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Genre: Games, thrixxx, 3d, animation, all sex, tentacles, bdsm, group, pov, constructor, furry, aliens
Category: Adult Sex Games
Platform: PC/Windows
Censorship: No
Language : English
– Added many new outfits.
– Added new Bunny and Fox masks, hats.
– Added 8 moddable new stockings (see note).
– All new stockings can be used on all genders.
– Added 10 necklaces.
– Added 2 extra Dragon Dresses (Longer hem/collar versions).
– Added 2 Slave Panty variants.
– Strapon Replacement (Shaped Head. Higher Resolution Mesh).
– Separated skirts from the pants cat.
– Separate top category in 2 sections, blouse and Dresses.
– Created circlet cat. (medieval crown moved to it, plus 2 new circlets).
– Added capes, tails, Zpenis, genital cap and leggings cat.
– Added an other Stockings cat. (can go over regular stocking).
– Added Stockings Toes option.
– Added Old Kill Bill suit cat. (No Flares).
– Added 7 different catsuit cat. (no shine, oily, shinny, without and with body).
– Added only one wedding glove and finger glove options.
– Added bondage option.
– Updated texture for turtle neck and tight pants.
– Fetish top hide bra instead of removing it.
– Fetish hat, skirts, garter belt and most of female panty can be used on male.
– Casual boxer short, shoulder pad and fox harness can be used on female.
– Mans casual and medieval pants can be used on Females/Shemales .
– Shoes/boots doesn’t remove stocking toes.
– Garter belt can be used with Doctor skirt.
– Psychologist skirt doesn’t remove penis on Shemale.
– Top hat and nun hat don’t remove hair automatically.
– No hair option also remove wigs.
– Hats don’t remove wigs (for modding), use the no hair option instead.
– Devil dress is also in skirt cat.
– Towel moved to corset cat.
– Move Fetish collar to neckband cat.
– Added many new icons in dress customizer.
– Added 6 pair of earrings.
– Added many new nose acc. cat.
– Updated beauty mark plus added the center chin.
– Added wigs cat.
– Added many new hairstyles.
– Added 3 horns sets.
– Added pubic hair intensity.
– Added genital Hairs 3D option.
– Added Julia Herz skin face.
– Added new teeth for all gender (fangs, bunny, etc) .
– Updated teeth normal, toothless (all new teeth are 3D).
– Added preset skin color.
– Added new tan lines for Female.
– Restore tan lines for Men.
– All tan lines are available to all genders.
– Added tan lines to active mod.
– Separated breasts preset from body preset (moved next to breasts sliders).
– Expended breasts preset to 10 settings.
– Breasts preset affect all 19 breasts sliders.
– Added reset icon for hair position.
– Added new pubic hair for Males/Shemales.
– Added invisibility option “old catsuit”.
– Added many new tattoos in all cat.
– All new tattoos can be used on all genders.
– Added 3 face tattoo cat. (cheek L/R, forehead), next to tattoo face.
– Separated Face spandex and face tattoo (can be used together).
– Added Shinny mask (Spandex mask cat., tattoo section).
– Added many new models (Fenfang, Rebecca, Nilla, Jaqueline, etc).
– Updates Julia Herz model with right default voice.
– Added News room, coffee bar, back alley, Ski chalet and Tentacle room.
– Restore background sound/music for Tentacle, Hangar, and Temple rooms.
– Restore intro for Tentacle and Hangar rooms.
– Updated robot texture (TK17).
– Made the customizer BG more neutral.
– New room label mod for bedroom, dome of pain, living room, throne room,
Hentai bathhouse, Hentai garden, office(lighmap) to be compatible with official version).
– Added Female English with Spanish accent voice.
– Added Female English with Russian accent voice.
– Added Female Portuguese voice 1, 2 and 3.
– Added Julia Herz voice (German).
– Added Makayla voice.
– Added Mod Female English voice 1 to 6.
– Added Mod Female no word.
– Added many new toys (Chocolate can, test tube, whip2, paddle2, carpet beater and paddle shoe sole, etc).
– Leach can be used on any rooms now (with tools).
– Toys now can be applied to all positions in the game, for all zones.
– Breast Left and Right can now be used with the Tongue toy.
– Added two new zones: Clitoris and Chest.
– Inertia for butt and stomach.
– 12 sector poses.
– Updates body files for less clothes clipping (Female and Shemale).
– Updated EXE by WR for reduce crashing when loading models.
– New WR jp2-codec, improve loading speed game by 10%.
– Added more emotions in Posed.
– Double the max size of mouth open in Posed.
– Rope is available in the right menu (4).
– Options/tools from V6.3 in installer.
– Removed reference to the official game (name files, screenshot, etc..).
– Fixed bug with ankles tattoos with over knee and thigh high boots.
– Fixed bug with apron loop, witch hat, bunny and fox hood in active mod.
– Fixed bug with missing floating leach in tentacle room.
– Fixed bug with big nipple ring not changing color.
– Added missing label on one of the casual dress and bunny ears.


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