Of Devotion and Despondence – Version 0.2.1

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Year: 2023
Version: 0.2.1 Update
Genre: 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Text Based, Adventure, Turn Based Combat, Fantasy, Management, Romance, RPG
Platform: PC Game / Windows
Censorship: No
Language: English

This Adult Game Presents:

Of Devotion and Despondence is a visual novel with heavy RPG elements that follows the journey of a man exiled to a shifting world, a place where humans are not expected to survive for long.
It is written in first-person narrative, and tells an emotional story that focuses on mature prose,
romance, and erotic scenes.​


New in version 0.2.1

– A complete rework of the combat system! Each bodypart is now protected by Armor (both for the player and the opponent), and there’s a much higher emphasis on deciding which bodypart to target. Every 3 turns the player recovers energy, so there will always be decisions to make no matter how long the fight goes on. There is more variety in opponent actions, and several player abilities to unlock.
– Added a player skilltree! Use Talent Points to unlock new active and passive combat abilities. From old moves such as Cleave or Parry, to new powerful skills like Steel Explosion and Blade Flurry, there is a lot to play around with.
– Replaced the ARCA attribute with FORT! Short for Fortitude, FORT gives 3 Armor for each bodypart, and scales some abilities. Although mostly a defensive attribute, there are ways to make your opponent hurt with it. It’s also a better fit for the main character from a story perspective. (But don’t worry, magic is not gone. It now mostly revolves around items and Shielding.)
– Remade the inventory system! The old “offensive, defensive, ornament” system got replaced by “head, chest, legs, weapon, ornament”. So yes, that means 2 new item slots to equip at the same time. The inventory also received many visual improvements, like duplicates not cluttering the screen anymore, and nice little icons for equipped item types.
– Added starter Classes! At the start of the game, players will be able to choose between several classes (with room for more in the future). From the Smith who makes use of the fully upgraded smelter right away, to the Rhythmist, juggling the days and his HP bar. Decide how you begin each game you play.
– Added lots of new items, and changed many existing ones.
– Added 1 new building.
– Added 3 new Collection cards (1 Common, 1 Elevated, 1 Legendary).
– Remade all of the Collection cards, making their artwork much higher quality.
– Added 1 new Aspect for the Pantheon, the Aspect of Style.
– Completely replaced the images for 2 Aspects (Divination and War).
– Skirmish now has more flat difficulty and less scaling (harder earlygame, easier lategame).
– Increased base game volume. Hopefully it’s no longer too quiet.
– Lots and lots of visual improvements. New Main Menu background, better base background, cleaner UI elements, etc.
– Um, there might be more stuff I can’t remember. I’ve been working on this update for a very long time now.

Note: Balance will be truly and utterly fucked. I didn’t have time to test a lot of things, especially enemies later on. So please, voice your feedback (forums, discord, reviews, Patreon) so I can fine-tune the game until it becomes a perfect middle ground between easy and hard. Also, expect bugs.
As for more events for the main love interests, they are coming. Mel is the biggest priority right now, but the story is entwined between them all.

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