Hello again Gamers, Wolfe here as your resident wild about games reviewer extraordinaire. Well, maybe “better than average” if I’m honest. No need to go getting a big head huh? That’s what these games are for ; ) Anywho… this is a very well thought out, non-punishing story based on player choice. There are a few break points. So far there are no consequences I have found to any choice you make. Let’s get into the thick of it shall we?

Yes, by the way, this is one of those games where the MC is shall we say, very thick. In arguably more than one way…


You are the champion. She is your Queen, Freddie; you start the game as a prodigy in basketball at high school level who’s going places. Literally in fact. To college, to play toss the brick – hopefully not but still – for a particularly ill-fated team based on the perks they’ll offer. This is touted to be your choice overall. I mention it because there is a requisite asshole character who might try and bully you depending on how you act. Again I remind, as far as I’ve played I’ve not encountered any bad choice for curiosity’s sake. I also didn’t take the options that weren’t common sense based for the build I wanted to play – It’s pokemon to me, only with hot or hot-ish girls instead of monsters. Yes I know that was a porn game series too.

So, to start you are the golden boy – apparently there is a trans player option, but I don’t know how to access it nor do I care to personally – you have the option to be loving and loyal to a girlfriend who is quite honestly too cute; and far too good for this world. You can also choose a poly path and work on a harem and she will be fully supportive of this. Just accept your female best friend wants to be your girl too; and heads up for those of us – hand up in front of the class – who like breeding, you can get to know a useful older femme fatale quite well who has a “fixer” job for you. MC GF will also be supporting here, and will in fact get you a better deal out of it. Points all around.

These are your GF and BFF respectively. How can you say no to them? o. O

She might be permanently Ahegao here; or just cross-eyed from sheer adoration of you, your call…

Story Con’t:

Now, on to the meat, outside of your cliche but still fun “horse cock” which you get to use on some ridiculously tiny and “obviously” tight girls btw. You are adopted – yes that means your “Mom” is fair game, but they haven’t got that far yet. Don’t worry, it’ll be in one update or another soon enough I’m sure. For my part and vote I hope they get to Jasmine sooner; I’ve been waiting to break that relationship definitively – or find out that Damien is actually gay – for the last several : / Also, your coach. Really need to talk about her, because I am hoping they don’t gate going for her to picking between her and her daughter. Since it seems like choosing to be “just friends” with her daughter actually gets you less points with her. Harp is amazing as far as written characters go.

Harp is one of my top four characters in game so far. I don’t really think they need to add any more.  For me there is a bit of concern about Skye – based on catering to a very minuscule percentage culture in both US and Canada overall, who probably do not all play these kinds of games. I mean no offense at all here; I’m only stating statistics. You can look them up for yourselves. The culture does exist, and I know some probably do play games of this kind. It won’t ever be the majority. You’ll risk losing more fan-base than you gain.

Story – Finer Points:

That said, “He” is well done; he’s not too pretentious and while I do think “his” competitive nature should be scaled back I can understand it right now. I do think the MC should have influence on whether he stays full female – he can consider himself male all he wants, but if he’s to be pursued at all, it needs to be clear that he will be a “She” for him. If only for him alone. It also begs the question of breeding with “her” if she can be pursued, and I think that might be too complicated overall. Jasmine and MC GF and Shauna all seem keen enough not to care.

You can do a breeding with several females including a celeb who wants to use you for a sex tape – that might end up being a minor pitfall in future idk. You’ll even be paid for it by the aforementioned femme fatale – who may be on that list herself. The bigger issue I can see is there are break points. They are fairly easy to see and they are currently only “future” problems right now. However they exist.

On one point that’s good, and even well done. It can allow the Dev freedom to come down like a hammer, or go wild with Player Power in how to handle the darker aspects if they want. Don’t know where they’re going to go thus far, but it’s also a really, really intriguing start with some very high quality art.


This story could have been pitfall after pitfall, and a choose your own adventure nightmare of a rubix cube. I very much applaud the author for not going there. Just like I have done with Sisterly Love. The art barring very few instances of “uncanny valley” that are honestly barely noticeable to some, is top notch. The story is well planned out, with a hell of a lot of room to grow. Not just in nine months ; ) anyhow, I personally recommend this game to any one of us who a) like good stories and less challenge in game play. Who want the feel of control, without Dark Souls’ consequence. I’d stand and give a golf clap good Dev; but I know damned well that’s the wrong game. Catch you later my adult RPG/quest-loving friends, gonna go find my own big orange ball to chase somewhere.