My Sister, My Roommate… And Really Not Much Else

A Game Review By Wolfe Hearte

Hello all you wild gamers out there online. It’s your resident pain in the- I mean, ahem, writer/reviewer extraordinaire here again to give you the skinny on another adult game. Which if I’m honest actually spends more time acting like it’s a teen but I’ll go into that later. Let’s dive in, shall we?


So first, this is one of those incest games. At least, it is if you insert the patch. It’s obviously titled to be one. Paetron rules you know. I will say it creates at the same time, a rather confusing end game. I tried a couple different paths. Both in which I blocked a potential relationship my ‘twin’ could have that wasn’t with me. Only to find out, at the end, you don’t get to be with her anyway. It doesn’t matter what you choose.

One major problem for me is the fact there wasn’t enough choice offered to the player. For example; there is a character who is the RA of the college, whom you can pursue, in a more dominant relationship. HOWEVER, no matter if you choose to pursue her sexually or not, you will not end up with her at the end. The story is focused on two girls. ONLY two girls. Being your twin, and Molly. Who is so reticent about anything sexual it’s amazing the developer thought to put her in this kind of game.

Does it look like the yellow shirt really wants to be there to you guys? o. O


I grant by the end scenes, she is getting a lot more open. There seems to be potential for a three-way relationship with your twin. I don’t know if they’re working on that. If they do; may I humbly suggest (In frustration, so not that humbly really) that if I can pursue the RA sexually at all, and I choose to you bloody make it so I can invite her with me for Christmas. Do NOT skip three months at a certain point of the story where I had been pursuing her and she HAD been showing interest in me as a dominant character, and have her suddenly be dating a more submissive guy. BUT still at the time you “Check out” for Christmas break, be willing to give you a good bye fuck, with “her man” who is your friend btw.

Seriously, have the guy be open about it, and let the bloody player decide if they want to allow that relationship to happen, or if they want to get serious with Jessica! I Spent at least an hour skipping through stuff I’d already seen, trying to win her as my girl. Why the hell would you think it was a good idea to just have her randomly cut things off. The developer had her freak when you kiss Molly at her door one night (which you do NOT get to choose btw) and that’s the fucking end of that. Do not put a character in the game who is not someone you can actually FULLY pursue. Seriously, just write in the option to have me knock on her door and at least try to explain things. Jesus.

Looks like she’s open to a 3 way with twins… but no. : (

Do not make end scenes that do not involve the main character’s input. It’s a cardinal sin for gaming. At least as far as agency, and enjoyment. The MC is the avatar for your audience guys. Yes, some of us are unlucky in love in real life. Not all of us are submissive, or whiny little bitches that couldn’t get laid without our sister as a wing-man. Also the thing with the teacher; if it was a male against a female, and you quoted MeToo by the way, so you either should be or very much are fucking aware of this… it would be sexual harassment.

He would be canned, and his life would be ruined. Before his head could stop spinning. Even though that movement lost a lot of credibility when a certain male actor came forward with an accusation against one of the front-running women. Point being, sexually open and interested or not, a female teacher will ALSO lose their job for it. She even says so in the god damned dialogue. She SHOULD NOT be an option. Especially if you can’t be bothered to write a good end for MC and Jessica.

There’s also the problem of the sister being basically the town bicycle… and some of the way she comes off hits the same predator vibe that if it was reversed, you know would be called out. It might already have an ending, but A) It needs to be fixed to accommodate every possible female you can choose. Jessica, Cory, Chelsea, Skylar, the Teacher if you wanted, Your Neighbor (honestly she does get an end scene I’m pretty sure should be taken as a joke) Even Nikki where you do get sexual, because she obviously wants to. Damn it.

My final point on this: Choice is paramount in a visual novel style game. PARAMOUNT. It should never be done that any choice given is not a choice at all. That is really all this game is right now. I have no clue if they’re going to fix that or not, but they really should. As soon as possible. A story to tell and multiple prospective romance options is one thing, but if you’re going to push the audience to one specific end, and bugger the rest, there’s no point in offering choices at all.

Seriously, these are the two that matter. It’s a simple yes or no. The cake is a lie… dammit.


There’s not much to speak of. It’s VN-based. There are certain choices you can make. A very, very few break points. One involving whether you want to seriously date Molly or not. In the first, you twin will halt any sexual pursuit with you because “you should be committed and the girl is marvelous” (despite her having constantly bitched about the girl’s more ‘pure’ mindset the entire game – and actively trying to change that “for you”) Option B where you don’t pursue Molly seriously, you stay friends and your twin calls you an idiot. Halts all sexual build up, yada yada. There is no right choice.



You start as a virgin who does not get the choice about losing it, drunk lady would probably rape you and not remember anyway. You spend the entire game having your balls busted by your twin. This is a game that so clearly should be incest allowed, and has the patch to go there, but even when that’s installed it blue balls you. Pick. A. Fucking. Side. Again, I cannot in good conscience call this a very fun game. It has a story to tell, and there are parts that are very well thought out. Most of it is just bat-shit, or uncertain about it’s stance. At this point, games are supposed to be fun. Fantasy is supposed to be indulged.

Much of that is down to immersion, and freedom in choice. Engagement. I will say with improvements in future, this probably could be a decent to good game. However as it stands, it was simply massively frustrating to me. Unless you enjoy being ultimately the submissive in a relationship, or spending ninety percent of it waiting to build to what most adult game players are here to see, you probably won’t enjoy this one. Sorry guys, and girls of course. Wish I could give this one a better post. For now, I’m just gonna go find a tree to scratch on, that’ll do in a pinch… Wolfe out.

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