An Aussie Abroad – Pilot

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Year: 2023
Version: Pilot Update
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Dating Sim, Humour, Interracial, Drugs
Category: Adult Sex Games
Platform: PC Game / Windows
Censorship: No
Language: English

This Adult Game Presents:

You are what is known as an average “Ocker” who finds himself in a house with four females in another country. One of whom you have known most of your life (Tori), the other three you have met but know little about them. Rumour has it that you and Tori’s mother were lovers, and still are, and Tori suspects that’s why you are here, but who knows for sure.
You now are living the mundane life as a single man in a house with four babes and possibly more, life’s tough hey.​



New in version Pilot

First release

How to Install

Extract and run.


At the start in the morning I know this way works.

In the hall (After meeting Tori)

Top right arrow is the kitchen

Talk to Lisa – option does not matter

Click on kettle

Go left (outside/garage) or up (lounge/pool)

Click the hall in the map icons (the right one) not the arrow

Click your room in the map icons (the left one)

Lie on the bed

(You will be back in the hall)

Bottom right arrow (laundry) nothing happens

Top arrow (the lounge near your room) nothing happens)

Top left arrow (outside/backyard) nothing yet

Click the bottom arrow (will show outside where Tori and Mardie were)

On return after lolz scene click the now green arrow

Fix the washing machine, if you say no you will break the game

There are two other ways (I think lol) one other works, cannot recall, but they all might)

Back in the hall, it’s all linear now, follow the green dots to be safe

And eat the pizza

Even though it says you can say no after dinner, don’t (again it break)

There is no sex scene, I don’t want to make it like my other two games, there are two cheeky scenes though.

There a few animations and 310 pics from memory.

I know all this needs to be fixed –

Mardies lounge pics

Toris hair outside

Wrong tori pic outside

Fix found kitchen pic

Big fell open mouth

Glitch back now

Check leaving my room

Gamer scene remove fade

Developer Notes

Treat the whole game as pilot episode rather than chapter 1.
The tasks are not working properly, basically you have to go to every room in the house and the next scene will unlock. I also have not filled in the girls bio.
There will be more reported by people, I’ll fix them all at once. I have re written this and a few scenes I have rendered twice because I wasn’t happy, and I did one three times, I need a break lol.
Treat the whole game as pilot episode rather than chapter 1.
The pics to are in webp format, let me know there is a quality issue, I don’t know a lot about them.
I was hoping to address some of the above before public release but I need more play testing and me car broke down and now I gotta fuck around and fix that.
There is an official android port on its way.
Hope you have fun.



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