DIK - AdultGamesOn

Being a DIK – AdultGamesOn


It’s been a long since I played after the interlude but I still remember the moment when the game started with Jill giving the gist of the game. The moment she spoke I surrendered myself to the game as a faithful devotee.

You are living with your dad and working part-time in a small mart. Your mother had died long ago. While working at a mart with a beautiful girl Josy and saving her from the bratty kid of the owner you fall in love with her. You get a chance of going on a date but as you know getting to know a girl we go live or whole life with her in seconds. Do tell me if you have ever experienced such a thing.

Being a DIK - Best Porn Game

Being a DIK – Best Porn Game

Moving further, you go to your home, getting ready for your date, some tips from your old man. You spend some time with yourself playing guitar. You go on a date to spend time with Josy. Now after all this you have to move out of the city to study further in Burgmeister and Royce. Your story will begin from here. Your character will take shape as you make several decisions.


I know usually mechanics comes after the story but I wanted to give you a wholesome experience of the game if you haven’t played it yet and for those who played it way before. This game contains two major characteristics of the protagonist. One is “Being a dik” as the name of the game and the other one is “Chick”. Now, these two characteristics will decide with whom you can continue your journey. Some of the girls go with the dik one and some with the chick. I suggest you play both and save as many slots as you can. It’s not a small game; you will have to spend days on this. But if you want to know that desperately then choose the dik path as you will have more girls in this category. And if you are ready to give in then you should play without any suggestions.

Now regarding these characteristics, some major choices will lead you towards permanent affinity. Some small choices will give you dick and chick points which will help you in triggering or doing some actions in-game.

Being a DIK - Free Adult Game

Being a DIK – Free Adult Game

It also contains a few mini-games that will help you in getting gallery rewards. I suggest you should turn them on. As in episode 6, there will be a task board where you will command and control some actions of others. This will help you in restoring something big. So do not skip this.

Some games will provide you with earning money such as the brawl and other mini-games. Do play them and earn every dollar you can as you will need money to play games without missing anything. This thing in the game sometimes feels boring mainly while playing for the first time. But believe me, I have played many games, and none has better use than this game.

There are some cheats you can buy by spending the dollars you earned throughout the game. These cheats will help you throughout the game whether it is an exam, earning money in mini-games, or during the brawls with the other frat members.

Being a DIK - Free Porn Game

Being a DIK – Free Porn Game

The Fraternity or Sorority system is there in the game. Each has its characteristics. One is the “Dik’s” of which you will be part of. The second is the “Hots” full of beauty. The third is the “Wolves” rivals. The fourth is a bunch of rich kids and the fifth and the last of the nerds. As I have played many times I never got to choose which frat I want to join, it’s by default Dik.

As this game is a university genre game you will have classes and classes means tests. Yes, you will have tests as a mini-game. You can also earn money by scoring high in them by making deals with the nerd. Don’t worry as there are tests there are ways to cheat too. Use them to score with ease.

With so many things this game also includes Free roam. Free roam gives you many things to do such as finding codes of vaults to get special renders of each chapter. You will also find some renders here and there along with some money. Apart from these, you will also find some things like the three-course meals offered by Quinn in the stall. This will also lead to more access in her life so do not miss it. Damm! There are so many things to write about I hope I haven’t missed any and if you think I have please spare me for the sin I have done.

Now with these many things to do, you will have a mobile to assist you with many things like music, choices, relation status, affinity, and most importantly what to do next. This is most important as without this you can lose many opportunities. Remember to use it at frat parties.


While writing this portion of the game I always think, do I tell them everything or just the glimpses of it? Then I assume myself as a reader of these game reviews. So as a reader I always want to know more about what I will find playing the game. What will hook me up till the end? So I think giving you an overview of what is there in the games should be the main idea rather than giving away the story which will destroy your curiosity about playing these games.

So the synopsis of the game is amazing, incredible, unbelievable, prodigious, fascinating, marvelous, and many more synonyms. Yeah, this is the only overview I can give about this game. It’s always easy to write about these novels. But when it comes to the point where I have to write about these kinds of stories which are one in a million. Not only due to the story, but the effort Dr. Pinkcake has given in making this a marvel. I am damn sure it’s gonna reign for a long time. Everything feels right about this. Whenever I play this I feel like living my life in a different world. College or school lives are the best one could ever experience. After that, it’s always a chase after earning yourself one thing or other, and this thought makes me play this game again and again.

