Daughter For Dessert – Chapter 1-18

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Year: 2019
Version: Chapter 1-18 Update
Genre: Adult Game, Porn Game, Stepdaughter adult game, Taboo game, Erotic Adventure, Adventure
Category: Adult Sex Games
Platform: PC Game / Windows
Censorship: No
Language: English

This Adult Game Presents:

A man and his step daughter run a small diner together.

He discovers that one of his employees has been writing a popular series of taboo erotica about them, which catalyses a long journey of sexual self-discovery.​



Differences between versions
Differences between versions

Online Versions
You must play the chapters in order. The online versions use your browser and internet. Online saves are stored as browser cookies BUT you can create backups that you store on your hard drive.

Offline Versions
The downloadable (offline) versions run using GameMaker Studio and store the saves in C:\Users\*NAME*\AppData\Local\VNE2. The saves of the offline and online versions are NOT COMPATIBLE.

Cracked Versions
Only online saves are compatible with the cracked versions because the cracked versions are the Patreon online versions downloaded and made to run locally using a batch file. All cracked chapters contain voice over besides 5th, 8th-10th.
Check the importing save tutorial above for info about making offline saves work with online saves and vice versa.

Save importing is only possible if you played the ‘Online’ versions.
Download Saves Backup Data

Daughter For Dessert - Saves 1

Daughter For Dessert – Saves 1

Daughter For Dessert - Saves 2

Daughter For Dessert – Saves 2

Daughter For Dessert - Saves 3

Daughter For Dessert – Saves 3

Daughter For Dessert - Saves 4

Daughter For Dessert – Saves 4


Official Chapters 1-17:
Download all official chapters – 3.09 GB

Download Chapter 1 – 131.3 MB
Download Chapter 2 – 175.7 MB
Download Chapter 3 – 170.5 MB
Download Chapter 4 – 187.8 MB
Download Chapter 5 – 169.4 MB
Download Chapter 6 – 152.2 MB
Download Chapter 7 – 257.6 MB
Download Chapter 8 – 237.4 MB
Download Chapter 9 – 209.2 MB
Download Chapter 10 – 227.4 MB
Download Chapter 11 – 266.0 MB
Download Chapter 12 – 298.7 MB
Download Chapter 13 – 248.5 MB
Download Chapter 14 – 215.6 MB
Download Chapter 15 – 218.4 MB
Download Chapter 16 – 278.0 MB
Download Chapter 17 – 241 MB
Download Chapter 18 – 229 MB

Cracked Chapters 1-11:
Download all cracked chapters – 1.43 GB

Download Chapter 1 – 99.2 MB
Download Chapter 2 – 128.3 MB
Download Chapter 3 – 121.4 MB
Download Chapter 4- 127.0 MB
Download Chapter 5 – 107.7 MB
Download Chapter 6 – 104.9 MB
Download Chapter 7 – 202.5 MB
Download Chapter 8 – 153.1 MB
Download Chapter 9 – 130.6 MB
Download Chapter 10 – 136.9 MB
Download Chapter 11 – 153.7 MB

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