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(A Top Five Reviewed Games List of Games I Personally Prefer)


Hello Gamers from all corners of the web abound, it’s Wolfe here once again to hit you with my best shots. At least in so far as the games I’ve played on site and reviewed. These are my creme de la creme as it were. The best of the bunch, and no Brady’s will be harmed in the making of this list; unless a certain ‘roguish’ hero cop’s gun begins to miss again… but I digress ; ) On with the show!

1: Sisterly Lust

Sisterly Lust - Someone Change The MC's Name To Jerry Lee Le

The Pros:

  • Excellent world building and art overall.
  • Story does not punish you and there is a back button, most of the time.
  • The game is finished.
  • The characters are well written with enough difference in personality to make them engaging.
  • The game is linear – it sticks to it’s story and does not fly off into ‘crazy town’ bs for no reason.
  • A walk-through exists and is very helpful in the early day count

The Cons:

  • Game’s ending is a little rushed.
  • Side characters you can get involved with do not get much mention in ending – they do get slides
  • James will have relations with his sister whether you told him to back off in game or not.
  • The fem dom aspect with the Mom didn’t need to be there at all. Most who want to avoid it will need the walk through to help. She can be strong and independent without being a Domme.
  • Mom reacts badly to catching you and one sister red-handed, JUST AFTER talking to you about wanting kids. So she clearly has no problem with incestuous relations. It’s jarring and makes you feel like you’re going to be punished for no reason. (With diligence, this is negated so needlessly worrying)

2: Good Girl Gone Bad

Good Girl Gone Bad Porn Game Review - XXX

The Pros:

  • Art is very good.
  • Story can be engaging
  • You will see Ash and crew transform many times
  • MC has great agency to affect other characters in story
  • Each relationship has it’s own end slide (I’ll assume; so far I’ve only bothered to get Jess’)
  • The game is finished

The Cons:

  • Most of the art is non motion – drawings only mean more imagination is required. (Mixed opinion on whether to mark this con)
  • Finances are heavily restrictive and tied to only really sexual aspects
  • You may not have enough money to see all, or important transformations with too many ‘good girl’ choices. (Main Point of game sells you get to see how far bad you want her to go, lack of money otherwise counters that)
  • Nat/Jasmin DLC – one is not necessary except pandering; the other actively buggers a functionally open relationship right to hell (without, as far as I know, giving MC the right to run off with Nat herself and start a permanent non-open one)
  • Jasmin character is flawed on so many levels and insulting to that group in and of herself.
  • The Whole of the Eric relationship (play it through and you’ll know what I mean, no matter what you choose)

3: Rebirth


The Pros:

  • It’s a vampire game – duh
  • A well written vampire game – major points
  • Based off White Wolf Lore (partly/mostly)
  • MC has plenty of branching potential for multiple playthroughs
  • Powers have potential to be wildly imaginative/creative problem-solving
  • Story is fairly cohesive thus far

The Cons:

  • It’s not nearly done yet
  • Less chance of harem/breeding kinks for audience – but I won’t rule it out just yet
  • You’re the idiot in the room who doesn’t know what a vampire is when clearly presented with a vampire. You continue not to believe what is happening after being turned. Dense does not begin to describe it. The MC needed to read a book, or watch a movie once in a while. Damn.
  • You have very little actual agency in story thus far. RPG mechanics salvage this feeling to a point.
  • Being fair; clear bias on the part of this review’s author. Already admitted in that review. To some game won’t belong this high on the list, and that’s okay.

4: WVM

The Pros:

  • Art work is very well done.
  • Sex scenes are animated
  • Story is well thought out so far and has potential to grow
  • MC is allowed to build harem without judgement/consequence – so far
  • There are several girls to pursue that are engaging in different personalities
  • Breeding is allowed; and in fact encouraged – smart is debatable ; )

The Cons:

  • The whole thing with “my mom is not my mom; so I can still fuck her, right?”
  • The questionable ‘anger issues’ (worried it might turn punitive or bork MC’s character arc)
  • The birth mom – coming to find you as soon as you get “on the case”
  • No confirms on pregnancies yet
  • Jasmine is baiting the audience far too long – in RL Damien would be long gone to her.
  • Animations do not always play – may need another format soon regardless, if flash based
  • Without animations, story becomes less engaging overall
  • There is not, overall, a lot of actual sex right now – foreplay can get frustrating
  • Elizabeth needs to just pick a side: Sith or Jedi, I don’t care which.
  • Ryker is unnecessary complication (MC has more than enough on his plate)
  • MC has two gf’s and a Mom; a therapist is NOT needed.
  •  School Nurse, and really any character anywhere near that old need not be added to game sexually.