Being a DIK - The Best Adult Game

Being a DIK – The Best Adult Game

As I have mentioned in the prologue, you will enter a new phase of your life in college. There are many characters as it’s a long game. There are 8 chapters till now and an interlude. In these 8 chapters, you will evolve as a college student creating and bonding with many of them. At first, you will have a maggot brother Derek. He will be with you through thick and thin. In the first few chapters you will not be affected much by which affinity you are in but after chapter 4, if I remember it right you can have your way with some girls only. You will live with Maya, Derek’s sister as your roommate is a dik. You will have your chances with her.

You will be determined from the start to join a frat as you do not want to live in dorms and want to do parties as all aspire. You will have your chances to impress dik’s and to join as a maggot with your maggot brother Derek. Now to join Diks, the maggot brothers have to perform some tasks, and if they pass then only you will become part of them. Apart from this, you both will have to beat each other by doing more tasks to get a special reward at the end. These tasks will continue through 5 or 6 episodes.

Not only Diks but Hots also have their recruitment process and Maya wants to join it so she will also be doing some tasks. If you play your cards right you will have a chance to help her. The leader of the Hots is Sage. She is having trust issues with her boyfriend. You can get close to her by helping her find out what is going on with him. Vice president Quinn is an interesting character who you will hate and adore at the same time. She is cocky in her ways and does some secret work hiding from sage. She adds volume to the story. You will have a hard time with her but also some beautiful moments. My favorite one is on the rooftop.

Best games for adults

Best games for adults

In the rich kids’ frat, there is only a single girl living with them named Jill. She is the most beautiful and innocent among all the characters. To be with her you must have a chick affinity otherwise you will miss some moments with her. I am telling you this because I tried having those moments while playing with my intuitions but I missed some of them in the next episodes.

Isabella is my favorite character. Her ice queen aura attracts you more. And the writer also justifies it by giving you choices to break that ice and enter her softer side. When you do that it’s the best feeling. Whenever I am with her, I just want to stick with her. Many of the animations with her are the most sensual ones. I just feel she is the librarian and the writer read every possible book to make her so much alive.

Since it’s a University, you will also have your way with teachers. I have already told you about the librarian but there are two more. Jade and Catelyn pardon me if I am spelling it wrong. These two characters add as a filler in the story but towards the end, I feel like Jade has more dimensions than just a filler. She is not there to fill spaces but to have a much deeper impact on the story.

Most played porn game

Most played porn game

Since this game offers you this much you will also have a threesome relationship. I don’t know what it is called but I know you understand what will happen. To trigger this one you must have chick affinity. I have tried using a dik affinity but it didn’t work.

There are other characters than these which are not that important for the main storyline but they have enough backing to be remembered. These beauties will make you a nympho in no time. They know how to make you love them with all you got.


The best game for adults

The best game for adults

Interlude is a brief story about the protagonist’s childhood friend, who left the town to pursue her surfing dreams. Now to add her back to the main story they launched an interlude to fill you in about her. I liked how they chose to introduce her to the story rather than just saying she is his childhood friend. Now this ensures us that she is also an important character and will have some effect on the life of Mc. to know why she is coming back you have to play interlude but for the first time, I somehow felt detached from the main story as I always wait for the new chapter. But when I saw it was not a continuation, I just felt bad. But in the end, the story justified why it was needed.


There are many things left to write about. But this game cannot be covered in a single blog. It will take more. I will surely write more next time. Overall it’s the best game I have ever played in the adult games genre. I remember I started my journey with my Mother’s love and it will not end so fast. I am so fascinated with these games that I wait for new versions eagerly.

Being a Dik is irreplaceable for me. I just want you to share it with everyone you know whether they are interested or not. Just let this masterpiece be known to all.

To sum up please let me know what you think of this game and forgive me if I didn’t do justice to this game. Do let me know about other games you want me to write about. Till then maggots keep grinding.

Everything is ready for you, download Being a DIK and write us your opinion about this game!