Long Live The Princess A Mind Control Game

Review by Wolfe Hearte

Long Life The Princess 3D Porn Game Review Adventure fantasy
Long Life The Princess - Porn Game Review
Long Life The Princess – Porn Game Review

Hello Gamers all, This is another recent review of a game I’ve spent some time with. First I’ll note I personally have a problem with misandry.

For those that don’t know that means hatred of men. When your main character IE: The protagonist or otherwise stated Hero of the game is always stated to be a “lazy” or “Layabout” and otherwise useless character- except for one particular “skill”That equals male-bashing.It is actively a hurtful thing, and it is allowed a pass far too often as “Female Empowerment.” I’ll get very shortly on my soap box for a moment and say, it’s really not.

Long Life The Princess - Sexy Princess mind control and fantasy

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That stated, it is exactly the premise of this whole game.

I had a fair problem getting into it. For those gamers that like the “sissy” or “beta” male roles, or genres, it’s not going to be so much of a problem. I am kind of tired of how many games have that in them.
If you happen to be a more dominant person it’s not going to be the game for you.

The game also features a detective-style mechanic which doesn’t “clue” you in often enough about how or where to get those very things.
You will need clues to use the one spell that is the driving mechanic to give your token hero any actual influence with females.

Long Life The Princess -The king guard - sex scene

If you can’t find them, there is also a time limit, which does not fly very well with the idea of a stat system. When there is also a segmented amount of time during a day.

You get one month I believe, in the story to try to gain the skills to “seduce” the princess, and all I have to say about it is, good luck.

No, really. He’s going to need it. You start with no actual ability in agility, courage, charm or perversity.

I seriously don’t know why that counts as a skill you should build at all. “Pervert” being a word that is actually incredibly overused in society, and often misused.Anyway, as stated, you have to save a princess that had something terrible happen to her years ago.

That by the way is code for “she got raped but we don’t want to say it” It’s not the only implication but in a lot of these games, that’s what’s implied. Either way, you have to gain skills they don’t tell you how to pump at all, which means you have to waste precious time trying to figure out how to.

There is a new game plus but I also firmly believe I should not have to play a new game just to see things that should have been available from the start, or blocked off completely if they were not possible.

I do understand that not every hero is going to be amazing at everything all at once.

Most gamers, myself included, don’t mind deciding to work on varied stats for different results. It kinda goes with the title “gamer.”The thing I have a problem with is, I did not design the game, so I don’t know outright where all the answers are.

Long Life The Princess - Fantasy Porn Game and sex story

If I wanted to play where’s waldo I’d go do that. The clues should be very obvious if they are there to find at all.That is however a personal gripe. I would also state that as a person who isn’t brilliant at reading social cues from physical features (or most of them honestly) I find some of the dialogue to be very conflicting.

This is of course a problem I have with a lot of these games that try to make you guess the right answer to win “x” girl’s affection. Half the time even if I get the right answer it doesn’t seem like I really have.Or that I should have.

The game is still early in development so I am aware there are changes that can be made.

One thing though. They made the token hero’s older sister arguably the hottest girl in the game, and then because she’s a “diplomat” go on to implyvery heavily that she does that sexually. I really, really wish they’d stop doing that.

Princess adventure - 3d adult game

All developers in general. It’s not flattering, it’s not empowering and it doesn’t mark her as “confident.” For a joke, or at least it’s one of those horribly awkward things you hope is a joke, they had the hero’s uncle outright state he’d “had a taste of her oral skill” There is a problem with that writing, in that some things do need to be subtle.

Having gone on for about three page dialogue right before that line as to how his sister was so damned skilled with her mouth, we already got the point.
One of the skills is hidden in the fact if you are too focused on chasing girls, you’re never going to go see your uncle when he tells you to go to the worksite several days into the game.

Mind that the princess is supposedly coming to your town within a month for her coronation,so it’s a galling thing that builds pressure more than it should.

You can miss the skill of pathfinding entirely. I will also point out there doesn’t seem to be anything to use the money they give you on.

Long Life The Princess - A game full of fantasy in a kingdom
Working earns money and in the case of your best friend is supposed to increase the relationship as well, but I didn’t get too far in the game because one of the two spells your meant to learn to accomplish the “goal” at the end is so tied to the “let’s play detective” clue system that it requires you to actually have several possible clues before you can even use it.

Thing is, it’s the first spell you are supposed to use to be able to have a chance at using the “dominate” spell. Which they call “lower inhibitions” in game, but they actually make a half-joke reference that it should be dominate.

If they’d left that out, it would actually have been funny because most people who play these kinds of games can probably read between the lines there.You can also “perv” on the girls at night, but I’ve never enjoyed that feature beyond a cheap thrill in any of these kinds of games. It’s a little bit daring, but the implication of it has always been far too dark.

The princess - The sexy princess

At any rate the explanation makes it seem like a way to raise a stat, but if it did, I didn’t see it. I checked the stat sheet several times and I could only figure out that you can raise courage by talking to the guy your sister is trying to smooze.

That’s not until the fourth day or so, and I only found that out for trying to hang out with her in the afternoon. You can also as with some other games in this vein, do things at certain times. The girls are available to hang out with during either morning or afternoon for the most part.

They are not always available. While I appreciate the realism there, it is a highly time limited game. For a game trying to mark you the hero to steal the virtue (and at the same time “restore” it, oddly enough) of the princess, that can be very galling.

As I’ve stated, it’s a pressure that really does not need to be there. She is a princess, there are about ten reasonsI can think of she could be able to indefinitely postpone her coronation.

Long life the princess - Full game review

I will state there are those who would argue her sense of duty or the “Dark force” which is manipulating her- or going to soon- would be an equal reason for her not to.I’d agree.

I am only arguing there was also good reason not to have a time limit.It doesn’t need to be dark souls. These are adult games. They are meant to be fun. I personally don’t find rocket science fun, but I was also playing the game at 6 am with little sleep, so take that for what you will.

As it stands, this is one of those games that I do see some potential in.

If the story was handled more delicately, and with some idea the “hero” should actually feel like the hero. Or even like he really could be.

Don’t tell me the guy has potential and then have that statement come from the one guy who admits he finds your sister beautiful. While being in “diplomatic” talks that all but paint him to be fucking her. Or soon to.Show me that he has potential.

An audience needs more than beautiful drawings and a few cheap chuckles for the very few surprisingly good snark lines thrown in, to be invested.

This hero is not one that anyone should really get behind. Or in front of. He didn’t start that way and he’s not very likely, from what I can tell, to ever succeed in ending that way either.Which is disappointing.I really would have liked to be able to give this one a more positive review.

Long life the princess - Handjob sex scene

In closing I’d remind, I do have some bias against certain elements in this game. It really wasn’t to my taste. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time to check out. I think if the clue system was easier to figure out, and the females laid off laying into the “hero,” or really everyone cause just… damn, this guy seems useless… that’s on the writing.

That I take issue with. It’s a pet-peeve.

The game in itself could be a very good one.With some tweaks that I’m sure they’ll keep working on. This is still very early in the run.There are those gamers that like rolling boulders endlessly up hill.

Who enjoy the “lazy bastard learns to be a semi-decent hero by the end” trope. I get that. All I can say is I hope you guys will try it out, and decide for yourselves.

That if you do, you have more fun than I did.

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