5. Manilla Shaw: Blackmail’s Obsession

The Pros:

  • Structure is easy to follow after the first two days
  • Sex Scenes are artistically well rendered
  • MC starts as a virgin
  • Manilla can get pregnant
  • Protagonist has potential to grow based on choices
  • Story is decently done and has unfolding paths
  • Potential to become the city’s savior, or bad-assed assassin (Mutant preggo She-Hulk? o. O)
  • Magic exists – whether you call it that strictly or not

The Cons:

  • Magic exists – whether you call it that or not – and you can’t use it for jack shit.
  • The gun “misses” except in cut scenes
  • The sex scenes go on for too long because looping tracks exist
  • The intro length… Jesus. Nuff said.
  • Almost all sex is coerced at the moment – sex based “side” jobs should not be necessary
  • The sex you can choose will not get MC pregnant – it’s locked to set point in story
  • Some of the dateable characters (REALLY) should not be… your Boss, Mason & …
  • Micheal. Just no. No one with a brain Bro; no one with one functioning brain cell. At all.
  • Jason should be dateable, and MC should be EQUAL to him in terms of power by meeting
  • Leveling up is painfully slow, because MC is supposed to be “harass-able”
  • Some date quests are insanely hard to figure out; some side quests are damn near impossible
  • Contraceptives should be a choice – not punitively expensive
  • So should food and healing – Weapons and armor, I get being expensive as fuck.
  • As a cop, your weapons and armor should be cheaper anyway. Corrupt city or not.
  •  Day structure can get repetitive as much as quest line is convoluted.


Though it may seem the list of cons got longer as I went on, to be honest most of those are either mechanics that can be ironed out, or nitpicks that are personal to me. Your mileage may vary wildly, and that’s fine by me. This site and these games are all about pleasure. It’s whatever floats your particular boat that matters most. These are just the games overall that very definitely have my vote, so far… I’ll check back in soon enough with a few more bones to pick, and another pile of great games I’ve dug up in the yard. Ciao for now… which reminds me, I’ve really got to go find a can opener while I’m at it.





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  1. For Manilla there is one I forgot, so Mea Culpa on that: On one specific “dark route” Ghalleger kisses MC and says ‘soon enough you’ll blah blah… You owe ME a son.’ Key Point. It’s very personal as a statement; but when you see him next, he’s got a hired goon he lets fuck you if you lose the bet. It’s not him, and you still can’t get pregnant at that point… so what gives. In all the updates I’ve played through – there have been many btw – Still nothing from the “Boss of the City” yet. You killed his son, and he’s not the type of man to forget. Or forgive by his own words, until the debt is paid. He’s not the kind of character who would let someone else have his fun, or do that kind of “dirty work.” To me, that’s another big con. It’d fall into – if you’re going to write dark characters; write dark characters. Follow through on the promise man.

  2. Just a little word from France.
    I’ve just discovered your site.
    One thing you should know is that you must change who or what (i think it’s something automatic) translate into french.

    The result is nearly ununderstanble. As i read well your language, i use the site in this language

    • Google should have an auto translate option you can use. It will usually ask, or you can right click and tell it to do so.
      There are people who won’t understand if I did suddenly type the word “Quoi” in an article. Or Qui, and as I am Canadian but not a native
      French speaker – past ninth grade – myself, I actually did have to look them up to recall proper spelling/grammar. I write my articles
      in the language I understand and trust that translations can be done online if needed. I already do a lot of work writing them and adhering
      to the wording rules by the program used to post them. It’s not as easy as some might think. I don’t feel obligated to translate on top of that
      as there are at current count six thousand five hundred given languages across the world. I don’t even want to think about how long it’d take
      me if I did translate all that, to get out a single post. Hopefully you manage to work something out, and your opinion is appreciated. Have a nice day.

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